Pop! Rocks Series

Only Available in Combo Packs/Sets


**Photo credit given to FunkoFunatic for all Chase pictures and Notorious BIG SDCC 2011 picture
**Photo credit given to Gemini Collectibles for BEATLES BLACK & WHITE 5 PC VINYL FIGURE “COLOR REJECT” SET


  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for the pop up of freddie mercury.
    Can you please telle me where I can find it???

    Thnaks a lot!!

  2. I hope 15 Super Junior Funko Pop from 2 from respective solo eras and 13 from Sorry Sorry Era 5 Bigbang Funko Pop from Fantastic Baby Era 8 AOA Funko Pop from Good Luck Era 2 Akmu Funko Pop from 200% Era SNSD from Gee Era Twice From Like Ooh Ahh Era 2ne1 from I Am The Best Sistar from Touch My Body Era Got7 from Just Right Era and BTS from Fire Era

  3. Hello, I have been anxiously awaiting possible Twenty One Pilots figures. An unnoficial announcement in 2015 said they were coming in 2016 along with several others. Sadly, all the others were released except the Twenty One Pilots ones which I so bady wanted along with many other Tร˜P fans. -_- ๐Ÿ™

  4. Hello,
    I have recently gotten heavily into punk and grunge. I love the Sex Pistols set, the Misfits fiend, and the Ramones set, but since Nirvana is my personal favorite at the moment, would there be any chance of a Nirvana set or maybe a Foo Fighters set? Thanks

  5. All these are great but I think you should make a One Direction, 5sos, spice girls, little mix, Taylor swift, ed sheern, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry pop vinyls. They would be a great addition to the collection as they have made impacts in the music industry.

  6. when are the f*cking twenty one pilots pops coming out? they were announced in 2016 & there’s been no more info. where are they? where’s the photos of them? where’s the pre-orders at???

  7. There aren’t any photos or any preorder information. Which you can interpret to mean there have been delays in the process.

  8. Agreed with the others, CHESTER BENNINGTON PLEASE!! w/ all the others LP as well. I see some images of the band but can’t seem to find them. Thanks so much!

  9. What about a Rush set with Geddy, Alex and Neal? They have a bobble head set, this is the next logical step.

    Also, a Cheap Trick set. Recent RnR HOF group. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersen and Bun E Carlos.

  10. Queen pops pink floyd pops rolling stones aerosmith pops led zeppelin pops ac dc pops radiohead pops daft punk pops eminem pop skrillex pop marsmellow pop deadmau5 pop martin garrix pop steve aoki pop david guetta pop aviici pop ed sheeran pop sam smith pop alan walker pop kendrick lamar pop blur pops gorillaz pops

  11. Slipknot! Come on, now. You have the opportunity to sell a set of 9. Slipknot!
    Oh, and possibly Tenacious D and System of a Down.

  12. You really need to do a Led Zeppelin set! That would be extremely popular-especially variations of Jimmy Page.

  13. Please, do the figure of Prince Rogers Nelson, In all the world wants a Prince, in Purple Rain decade of anothers, thank you!!

  14. You guys definitely need to do Slipknot pops. With Exlusive Paul Gray and Joey Jordison pops.
    You could do at set of 9 for each album that came out, you’d sell tons.

  15. – Kurt Cobain (One for the Teen Spirit video and one for the Unplugged performance)
    – Layne Staley
    – Chris Cornell
    – Eddie Vedder
    – Jim Morrison
    – Johnny Cash
    – Ice-T

  16. You guys NEED to do a Pop of the Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie the Head!!! (Slipknot would be cool too)!!!

  17. Hoping for some boy band like Bigbang BTS Exo Super Junior 1D BoyzIIMen Blue Westlife BSB Nsync and NKOTB

  18. We have been waiting anxiously for the Twenty One Pilots pops to be released since last Christmas. My 2 daughter’s and myself are huge TOP fans. Please release soon!

  19. Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Queen, Nirvana (there is a Kurt Cobain pop) Meatloaf… there are so many great rock band…..

  20. SETS TO MAKE:(I’d buy every single one of these!!!)
    Five Finger Deathpunch
    Three Days Grace
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Breaking Benjamin
    Nothing More
    Highly Suspect
    Stone Sour
    Linkin Park
    System Of A Down
    In This Moment
    Papa Roach
    God Smack

  21. Could you maybe make Ryan, Spencer, Jon and Brendon from Panic! at the Disco, Tyler and Josh from Twenty one pilots and also the rest of My Chemical Romance please ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks so much if its possible, sorry if i ask so much.

  22. A System Of A Down set would be the best set for Pop! Rocks if it were real. The whole band have very noticeable and original looks and would look beautiful if it were translated to the Pop! design.

  23. and people keep saying they want their favourite bands to be put into Pop! form. It doesn’t really work like that. I thought of System Of A Down because of the way they look. Most bands that people are suggesting will just look like plain boring generic figures.

  24. yโ€™all should make a fleetwood mac set or a stevie nicks vinyl figure !!! they are rock and roll icons and i think people would love a set or a vinyl figure !!

  25. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, Major Tom
    (Thank you for Jareth, but please give us the man himself!)
    You have so many other iconic musicians (and some not so necessary – we’re looking at you Beiber!)
    Waiting in anticipation!

  26. well for starters Justin is more popular currently regardless if I hate him and love Van Halen. 2nd, it’s about signing licensing agreements.

  27. I would love to see Robert Smith of The Cure – Ian Curtis of Joy Division – Siouxsie Sioux – Devo – Carlos Santana – Adam Ant – RHSP – The Clash – Depeche Mode – Roy Orbison – John Lennon w NYC t-shirt.

  28. You do grasp that Funko can’t just make Pop!s of anybody. They have to pay for licensing. You just mentioned Madonna and Mariah Carey who are expensive as all get out. I’d assume they have tried or are trying for Taylor Swift. No need for Spice Girls as a whole. Too many. Maybe one or two.

  29. Would love more Beatles- abbey road or early years.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Solo McCartney and Lennon
    George Michael
    Ed Sheeran
    Bob Dylan

    … hereโ€™s hoping

  30. How about going old school, need a Janis Joplin( With beads and boa around neck), also a Jim Morrison, A Boy George would be good, of course Bowie, these are colorful characters, another is George Clinton. PRINCE is a must. My top list is Joplin, Boy George, Bowie, Prince, George Clinton, another that would go over is Daft Punk, Rick James.

  31. I forgot if we are going back old school, you can not forget the Bee Gee’s and I myself would love a Sylvester(James) character with ,Two Tons of Fun (Martha Wash, Izora Rhodes). ALSO Niles Rogers with braids of course. That is my dream list. BUT that brings up the connection to Daft Punk, and Pharrell , just saying.

  32. Regarding the multiple versions of Alice Cooper. Some ideas are…standard Alice in black leathers. School’s Out in white top hat and tails + cane. Ballad Of Dwight Fry in straight jacket. Killer with boa constrictor. Welcome To My Nightmare in red leotard. Also stage show character Nurse Sheryl played by Alice Cooper’s wife. How do these sound?

  33. There should be a Billie Joe Amstrong one, green day is rly popular and have made a great influence on pop punk. Thanks.

  34. There’s Baby Metal, but not the GazettE? I’m slightly dissapointed ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Also, X Japan would be really cool as Pop figures. And ONE OK ROCK is becoming more well known too. They even collaborated with 5SoS. Just some ideas lol. I think the GazettE, SID, Mejibray, and X Japan would make for some really cool looking Pop figures.

  35. Psy is only kpop artist has Funko Pop but we need Kpop artist like Bigbang BTS Exo Shinee 2ne1 Lee Hi Got7 Blackpink SNSD Super Junior Rain Roora H.O.T S.E.S Turbo 1Tym Sechskies 2pm and others Aside releasing Kpop Funko Pop We need some boy bands like Nsync BSB Westlife 1D and A1 Lastly some rock groups like The Cranberries Linkin Park Red Hot Chilli Peppers Coldplay and Greenday

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