Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyls

This page is the home of all Pop Vinyls from the world of J.K. Rowling. The first set is from the Harry Potter Movies. Scrolling down, you will also see the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Pop Vinyls since they have their own set of numbers.

Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyls


Harry Potter Combo Packs


Fantastic Beasts Funko Pop Vinyls


Harry Potter Funko Pop Vinyls


  1. You guys need to make a Remus Lupin pop, a Ginny Weasley pop, a Tonks pop, a Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley pops, James Potter and Lily Potter pops, Cho Chang pop,
    and Narcissa Malfoy because you made her son Draco, her husband Lucius and her sister Bellatrix soo yeah the list goes on and on for me

  2. My honest suggestions for Harry Potter Funko Pops: Nymphadora Tonks, Fleur Delacour Lake Task or Fleur Delacour Full Blue Outfit/Uniform, Lupin Werewolf Form, Molly Weasley, Voldemort’s “Tom Riddle” Form, Moaning Myrtle, Cho Chang and a two pack of Lily Potter and James Potter

  3. These are absolutely awesome, though I agree that few added would improve them. I like the Sirius Black and Draco Malfoy mainly, and am going to order them after this.

  4. Please, please make the funko pops listed below:
    Nymphadora Tonks. (I need her!)
    Draco Malfoy, but older and in his suit.
    Fleur Delacour in her BeauxBatons uniform
    Viktor Krum
    BuckBeak! (He could be a pop ride with Sirius Black or Harry)
    Barty Crouch Jr. (Probably not going to happen though.)
    Lily and James Potter
    Tom Riddle from Chamber of Secrets.
    *Thank you so much funko for making Ginny Weasley and Lupin! 🙂

  5. I wonder why funko didn’t make the train carriages numbers 23-25 because now those just don’t exist and it’s super weird

  6. So glad you guys made a Lupin, but he needs his Tonks! Tonks will make an amazing Pop with her pink hair.
    (And so will Trelawny)
    And what about Narcissa? Lucius and Draco need their wife and mother with them on my shelf!

  7. Nymphadora Tonks Pop Vinyl
    Death Eater pop vinyl
    Kingsley Shacklbebolt pop vinyl
    Fenrir Greyback pop vinyl
    Nagini the snake pop vinyl

  8. We miss so many cool characters, and they have made 12 different Harry Potter in different style! This is so disapointing D:

  9. I’ve been looking for #50 (Ginny Weasley in Quidditch Robes) and I can’t find her anywhere! I’ve called several Barnes and Nobles and checked Amazon as well as eBay. There is one seller on eBay but is there any other place I could purchase this figure? Thanks!

  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Make nymphadora tonks, gilderoy lockhart, sirus black in his Azkaban outfit, and James and Lily potter.

  11. I didn’t know when the 5th wave was coming… I wasn’t prepared! I literally screamed when I saw Remus Lupin in Hot Topic, and bought him on the spot. Next is Werewolf Remus and Quidditch Ginny, already have them both reserved and I’m grabbing them up this week <3 I'm still in need of a few of the older exclusives from Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble. Some have slipped through the crack for me and I definitely won't be able to afford them, or can't justify it anyway, but I am ON the pop funko grind now!

  12. They need tonks! Weasley twins in quidditch uniforms, molly and arthur Weasley, James and lily Potter, kreacher, Ron in that blue flying car, professor quarrel/ Voldemort would be cool, Neville holding the sword of gryffindor, Sirius black in dog form, it would also be cool to see the dursleys, gildaroy Lockhart! lmao the list can go on

  13. Nymphadora Tonks, Molly,Arthur,Bill,Charlie and Percy Weasley, The Dursleys, Gilderoy Lockard, Professor Quarell, Proffessor Slughorn, Professor Flidwick, Professor Townsley, the Gosts of hogwarts, Firenze, Seamus and Dean, Kingsley Shacklbebolt, Fenrir Greyback, The Creeweys, Fleur Delacour, Victor Krumm, Cho Chang, Padma & Parvati Patil, Pomfrey, Crabb & Goyle, Lavender Brown, Xenophilius Lovegood

  14. Tonks, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Percy, Charlie Dudley, Vernon Petunia, Filch with Mrs Norris, Ron and the flying car, Harry in Tuexdo from Yule Ball, Lockhart, Firenze, Kreacher, Tom Riddle, Quriell, Madam Hooch, Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Madame Maxime, Pomfrey, Flitwick, Hermione in Red Dress, Weird Sisters maybe to make a pop, Barty Crouch, Igor, Amos Diggoy, Lilly and James Potter, Buckbeak, Sprout, Trelawney, Ollivander, Cornielus Fudge, Crabbe and Goyle, Seamus, Aragog, Viktor Krums’s friends maybe for a pop, Fleur’s friends, Cho Chang, Slughorn, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Sirius Black’s Dog, Neville with sword, Fenrir Greyback, Quriell with Turban, Naricssa, Pettigrew in Azaban, Fang, Frank, Barty Crouch jr, Padma and Parviti, Mcgongall with no hat, Baslisk, trevor, Lavender Brown Luna’s dad, Mr and Mrs Mason, Hermione’s Parents

  15. Can you make a Quirinus Quarrel with Voldemort on the back of his head also Fleur Delacour in Tri-wizard Tournament outfit along with Viktor Krum and a Frank Bryce Thanks

  16. Id like a yaxley, fenir greyback, nagini (need more baddies)
    Tonk pink hair, Flitwick, Slughorn, Xenophilius Lovegood.
    Think we have enough harry potters now

  17. Today I just complete all the collection!! Waiting for more!
    I would to have Tonks, Molly Weasly or what about Voldemort in that creepy baby shape at the end of the story?

    And what about black hermione form Cursed Child? That would be awesome!!

  18. the number 23, 24, 25 are the little “creatures” in the 3 pack.
    23. – Cornish Pixie
    24. – Mandrake
    25. – Grindylow

  19. It would be awesome if you have 2 Narcissa’s funko: one would be with her black dress (she was wearing in malfoys mansion scene) and with her green dress she was wearing at snape’s house

  20. And 2 fleurs. One, she would be wearing her beauxbatons uniform, and the second would be with her marriage dress. I really love that dress, it would be SO AMAZING 😀 it should be like belles ball dress, with that beautiful movement

  21. I soooo need Tonks with her husband!! They would look so cute together! I also hope they make the rest of the Weasleys, Narcissa, Horace Slughorn, Tom Riddle when he was young, Qurriel with Voldemort on the back of his head, lockhart, and all the triwizard champions with all their task clothes + Fleur with her wedding dress!!!

  22. Dudleys are a must, they were massive in the films. I don’t think 23,24,25 are the creatures there the packs.

  23. I dont know, but we already got one in quddiitch style. thats enought. Far too many duplicates in the harry potter set. that made me stop collecting them😕

  24. Maybe funko should make a bit more different characters instead of having like 13 harry potters, and alot more dupes. Then it would be mutch more fun to collect. We have 54 different figures and 24 different characters.

  25. Just an idea, would it not be something to have a kind of pop up thing of Slughorn in chair character ,(goes from chair to Slughorn and back kind of thing). Just thought it would be a cool kind of thing. Also I had to laugh when I went to purchase another POP at the place I purchase from , they hate the Umbridge character so much from the movies, the retailer has discounted those ones only. Also please no more Harry Potter duplicates, my friend is trying for the whole collection and he can not find some of them yet, its driving him crazy and I can not get him to stop. But I love the ones I have.😻😻😻😻

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