PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists

PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists

PopVinyls.com Funko Pop! Checklists


These are our  downloadable, PopVinyls.com Funko POp! Checklists. If you are interested in seeing the photos of each Pop, click here to to tour Pop Vinyl Series Photos Page. If you are interested in keeping up with every item you have and want, download these below. They are broken down by series.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming support, we will continue to update these at least bi-monthly when a series gets new items. Please continue to show feedback for these so that we know they are needed! Click the name of the checklist to see the PDF. You’ll also see the date. Sometimes, we’ll let you know what was added if a checklist if updated more than once a month.


  1. Are the checklist done? I really enjoy them to help keep track of pops I have and ones I’m selling or want!

  2. @Baltar – thanks for the update! hope you get well soon 🙂 Your efforts are much appreciated 🙂

  3. My special needs daughter who is 12 is a HUGE Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan! I am trying my best to keep up with all the collections, but to be honest, these POPS are driving me crazy! Between Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, Comic Con, Toy Fairs, Barnes & Nobles, Best Buy, the Center Mall Shops, GameStop, Repaints, and the fake ones on the internet…I’m doing pretty good keeping up as a 50 year old mom of 4, but it’s starting to get rediculous! I wish They would make each one a different number. Like if Mangle is an Exclusive flocked one at this store, but a regular one everywhere else, the number shouldn’t be the same 333, or whatever, it should be different. Or Glow in the Dark Bonnie, and regular Bonnie look the same unless you are in the dark. Should be separate numbers because I know I have one of them at home. I don’t know which one. Then I can just write a list of numbers down and keep them in my purse. Then you have Jack o Chica???? Really? Next are they going to smell like Christmas trees?

  4. Hey, these checklists are awesome! A couple I’ve noticed that are missing are the Beyonce one (I’ve only ever seen this once and I’ve never been able to find a photo or anything since) and the Kingdom Hearts Tron version (comes with Chase too)

  5. Please update your lists especially the television one because I’m a new collector and these lists are very helpful.

  6. There was a new Exclusive Release of #251 Jamie Fraser from the series Outlander on the official STARZ Outlander merchandise store. The character looked the same except they changed the colors of his Jacket and Plaid to green. They sold out within a matter of hours, and we were limited to 3 each.
    I am so grateful to find your site and glad someone is trying to keep up with Funko. They are releasing so many, unfortunately they have missed out on Season 2 & 3 of Outlander. The wardrobe was fantastic for season 2. Based on an 8 book series written by Diana Gabaldon.

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