PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists

PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists

PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists


These are our  downloadable, PopVinyls.com Funko POp! Checklists. If you are interested in seeing the photos of each Pop, click here to to tour Pop Vinyl Series Photos Page. If you are interested in keeping up with every item you have and want, download these below. They are broken down by series.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming support, we will continue to update these at least bi-monthly when a series gets new items. Please continue to show feedback for these so that we know they are needed! Click the name of the checklist to see the PDF. You’ll also see the date. Sometimes, we’ll let you know what was added if a checklist if updated more than once a month.


  1. Found this site by accident but this is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for all your hard work creating lists. Makes my life so much easier tracking them down.

    1. Would you be able to update the Breaking Bad Pops with the Blue Crystal Heisenberg please? Think it’s 163 in the collection. Thanks

  2. Pleasee do PLL (pretty little liars) ! Im sure a lot ppl would buy and I promise I’ll buy the complete series..!

  3. I know the website was updated recently, but where do we go to see our personal collection and add new items to our personal collection? I thought that was one of the great features of the previous version of the website…

  4. Excellant work, wish I found this site before typing all the star wars ones into a spreadsheet.

    So you have a list of the Keychains?

  5. Hey I was wondering if you could update the Star Wars list to include celebration exclusives when you get a chance.


  6. there used to be a mystery mini list but it was missing the x-men mystery minis but now the list is missing and was hoping could get an updated mystery mini list with the x-men on it

  7. Thank you all the lists and pictures, it definitely helps. Can you create some checklists for just the Chases & Exclusives?


  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the lists.

    I think the NFL list is missing a few.

    46 – Cam Newton (light blue jersey) – Gamestop
    56 – Rob Gronkowski (Red throwback jersey) – Gamestop

    And aren’t there 2 Odell Beckham Jr. vinyls called something like 29A (white jersey) and 29B (blue jersey)?

  9. Thank you for the lists, great work.

    In the Game Check-list, the 75 is “Vault Dweller” but it is “Sole Survivor” on the box.

      1. Awesome thank you, take you’re time too. I was just wondering so I can update my lists as well for the ones I need to collect. I’m around 150 I believe as of right now.

        1. When I list an exclusive, it’s because it is an exclusive in the United States to that store. Europe and Australia get all the same pops we do however, they are usually not exclusive in those markets like they are in the US.

  10. Hi, I’m new to pops and have been using your lists to really see what I need, but i may have found some that are not completely listed in animation:
    61 Ken Kaneki (you have one listed, but i believe there are two; a regular and a GITD HT exclusive)
    156 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta (the same goes for this, i believe there are two; a regular and a metallic GS exclusive)

  11. I was wondering about a couple marvel that don’t seem to be listed.

    112 White Thumbs up Deadpool (sdcc)
    85 Antman
    85 GITD Antman

    Thanks for having this to help with keeping up with what I still need.

  12. Hello! I’m new and i start collecting Funko Pop last week and this is very helpfull for me! Please don’t stop to update it.
    Thank you,


  13. Would it be possible for yall to create some lists for the mystery minis? Specifically the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones ones? Thanks and keep up the amazing work

      1. I love it all! Thank you so much! Just what I needed. A few things:

        Disney here only goes up to 200 and is dated June 2016. There are a flood of them released since then.

        When you click Animation, the Television list comes up (a duplicate of the Television checklist).

        Thanks for all your hard work!

  14. I love this site, I use it all the time. Please do keep the checklist updated I do use them to keep track of my pops and to determine any new pops I might have missed

  15. Love the checklists! They’re great. However, the Harry Potter one says its updated to november, but when I click on it, its only updated to june

      1. Man I’m still having trouble with the Harry Potter link. It keeps giving me the June version that ends with Neville

  16. I use almost all of them, but if you only have time to update one or two in near future, my personal vote is for TV, animation, movies, and/or WWE (no particular order)

  17. I just got into funko pops recently and I find your list to be a great help! I’m easily keeping a track of pops I want to buy, so please keep updating. Thank you so much!

  18. I use them to keep up with the ones I have, so I’d really appreciate it if they’re not discontinued and are updated every now again. Thanks for your time and work with creating and updating these lists

  19. Your lists are great, very helpful and my first stop to look for updates. If at all possible please do not discontinue updating them.

  20. Please keep updating i know a few people who use your list. It helps out us beginner’s as well. Thank you for the work you put into it i truly appreciate it.

    1. Thanks. I’ll update the Heroes list tonight and try to do one a day until it’s up to date. We’re just not sure how many ppl use them and it takes awhile to get done!

      1. Just curious if you knew when you might be able to update some of the other ones that haven’t been done in a few months or more? Thanks again for all of your hard work with these

      1. So if these are discontinued, you would be creating an app instead? Just wondering but hope it’s definitely one or the other because these are huge help for keeping up with my collection and wish list too

  21. Is there any word as to how Funko plans on explaining the numbering error with the Star Wars line? The first Smugglers Bounty box had Pop!’s numbered 90 and 91. The recent exclusives for the Star Wars Celebrain in London had the Celebration Han and Lukes and they were also numbered 90 and 91.

  22. The legend of Zelda pops are a must have especially for me I am the biggest Zelda freak ever please put them on the list for future production, make sure is has link, Zelda, Gannon, Gannondorf, skull kid (with mask) happy mask salesman, wolf link and midna, darunia, and princess ruto in it

  23. I was wondering with the so many variations of the Marvel character Wonderman and his portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel by Nathan Fillion…..are there any plans on a Pop! of Wonderman at all? or Quasar, or the 2 different Novas?

  24. Thanks so much for the checklists, a real time saver. Just wanted to let you know that on your Marvel list #85 you only have Black-Out Ant-Man and are missing Ant-Man and GITD Ant-Man. Thanks again for the awesome lists.

  25. Hello my friend. In Stars Wars the #100 is FN-2187 (Target Exclusive). Just wanted to let you know, Thanks for the lists.

      1. Thanks for the updated Star Wars list. Just wanted to give you a heads up on some corrections. The snaggletooths #69 and 70 should be flipped, as 69 is the blue “chase” and red is 70. Also the list is missing #63 Flocked Chewbacca (smugglers bounty).

  26. Great checklists that I have been using since the beginning of this site. Love the new separate STAR WARS checklist. Thanks for everything.
    Some minor corrections I would like to see in future releases:
    StarWars #63 Flocked Chewbacca (Smuggler’s Bounty)
    StarWars #36 The Emperor (Pink Face Variant)
    StarWars #51 missing checkbox in column (yes I have OCD lol)

  27. Your checklists are awesome! Do you plan on expanding the checklist to include variants, because its confusing when you check something off and then find out it’s not the right sticker. I’m a Star Wars collector and things like the SW celebration vs Galactic convention would be great. The emperor being listed twice once as emperor and emperor (pink face). I know this would be a huge request but international availablity would be sweet. Like underground toys exclusives vs Walgreens exclusives. Keep up the good work!

    1. I have all the variants but I don’t particularly differentiate between just stickers because it’s a bit time consuming. I might try to add that in the summer if I have time.

  28. How about some Bones on Fox Pop Vinyls? Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan with a bone in her hand and Agent Seeley Booth wearing his funky ties, holding a gun or his signature poker chip and zippo lighter? Dr. Jack Hodgins holding a microscope. Dr. Camille Saroyan in her high heels and designer clothes. Can I say more? A tribute to Bones fans for the 12th and final season. Something to remember.

  29. It would awesome if you could include a changelog when you update these. I have to search through all 46 pages of checklist to see if I missed anything, it would be great if I could just see what pops are added in the update.

    1. Sorry not happening. I do this for free as it is and it takes hours. So not adding more to my list. I get why it might be inconvenient to you but it’s the way it will be.

  30. I’m on an iPad and when I click a pop to see the close up (on the list with pictures) black lines come across my whole screen and I can barely see anything. Is there a way to correct this or do you have to be using a computer to see the close ups? Thanks for the lists, by the way!

    1. but these checklists are just mostly to download. I’d click the “PopVinyls” tab and then see the photos or check to see if you have a PDF reader on your Ipad

  31. I notice the Marvel & DC lists but the large list with everything else is gone. Will it be available again soon? And updated also? Thank you again for the list.

    1. I’m working on them right now. In fact, I just uploaded the Disney one. But from now on, the checklists will be separated by series. This is because some series aren’t updated much at all and this will allow people to save paper by printing out less.

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