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This page is the home of all Pop Vinyls from the world of J.K. Rowling. The first set is from the Harry Potter Movies. Scrolling down, you will also see the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Pop Vinyls since they have their own set of numbers.

Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyls


Harry Potter Combo Packs


Fantastic Beasts Funko Pop Vinyls


Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyls


  1. Make please the funko pop of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. You have done some funko pops of Harry Potter that weren´t important for the fans. Please make them because lots of fans are waiting for that.

    1. I hope they make them as well but “important” is an opinion. Funko markets to sell to the masses so a Tonks figure probably won’t blow the roof off of sales figures.

      1. I saw list not too long ago of the next wave that was coming out that listed Lupin and Ginny. Don’t remember the others

  2. I’d love a Ginny Weasley and Remus Lupin. They’re both such big characters in the books. The movies weren’t very kind to them, but they’re awesome in the books and in my top 5 favorite characters. Really surprised they haven’t been made yet.

  3. I want a Luna wearing spectre specs and in pink coat, Neville with sword of Gryffindor, Dumbledore with Fawkes, Remus, Tonks, Tonks when she’s metamorphing , Peter Pettigrew with silver hand, Hungarian Horntail, both Barty Crouches, Fleur, Bill, Greyback, Lockhart, Quirrell, Quirrell with Voldemort on back of head, Aragog, Moaning Myrtle, Knight bus ride, thestral, Buckbeack, Kreacher, Narcissa, Kingsley, Mr and Mrs Weasley 2 pack or singular, Madam Hooch, Krum, Slughorn and Crabbe and Goyle. I don’t really care about Ginny having a pop and I agree with Baltar. I think I’m asking for too much,… Nah not nearly enough

  4. I hope the next series has Ginny, Seamus, Dean, Remus, Tonks, Wormtail, Kingsley and Quidditch Ron. I can’t think of any more variants for the Trio unless they do the wedding or camping clothes from Deathly Hallows. I’d also love a Dawlish exclusive from Hot Topic or something.

    And for Fantastic Beasts they need to give us a better Jacob in normal Nomaj clothing, Creedence, Queenie and Tina in their lounge outfits and Grindelwald.

    I’d also love if they can go back and fill in spots 23-25. I hate that they just skip those numbers.

          1. The rides dont go in number order with harry potter. They are 20 21 and 22 to fit in with the funko rides collection instead


    P.S. To Baltar, the Ginny hating troll, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It would appear that the number of Ginny fans clearly outnumbers you and, we all know you don’t like her. So, no need to keep badgering everyone about how you believe she is an insignificant “side character”

    1. So should I ignore your hypocrisy? I never said you can’t like Ginny. See I can have my opinion too. And she is a side character. Only people blinded by shipping can’t see that. You know who I really like? Kreacher. He’s a side character too and not going to be made most likely.

      1. Balter is clearly just a movie watching, flap reader. I will agree Kreacher is an outstanding side character and deserves to be recognized but comparing Ginny and Kreacher is comparing apples and oranges. When you actual read the books, you will discover Ginny’s character is better compared to Neville. And for the record Neville has a pop.

        1. Wrong. Read all the books. Bought 4 of them at midnight and finished the next day on each. As for the movies, eh. Not terribly great. Sorta like Cuaron’s style though. Neville is still a fuller character than Ginny. He’s outstanding. He was the other boy the curse could have been referring to. He started off as a feeble kid and became a hero. That’s character growth. Book 2 was Ginny’s book to star in and she was still small in it. Her action took part mostly “out of scene”. The other books please remind me what she accomplished besides becoming Harry’s girl? I’ll hang up and listen. And it still doesn’t matter if you mention OOTP or the end of last book. She’s still not in the top 30 interesting characters in the book.

          PS. Notice how I didn’t make an assumption of your Harry Potter “acumen” because it doesn’t matter to me.



      1. She is the most important female character besides Hermione. She is Hermione’s best friend besides Ron and Harry. She is Ron’s sister. She is Harry’s wife. In the books she is very popular, good at quidditch and a lot of story is focused on her in the second, sixth and seventh book.

          1. that was a joke. I am just fascinated with people’s fascination with Ginny: who isn’t interesting at all in the movies which these Pops are based on.

          2. Gotta love that’s what you get irate. I hope for your mom’s sake that you grow up before you get to high school. 🙂

        1. Agreed! Ginny definitely deserves a pop. She is a very important character; she is Harry’s wife and Ron’s sister. Plus, she plays a very large role in Harry Potter and the Chamber or Secrets.

  7. Good Evening

    I was wondering with the new fantastic beast movie out and another sure to follow. Will you be releasing more creatures from the Harry Potter books?

    Like you did with the 2016 special release of the vinyl Creature set?
    I.e. cornish pixie, mandrake & grindylow set

    I see you released a dobby, niffler and dementor pop vinyl.

    Does the company intended to create and release more creatures?

    Also do you think you will release more Harry Potter characters such as the Hogwarts ghosts? And peeves the poltergeist?

    Now that you have created and had success with the other ghost pop vinyl figures?
    I.e. The ghost from ghost busters, Rowan’s ghost, & lo pan

    I hope this message finds you well.

    Thank you

    1. I’m utterly fascinated with all these Ginny fans. She’s a terribly boring character. So what she married Harry? She has zero memorable dialogue as well.

      As for Remus, yes he should be made. 🙂

      1. I agree about Remus needing to be made and Ginny. But as for her being the most boring Weasley, you’re incorrect. Percy, Percy is the most boring/useless Weasley.

      2. My Granddaughter has long Ginger Hair and adoers Ginny Weasley. She has collected all the Potter Pop Vinyls and would give anything to have Ginny to complete the set. Im certain if you made a Ginny you would sell thousands.


  8. Prof slughorn in sofa costume, Harry and hagrid motorbike pop rides and Harry and Ron flying car, filch, crabbe and goyle double pack lupin, Lupin werewolf and and Sirius padfoot double pack, Dursley family pack 🙂

  9. I CANNOT believe there’s Mad Eye, Umbridge, McGonagall, Cedric, a dementor, freaking multiple Lucius Malfoys, AND NO GINNY!!!
    She’s much more main than any of these mentioned…

      1. Remus Lupin PLEASE!!!!
        Why so many versions of the others and no Remus, no Ginny, not even Hedwig. I mean they made a Cornish Pixie and a Grindylow? Wth!.
        Ginny is definitely a significant character. She was “possessed” by Voldemort and opened the Chamber of Secrets for crying out loud!

      2. She is literally a main character. Literally. JK Rowling has said so. There’s the “Big Seven” as she calls them, it’s Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and Draco. She’s literally a main character.

          1. Actually J.K. Rowling has literally called her a main character. Apparently you aren’t even reading the comments you’re replying to because it says exactly as I said up there. I have no problem with you saying you don’t like Ginny, I know plenty of people hat don’t. I personally did but we all have our own opinions. But if you are going to continually say that she is a side character when the author of the books (which btw, is not you) has said she was, that’s stupid and ignorant.

          2. She is a side character. The only thing stupid is that you and your shippers get so worked up over it. The main characters are Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Everybody is a side character of different levels. Does she deserve to be made? I guess if they end up making about 20 more sure put her in. And if Rowling says she’s a main character, she can show me the pages of pages of scenes she’s in or the dialogue. Oh wait. Not stop getting your knickers in a twist because somebody doesn’t spend countless hours obsessing over a minor character in an amazing book series.

  10. Make a albus dumbledore with the black hand. Also Lupin, Tonks, Naicissa malfoy,
    All the weasleys, Lockhart, professor quillil, James and lily potter (harry potter parents), Krum, fleur, dean thomas, sesmus finnegan, peter pettigrew.

    1. I agree please make a tonks, lupin, Ginny, all the weasleys, Lockhart, James and lily Potter, professor quirrell, krum, fleur, Dean, Seamus, and pettigrew. Although they may have appeared in only few of the books characters wouldn’t be there if they weren’t of great importance.

  11. Can we get a connected one with Fawkes flying Lockhart, Harry, Ron and Ginny out of the chamber! please

    Also I need Neville with the sword of Griffindor, and a Dumbledore’s Army Pack!

  12. I think a 6″ Luna with the lion head hat she wore would be a great pop. Luna would be regular size and the lion head hat would be oversized to make it 6″ tall.

  13. Would love to see Fleur Delacour so all the triwizzard champs are avaliable. Ginny and Tom Riddle are hopefully in the works too…? 🙂

  14. Hey, since you added the Harry and Voldemort FYE two pack are you going to put up the Fred and George Books-a-Million two pack also?

  15. We definitely need a Ginny Weasley! It’s madness that there are so many obscure characters but not a Ginny. She’s one of the main ones!

  16. Why is there so Ginny?? There’s u bridge and Luna and Neville b ut no Ginny? She’s one of the main characters. She married harry.

    DO y’all hate her or smthn smh

  17. It was also be great to have a mauaders map bundled set. with Remus Lupin, Peter Petigrew, Sirius Black, James Potter in it.

  18. For Harry Potter Wave 4:
    The Dursley’s 3 pack
    Molly Wesley
    Professor Tralawney
    Professor Lockhart
    Professor Lupin
    Peter Petigrew

  19. Please make a J.K. Rowling Pop!
    It could be the beginning of a new line: Author Pops!* each of which should be holding a tiny copy of their most famous work!

    *also in the line: Poe, Lovecraft, L. Frank Baum, Lewis Carrol, Tolkien, Marry Shelly, Bram Stoker, etc.

  20. Hedwig, Buckbeak, Fang, Crookshanks, Fawkes, a thestral, Scabbers, Nagini and all of the house animals (eagle, lion, snake and badger)! We NEED the animals, PLEASE!!!

    1. We think they are intended to be the three creatures from the Harry Potter 3 pack at SDCC. Normally they don’t give each item a number when they are in combo packs but maybe since these won’t appear by themselves anywhere, they chose to do it that way.

  21. Please can you finally release a Professor McGonagall pop vinyl….she’s such a key character in the series that I can’t understand why she hasn’t been done yet but reckon with her hat and green robes it’d be such a great addition for the collection.

    Also Bellatrix Lestrange. A key villain with destrinctive look and a big fan following so again would be a great addition.

  22. Please make one for Narcissa Malfoy, especially since you’re bringing out Lucius Malfoy because I want the complete Malfoy family set!

  23. i want other doll by harry potter!
    ginny weasley, for quidditch
    fred & george weasley, with sweater with F and G
    bellatrix lastrange
    prof remus
    prof moody
    prof mcgonagall

  24. Mad Eye Moody
    Mr. Ollivander
    Vernon Dursley
    Lavender Brown
    Parvati Patil
    Viktor Krum
    Padma Patil
    Mr. Filch
    Tom Riddle
    Lucius Malfoy

  25. Bellatrix,Flitwick, Lockhart, Slughorn, Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Peter Pettigrew, Kreacher,Nearly Headless Nick, Mad-eye,Death Eater, Luicius, Molly Weasley, and Arthur Weasley.

  26. J.K. Rowling said the big 7 were Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Draco, NEVILLE and GINNY! Come on guys. Where are Gin & Neville?

  27. Sirius in dog form
    mcgonagle in cat form
    remus in werewolf form
    peter and james and also in their animagus forms.
    moaning myrtle
    Lucius Malfoy…I could go on! haha

  28. Just make everyone. I would buy them all no joke. And I’m sure everyone else would too. The Weasly car is a must! Also Young Tom Riddle and Harry’s parents. I would also LOVE to see all the professors, significant or not I love them all.

  29. If you would make a Bellatrix figure, or one of Remus or Tonks, I would pre order the moment I found out. Of my top four favorites, Snape is the only one with a figure. (Which I own.)

  30. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like there should definitely be a Fred and George Weasley… separate, but identical, minus the missing ear 🙂

    1. and a moaning myrtle a sort of clearish bluish type,almost headless nick,professor sprout,pixie with wings,mandrake,tom riddle,harry at the yule ball,

  31. Can’t wait for the new ones!!!

    -Harry Potter with Prophet
    -Mad Eye Moody
    -Professional McGonngall

  32. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make a Bellatrix Lestrange figure! she is by far my favourite character!

    Also you could make a Lucius and Narcissa malfoy, and McGonagall?

  33. Please make a Bellatrix Lestrange and Umbridge… They are my absolute favorite characters! Please also try to make a Ginny Weasly and the twins as well. A Mad-Eye-Moody would be an excellent edition to the group!

    The people who are creating the figures are so creative, and I can’t wait to see how these turn out when created! I would totally buy these if they were available!

    1. I also think that a Lockhart would be cool… Although he doesn’t continue throughout the entire series, he has a decent part in the second book. I think that the same is true for Lupin and Tonks… Although they may not be the main characters, they are still characters that numerous fans would enjoy. Thanks so much!

  34. I really hope in the following waves the characters listed following this are in the next wave: Bellatrix, Fred& George Weasley, McGonagall, Flitwick, Lockhart, Slughorn, Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Peter Pettigrew, Kreacher,Nearly Headless Nick, Mad-eye, Remus, Death Eater, Luicius, Molly Weasley, and Arthur Weasley. a possible ride could be the Ford Angelia with Arthur or one of the twins or the Thestral with Luna. All of these would be good choices for Funko to make.

  35. Please do a Bellatrix! I know this isn’t the official Funko Pop Vinyl website but please somebody email the real one. I really need a Bellatrix. Badly. Please. PLEASE. Thanks! 🙂

  36. Cannot believe they haven’t made Ginny yet, she’s actually a bigger character than Luna or a generic dementor…

  37. I’m curious if anyone else has the same thing. I just bought a Draco figurine and on the back Sirius Blacks name is spelt improperly as Sirus Black. Is that a misprint that is on every Draco figure or does that make mine more valuable. Thanks in advance.

    1. Just checked all of my wave two figures (I have Yule Ron, Draco, and Sirius) and all three have the misprint

  38. Just Ideas:
    #23: Mad Eye Moody
    #24: Fleur Delacour
    $25:Ginny Weasley
    #26: Mr. Ollivander
    #27: Vernon Dursley
    #28: Fred Weasley
    #29: George Weasley
    #30: Lavender Brown
    #31: Pervati Patil
    #32: Viktor Krum
    #33: Padma Patil
    #34: Mr. Filch
    #35: Tom Riddle
    #36: Remus Lupin
    #37: Lucius Malfoy
    #38: James Potter
    #39: Lily Potter
    #40: Nymphadora Tonks

  39. You know what I think would be cool, drumroll please dudududududududduuuuuhhh a Harry Potter subscription box e.g. Marvel Collector Corps, Star Wars Smugglers Bounty and DC’s Legion of Collectors. For the box, the two months per box themes would be like maybe the Hogwarts houses e.g. Aprils theme: Gryffindor or Octobers theme: Ravenclaw. Or something else you could do for themes is the books e.g. June’s theme: Harry Potter and the Philosiphers Stones or Decembers theme: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Or maybe even the spinoff books as themes e.g. Decembers theme: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. BTW if you funko people happen to make a Harry Potter box please let it ship outside America because this would be great. And if you people don’t know what I mean then just search up collector corps, smugglers bounty or legions of collectors. Plz recommend my idea.

  40. For a couple Funko Rides Sirius on Buckbeak, Hagrid on the Flying Moterbike, and Ron in the Flying Car would be sooooo epic!

    -lily potter ii
    -James potter ii
    -albus potter
    -Teddy lupin
    -Hugo Weasly
    -rose Weasly and so on….

  42. There are so many, I only own a Hagrid now, and there’s going to be more in the future. Uh, I can’t keep up! I love Funko so much

  43. You should do two variants of professor Quirrell: one with his turban and another with his other face on the back.
    And most definitely one of Fluffy the three headed dog( he’d be easier to do if he was a 6 inch).

  44. Just went to Hot Topic, where an employee told me they’ll be getting Bellatrix and Lucius Malfoy exclusives. Said stores in cities will get them first, then locations in suburbs.

  45. I think we need:
    Cedric Diggory
    Nymphadora Tonks
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Professor Sprout
    Professor McGonagall
    Fred and George
    Ginny Weasley
    Remus Lupin

  46. I thought there would be a Neville Longbottom too!
    Where is Neville?!

    but I would love it if u would make Remus Lupin and Tonks

  47. This line will be huge! So many characters that I wanna see. Bellatrix, Prisoner Sirius, all the Weasleys, Marauders 4-pack, Minerva, Nymphadora, Fleur, Trelawney, Shacklebolt, Lockhart, Umbridge. AAAAHHH! Cannot wait.

  48. My Wishlist for Harry Potter Funkos <3

    Luna Lovegood
    Ginny Weasley
    Minerva McGonagall
    Neville Longbottom
    Draco Malfoy
    Bellatrix Lestrange
    Lucius Malfoy

    1. According to my local comic book store that sells these that Maggie smith who played professor macgonagall refused to have a pop vinyl released as each pop vinyl had to have permission of the actors and actress.

      1. Maggie smith doesn’t own the rights to the McGonagal character and a pop vinyl wouldn’t be using her likeness so I don’t think she would have any say in the matter. If they used her likeness that would be another matter.

  49. Bonjour, pour le pack Harry Potter Hermione et Ron, savez-vous si ils sont de taille normal ou si il s’agit des petites figurines ? Merci

  50. So so so sad to see there’s no Draco! How can you have Harry Potter without Draco? The whole sixth book is pretty much dedicated to him! Please make Draco? He’s so evil and cute!

  51. All of the main characters would be good (Luna, Ginny, Neville, Sirius, Remus, McGonagall, the rest of the Weasley Family, Dobby, Draco, some death eaters, I could go on!) 🙂

  52. it would be great to see a 6 inch baskilisk or harry with the baskilisk fang or dumble dore with fawkes and mad eye moody please

  53. We need a Dobby, Neville, Draco, Professor Mcgonagall, maybe hermione, harry, and ron with their pets, a pop rides of ron’s dads car, of Hagrid’s bike….. their are sooo many that they need to make! I would buy all of them!

  54. Please make the malfoys, lily, the marauders (!!), luna with her glasses, neville, and the weasleys! (In other words make all characters :D)

  55. Please, make a Tom Riddle!!!!!!!! A younger Tom before he trued to kill Harry, when he was Beautiful on the outside, though maybe no the inside. Please I’m begging, please!!!!

      1. Make a ginny freaking people! can’t you see literally everybody has mentioned her omg!!!! Make her with her diary and one in her quidditch and one with her pygmy puff!!!!!!!! omg plz!!!!!! I need a harry and ginny #hinnyforever!!!!!!!1

        If there is any chance the Pop!Vinyl makers read these comments, please make a Ginny. We’ll love you forever!

        1. Me too!! I have; Cedric, Harry, Ron, Harry, Luna, Hermione, Edward, Jane, Hermione, draco, Lucious, Ron. And I recently got a new star wars one and I am dying for a Ginny! She is Bae! I dressed as her for Halloween and I look almost exactly like her so that helped!
          My point is, they deffintly need a Ginny!

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