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  1. You Know what I need? And I know it comes outta nowhere, but I need a Joan Jett!! I’m a Jett-head and a Funko freak. Why not combine the two?

  2. 1. The Vampire Diaries ‼️‼️‼️
    2. Madea (and car for Pop Rides!)
    3. Rowena, Lucifer, Mary and Demon Dean from Supernatural.
    4. How To Get Away With Murder

  3. AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER (ATLA) AND LEGEND OF KORRA (LOK). If you only do one, definitely do ATLA. So many people would buy them!!

  4. I’d love to see Funko Pops of:

    1. Vampire Diaries
    (Damon, Elena, Stefan)

    2. Pop Pets
    (Orange striped cat, tuxedo cat, white cat)

    3. Disney
    (Flynn Rider, Aladdin, Disney Fairies)

          1. I so hardcore like infinity it!

            I’d pre order, hunt them down, etc. I SO SO SO SO want Gorillaz Funko Pops!

  5. Hey, I’m not sure if requests are open to anyone who is part of this company and if there’s a way for them to see it, but if possible in the future could you consider a Mirai Nikki/Future Diary series with the characters Yuno, Akise, and Yukiteru and possibly an Evangelion series with Kaworu, Shinji, Rei, and Asuka? Again I don’t know if anyone actually reviews these and takes anything into consideration, but I’ll still leave this here.

  6. Please make a Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex – actually any from the Crash series will do! Also please make a new Sonic set 🙂

  7. Gorillaz (with each of the phases)
    – Murdoc Phases 1-4
    – 2D Phases 1-4
    – Noodle Phases 1-4
    – Russel Phases 1-4

  8. I would love to see Avatar the Last Airbender and Into the Badlands! That would make my life. Glad they have Naruto at least.

  9. I just want One…just One Pop Vinyl for my collection…
    I NEED….WANT…..Heatwave aka Mick Rory from Legends of Tomorrow/The Flash/Arrow to go with my Captain Cold. They are a pair & need to be together!!!

  10. I know that Nintendo is butthurt on letting people use their properties, so I know these will most likely never happen. But I would like to see:

    Super Mario Bros:
    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Princess Peach
    4. Bowser

    1. Pikachu
    2. Bulbasaur
    3. Charmander
    4. Squirtle

    The Legend of Zelda:
    1. Link
    2. Zelda
    3. Gannon
    4. Octorok

    Donkey Kong Country:
    1. Donkey Kong
    2. Diddy Kong
    3. Cranky Kong
    4. King K. Rool

    1. Kirby (with maybe a couple of variants with different powers)
    2. King Dedede
    3. Metaknight
    4. Waddle Dee

    Animal Crossing:
    1. Isabelle
    2. Tom Nook
    3. Mr. Resseti
    4. Cat

    Like I said, I know Nintendo will most likely never hand in their properties to Funko. But these are just my wish lists.

  11. I’d like to see:
    1)The whole Pac-Man series with:
    -The Ghost Gang
    The Ghostly Adventures:
    -The Ghost Gang
    And maybe Mandy from Pac-Man All-Stars and Glitchy from Pac-Man 256.
    2)Ratchet and Clank with:
    -Dr. Nefarious

  12. Would really like to see Funko Pop for the following,
    1. Shaman King (Anime)
    2. Yu Gi Oh (Anime)
    3. Power Ranger (Megazord, Dragonzord)
    4. Action/ Movie Celebrity ( Jackie Chan (drunken master) Donnie Yen(IP man) Jet Li, Stephen Chow (shaolin soccer) Jim carrey (The masked/ Ace detective)
    5. Kamen Rider
    6. Ultraman

  13. How often do you guys update your lists? I know a few pop figures in some areas that are missing. I was wondering if there was a once a month adding of new pop figures

      1. No big deal I just wish there was a way I could see what comes out like you do so I don’t have to rely on these lists. These lists have helped me so much in being able to collect all the pop figures I want. Especially the esclusives. The ones that I noticed are Disney the live action beauty and the beast 243-246 for lumiere, Mrs Pott, cogsworth, and Harry Potter 40 lucious Malfoy with prophecy orb FYE esclusive

  14. Obama pop under Pop The Vote (or the most famous presidents).
    Wreck It Ralph racers.
    More under Books section.
    My Little Pony – Rarity, Apple Jack, Spike.
    HP: Flitwick, centaurs, Fleur Delacour, Victor Krum, Sybil Trelawney, Tom Riddle, Dursley family, Harry’s parents, Ginny, Percy Weasley, Cho Chang.
    Fantastic Beasts: Pickett, Barebone family, Henry Shaw, Thunderbird, Occamy, goblin in the speakeasy.
    Disney: Geppetto, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Chip and Dale, more Toy Story characters, Tick Tock and Tiger Lily, Darling children from Peter Pan, Incredible kids, Aristocats (Marie is my fave Disney character), Will Turner, Bagheera, Aladdin, Abu, Kevin from “Up”, Hans from “Frozen”, Squirt from “Finding Nemo”, hyenas from Lion King, more Robin Hood pops, Mochi from Big Hero 6, Nani and David and Jumba and Pleakley and Cobra Bubbles and Captain Gantu and Grand Councilwoman from “LILO and Stitch”, more pops from Cars and Cars 2 and Cars 3, Riley and her parents from Inside Out, more Zootopia pops, more A Bugs Life pops, Heihei and Tamatoa and Gramma and the goddess from “Moana”, Skinner and Gusteau and Anton Ego and Collette from Ratatouille, Edith and Margo from “Despicable Me”

  15. I would really, really love more vinyl pop for the blizzard games! -All of them!
    AND I most of all, I would LOVE to have Vinyl Pops of Fullmetal Alchemist!

  16. Here are the requests for more Funko Pops!

    1. Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Larry David

    Jeff Greene

    Cheryl David

    Susie Greene

    2. The Wire

    Terrance “Fitz” Fitzhugh

    Amanda Reese

    Kristos Koutris

    3. The Sopranos

    Tony Sopranos

    Dr. Jennifer Melfi

    Carmela Soprano

    Cristopher Moltisanti

    Corrado “Junior” Soprano

    4. Six Feet Under

    Nate Fisher

    David Fisher

    Ruth Fisher

    Claire Fisher

    Federico Diaz

    Keith Charles

    Brenda Chenowith

    Billy Chenowith

    Vanessa Diaz

    George Sibley

    5. Sex and the City

    Carrie Bradshaw

    Samantha Jones

    Charlotte York

    Miranda Hobbes

    6. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Yusuke Urameshi

    Kazuma Kuwabara




    7. Samurai Champloo




    8. Blue Gender

    Yuji Kaido

    Marlene Angel

    Tony Frost

    Alicia Whistle

    Seno Miyagi

    9. The Loud House

    Lincoln Loud

    Lori Loud

    Leni Loud

    Luna Loud

    Luan Loud

    Lynn Loud Jr.

    Lucy Loud

    Lana Loud

    Lola Loud

    Lisa Loud

    Lily Loud

    Clyde McBride

    10. SuperMansion

    Titanium Rex

    Black Saturn

    American Ranger





    1. And also, I know there haven’t been Star Wars ones, and there’s probably a reason as to why, but if you can make them I REALLY NEED POCKET POPS OF THE GHOST CREW FROM STAR WARS REBELS. IM R E A L L Y ITCHING TO GET THEM ALL AS POCKET POPS. I NEED A TINY SABINE, KANAN, AND EZRA. 💙

  18. FINAL FANTASY VII. Pleeeeease!!!
    The long awaited remake is coming… I want all of the main characters (Cloud and Aerith especially)
    Other FF games, as well as Kingdom Hearts would be awesome!

  19. Pop animation vinyls you guys should consider.
    -the adventures of sinbad.
    -magi the story of aladdin.
    -death note.
    -Deadman wonderland
    -please work on getting MAGi the story of aladdin into pop anime vinyls there charater line up is ridiculous !!!

  20. Final fantasy so many to choose from final fantasy 1 to present has so many cool characters to choose from and what would be better the moogle and chocobo pops

  21. Hi, quick question (and maybe request), are you planning on making a Gravity Falls line? Although the show has ended, there are hundreds of fans who range from the ages nine to thirty somethings who would absolutely die over this series and there are enough characters with interesting concept designs. That would mean the world to me and those other fans, even when you have already released my long time favourite anime line and classic movie star.

  22. Oh! I forgot to say these! But Inuyasha ones! Like I said with Nintendo, I don’t know if permissions have been denied or anything, but suggesting. I at least want just Inuyasha and Kagome, or even just Inuyasha, but the main five:
    1. Inuyasha
    2. Kagome
    3. Sango (with a little Kilala like the Luna that comes with Sailor Moon)
    4. Miroku
    5. Shippo
    Would all be great! Not to mention maybe Sesshomaru and Naraku, and Kagura! Oh! And maybe even Inuyasha’s Demon and Human forms!
    (ONCE AGAIN: Wishful thinking, but whatever, it doesn’t hurt to suggest!)

    Fruits Basket! I would at least want Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki, but these are my suggestions:
    1. Tohru (with little cat-Kyo and little rat-Yuki like the Luna that comes with Sailor Moon)
    2. Kyo (maybe even with little cat-ears!)
    3. Yuki
    4. Shigure
    5. Akito

    Psych (THE TV SHOW)
    1. Shawn (with a little pineapple)
    3. Lasseter
    4. Jules
    5. Henry

    Series of Unfortunate Events
    1. Violet
    2. Klaus
    3. Sunny
    4. Count Olaf

    These would all be really cool to see as Pop! figures, and as long as I’m not broke, I will probably just have to buy all of them, should they be made!

  23. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Nintendo Pops. I don’t know if the permission to do so has been denied in the past or something, but I am very ready for some Link, Zelda, Ganon, and maybe even Tingle ones. (Haha… Tingle… KOOLAH-LIMPAH!!)

    Also…. More Fairy Tail ones! At least Erza and Gray! I would also love to see Mirajane, though, and maybe Cana. It would also be cool to see some of Erza’s different armors, specifically, but not limited to:
    1. Heaven’s Wheel
    2. Flame Empress
    3. The flame pants outfit, I don’t think it actually has a name, but search “Erza flame pants armor”, and it’s there
    4. Casual (so, the outfit with the white shirt)
    5. Giant
    6. Purgatory
    7. Robe of Yuen
    8. Fairy Armadura

    Oh! And some of Mirajane’s different Satan Souls!

    And Maybe Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Cana’s Edolas versions!

    All right, now I’m getting into wishful thinking category…. But still, I think these would all be really cool!

  24. There are already Mass Effect funkos… why not Dragon Age? I would almost literally die to get my hands on a Fenris!

  25. The the top 10 from the ones I want you guys to make and sell
    10 being the lowest and one the highest
    10. 2 year timeskip Frankly (one piece)
    9.tony the tiger (frosted flames)
    8. Vaste lorde ichigo (bleach)
    7. jibanyan (yokai watch)
    6. Eminem/ slim shady
    5. Lincoln loud ( the loud house)
    4. Deku (my hero academia)
    3. Yugi ( Yu-Gi-Oh)
    2. Bakugou ( my hero academia)
    1. Saitama (one punch man)

  26. Nisekoi Pop! Vinyls would be an awesome addition to the funko range (particularly Chitoge Kirisaki and Raku Ichijō at the very least) along with Kosaki Onodera and Seishirō Tsugumi.

  27. You should make YouTube pop!s
    The following is YouTubers you should make.

    – PewDiePie

    Also make a corgi pet pop! Please.

  28. Would Funko Make More NHL Pops In The Future, If So Here Are Some Ideas For More NHL Players:
    1. Auston Matthews 2. Gordie Howe 3. Wayne Gretzky 4. Mario Lemieux 5. Anze Kopitar 6. Patrick Roy.

  29. I would love funko pop vinyls of the following:

    1. Edge
    2. Shawn Michaels
    3. Kane
    4. Randy Orton
    5. Eddie Guerrero
    6. Chris Jericho
    7. Dusty Rhodes
    8. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
    9. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
    10. Diesel
    11. Razor Ramon
    12. Sgt Slaughter
    13. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
    14. AJ Styles
    15. Dean Ambrose
    16. Sami Zayn
    17. Finn Balor
    18. Shinsuke Nakamura
    19. Samoa Joe
    20. Dolph Ziggler

    And my dream funko pops would be premier league soccer players and legends

    1. Arsenal FC (Cech, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez)
    2. Chelsea FC (Hazard, Azpilicueta, Costa, Kante)
    3. Liverpool FC (Coutinho, Firminio, Can, Lallana)
    4. Manchester City (Aguero, Kompany, Silva, De Bruyne)
    5. Manchester United (Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Rooney, De Gea)
    6. Tottenham Hotspur (Kane, Lloris, Aiderwereld, Lamela)
    7. Leicester City (Vardy, Mahrez, Okazaki, Morgan)

    1. Mourinho
    2. Wenger
    3. Guardiola
    4. Ranieri
    5. Pochettino
    6. Conte
    7. Klopp

    1. Bergkamp (Arsenal)
    2. Henry (Arsenal)
    3. Drogba (Chelsea)
    4. Lampard (Chelsea)
    5. Gerrard (Liverpool)
    6. Hyypia (Liverpool)
    7. Cantona (Manchester United)
    8. Giggs (Manchester United)
    9. Klinsmann (Tottenham)
    10. Ginola (Tottenham)
    11. Shearer (Newcastle United)
    12. Di Canio (West Ham United)

  30. It would be amazing if there were Pops from the series ‘Parks and Recreation’, I’d seriously buy every single character! Also it’s probably a long shot, but Hellboy, oh and Glee would be cool too! And more characters from Steven Universe, like the fushions and minor characters would be awesome too!

  31. Okay, we need the following badly:

    1. Lord of the Rings
    -Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Galadriel, Arwen, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Pippin, Merry, Elrond, Saruman, Cave Troll, Balrog, Uruk Hai, Bilbo, Ringwraith, Eomer, Eowyn, Theoden, Wormtongue, Gandalf the White, Treebeard, Faramir, Denethor, Witch King, Easterling ( I mean come on, this line should have been out years ago)

    2. Star Trek (more)
    -They half assed it with Star Trek TOS. They need to include Sulu, Dr. McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, the Gorn, Khan, and then from TNG they need Dr. Crusher, Q, Wesley Crusher, Guinan, and then it would be nice to see Dr. Soran from Generations and the Borg Queen from First Contact

    3. Indiana Jones
    -Disney did Marvel and Star Wars and Disney, why not Indiana Jones? It could include Indiana Jones, Marion, Salah, Belloq, Tot, one of the Nazi high ups, the dude with the sword in the marketplace, Mola Ram, Willie, Short Round, Henry Jones Sr, Elsa, the main villain in Last Crusade, and the knight. Should be out already as well

    4. Nintendo Characters
    -Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus, Star Fox, Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, etc

    5. More Rock Stars
    -Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, a more menacing Ozzy, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Freddie Mercury, Robert Smith, Elton John, Prince, Rob Halford, Metallica guys, King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Eddie Van Halen, Bono, etc

    6. The Addams Family
    -They have the Munsters, come on! Morticia with Thing, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Granny, Cousin It

    7. Mad Max
    -Mel Gibson version with an assortment of characters, or just the Mel Gibson Max, that’d be fine. From the Road Warrior

    8. South Park
    9. Pokemon
    10. Batman the Animated Series
    11. Batman 1989 and Batman Returns
    12. Terminator
    13. Historical Figures
    14. The Three Stooges
    15. Seinfeld
    16. Hook
    17. Mortal Kombat
    18. Street Fighter
    19. More X-Men
    20. Jack from The Shining
    21. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Gary Oldman)
    22. Apocalypse Now
    23. The Godfather
    24. Twin Peaks

  32. The best Video Game Pop! Figure collection would be Mortal Kombat X. Here is the list of the characters.
    1. Scorpion
    2. Sub-Zero
    3. Raiden
    4. Kitana
    5. Milenna
    6. Jax
    7. Johnny Cage
    8. Sonya Blade
    9. Cassie Cage
    10. Jacqui Briggs
    11. Kung Lao
    12. Liu Kang
    13. Kotal Kahn
    14. Devorra
    15. Goro
    16. Ermac
    17. Shinnok
    18. Quan Chi
    19. Kenshi
    20. Takeda
    21. Kun Jin
    22. Kano
    23. Erron Black
    24. Reptile
    25. Ferra/Torr
    26. Tri Borg
    27. Bo Ri Chi
    28. Tanya
    29. Tremor
    30. Corrupted Shinnok

  33. PLEASE make some Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra ones! I and many others would buy them in an instant!! Also, more Steven Universe please! I need me some Connie, Lapis, Peridot, and Rose!

  34. I would really love all of the ratchet and clank characters in the series, along with jak and daxter, sly Cooper, crash bandicoot, spyro, and tak. If they made funkos for all those video game characters I would buy every single one of them!! I would really love them, they’d make me so happy!!

  35. I would LOVE to see figures from:

    Cowboy Bebop

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Fables/ The Wolf Among Us


    The Princess Bride


    Ranma 1/2

    and Spirited Away

  36. I’m still hoping for Fiz and Simmons from AoS! Now that we’re getting Daisy out of the way, hopefully they’re next.

    I’d also love the following:
    Parks and Rec
    Pushing Daisies – I mean Olive with her Green Piehole uniform! come on!
    Anya from Buffy
    Red Riding Hood/Ruby from OUaT
    Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls…not sure how they’d look, but it could be done.

    ooooo what about Broadway pops?!
    I mean HAMILTON!!! Its educational! lol
    on that note, Wicked pops with Glinda and Elphie!
    Book of Mormon…..

  37. I love Funko Pop figures. The only problem is, I feel they’re only making anime ones for the big animes. It may just be me, but still.

    I really think Hetalia should have figures. And if they ever do get made, I should think it should be all of the allies and the axis powers.
    I also feel like Soul Eater needs more. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Soul and Maka the only ones? I’d really like Death the Kid and Stein.
    And lastly, where are Akame ga Kill! figures? We need those. AGK, I’ve always thought, wasn’t a very popular anime. I don’t know why, honesty. But I really think it should have figures.
    Thanks for your time and consideration (hopefully)!

    1. I totally agree, I’ve been looking and searching in hopes they do Glee. I’d buy them too, since more are being made it could be possible for them to do Glee.

  38. NCIS(1st set could’ve original cast- Gibbs, Tony, Kate, Abby and Ducky) Then keep adding characters in a second set.
    More Simpsons characters
    Greys Anatomy
    Maybe some Looney Tunes(I personally just want one of Bugs Bunny though)

  39. There is a whole Dragon Age fandom that have been praying for Dragon Age pops for years. We got *some* Mass Effect 1 ones, but none for the Mass Effect’s 2 and 3 and none from the three Dragon Age games. They had those teen titans for DA Origins but they look so creepy, so not many bought them. The DA groups I’m in on FB have thousands of people in them who would all buy Cullen, Alistair, Cassandra, Lavellan, Varric, Hawke, Dorian etc. Is there any hope of Funko releasing any DA pops please?

      1. Thank You Baltar!
        I’ll start following you!
        Cheers from Italy and thank for all the amazing works that you and your team do!

    1. You can hold me to it as well if ya like… by only if… cuz I bet my friend they won’t and if they do I will buy the series was the wager set or I win $20!

  40. would be cool to see some of jean claude van damme pop vinyls like cyborg, bloodsport, universal soldier, kickboxer.
    also norman bates and mother would be great, phil miller and the rest of the clan from the last man on earth would be sweet too.

  41. I would like to see more of the Harry Potter characters. Like Lupin, Weasley brothers, Ginny and etc. Also The Blacklist cast of Red and Lizzie ( including her blonde hair ) and The Glee cast. Please Please make these =]

    1. There are Blacklist POP’s coming. Gamestop has a new list of ones you can preorder and Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen are the only two on there right now. I’m assuming there will be at least 2 more for the set. No word on a release date.

  42. Dear god.. I just realized they haven’t done Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park yet! PLEASE, funko…….Also get some freaking FNAF pops!

  43. I would like to see NCIS maybe and everyone’s knows how they brought back some Star Wars pops in the vault series, right? Well, I would like to see that done with some others series, such as the Simpsons. PLEASE Funko, I beg you.

  44. please do more walking dead !! lori..shane..dale. andrea..t dog..beth…homemaker carol..noah..sasha…rosetia..eugene..jesus..milton..eye patch carl
    please also stuart from the big bang theory
    more vikings characters..athostan..bjoin..etc
    i would really really LOVE to have H.R.Puffnstuff..jimmy with freddie…witchiepoo and any of the other awesome characters

  45. I would love to see another Gerard Way one but him as Party Poison. One with the mask, one with the wolf head, and one normal.

  46. I would love to be able to get pops from the following shows:

    Penny Dreadful
    Teen Wolf
    The Vampire Diaries
    The Originals
    More WWE (Becky Lynch, the Miz, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, etc)
    Mortal Kombat

    1. YES TVD nowwwwww pleaaaaase!!😭😭 and Originals. I want all the Originals and the guys from tvd, Enzo and Damon defo.. Klaus and Elijah and Rebekah <3

    2. i agree with teen wolf, the vampire diaries and the originals. I would like a shadowhunters funko too.

      1. in tvd stefan, damon, elena, katherine, caroline and bonnie.
        in the originals klaus, elijah, rebekah and marcel.

  47. is there a possibility that titanic funko’s will be made in the future “jack Dawson” “rose Dewitt bukater”

  48. Also, I think we need a couple more BBC Sherlock figures. Marry Watson and Molly Hooper. Oh! And Mrs. Hutson and Greg Lestrade of course.

  49. I REALLY want more Once Upon a Time characters. Like Robin Hood, good Regina, Bark Swan, Belle, Neal/Baelfire, Zelena, etc.

  50. It’ll be awesome if you can expand your Anime selection,
    I’d love to see
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Ginga Densetsu Weed

  51. All I want is a Danger Mouse Pop Vinyl.

    I know he’s not as well known as other characters but if you ever made a DangerMouse Pop Vinyl in the future i’d be really grateful 🙂

  52. you should totally do ratchet and clank pop figures! they are very popular after all. maybe you could release them for the new movie that’s coming out? :3

  53. I would like:
    Teen Wolf
    The Maze Runner
    The Mortal Instruments
    Dawson’s Creek
    Jurassic Park
    Veronica Mars
    South Park

  54. Hello, I was thinking of some cool pops
    I saw Lemme from Motörhead was coming out and I thought why not EDDY from
    IRON MAIDEN there are several variations of him .
    Also more of the EVIL DEAD line characters
    Killer Klowns from outer space movie
    Tales from the crypt the crypt keeper
    More of the Hellraiser line
    Puppet master
    Other then horror ones
    Betty page

  55. Please make the following!
    South Park (you can do all the coon and friends as well as traditional characters)

    Harold & Kumar

    And the one I want more than anything would be the Hot Rod crew. Including Richardson!

  56. – Amelie (with gnome)
    – Beastie Boys
    – Hipster Pocahontas
    – Angry Donald Duck
    – Audrey Hepburn
    – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

  57. I would love to see Crash Bandicoot,Archer(with babou),Heaven’s Lost Property,maybe Rosario Vampire,and legacy of kain.

  58. I’d love to see
    -Pokemon especially the Eeveelutions
    -More MLP (Rarity, Applejack, Luna, Cadence, Sunset Shimmer, Queen Chrysalis, Cutiemark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara)
    -Love Live School Idol Project
    -Fullmetal Alchemist
    -Ouran Host Club
    -Madoka Magica
    -Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore <3)
    -Fruits Basket
    -One Tree Hill
    -Powerpuff Girls
    -Sonic the Hedgehog

    1. I have a feeling that they are making a One Tree Hill collection. A prize that you could win at one of the latest One Tree Hill conventions was a signed Haley James pop vinyl in her infamous poncho

  59. How about comic book versions of Marvels Fantastic Four. Of course I’m still waiting for the rest of the classic Doctors from Doctor Who (especially 5th Doctor) and the Weasleys from Harry Potter (especially Ginny-she did marry Harry after all).

  60. The Two Series (And One Addition) I Want To See In Pop Vinyl Would Have To Be:

    -Legend Of Zelda – But, Yeah, Like Some People Were Saying, Nintendo Might Not Agree To It, Sadly

    -Death Note – Gosh Dang It. I Would Buy Every Single L Figure They Had If This Was Came True (Unless It Is And I’m Really Behind)

    -More Vocaloid – Just A Few More Would Be Nice, Maybe Gumi? (Again, Unless It Is And I’m Really Behind)

  61. I just saw a poll on Funko’s blog about which movie we’d like to see made into figures and the choices were….

    1. Sister Act
    2. Grease
    3. Footloose
    4. Dirty Dancing
    5. Xanadu

    Several of those choices should be made into Pops. IMO I love Sister Act and am hoping beyond hope for figures of Deloris and/or Sister Mary Clarence, Sister Mary Robert, Sister Mary Patrick, Sister Mary Lazarus, and Mother Superior. <3

    I'd also love even more Harry Potter and DBZ figures, and figures of characters from Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon,(Figures of Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Meowth, Pikachu, and all of the starters from the 90's to the present.)Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon. Pops of the band Hanson would be cool too. Preferably the way they look now and not ones of their 90's appearances…Oh, and American Idol Pops of the winners/runner ups/ and fan favorites would be awesome.

  62. I think Rick & Morty definitely need to be made. But what I’d really like to see is a collection of 90s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network characters: Ren & Stimpy, Angry Beavers, Rugrats, Cousin Skeeter, Rocko, Kenan & Kel, Rocket Power, the list could go on and on.

  63. Funko Pops! that I think would be excellent to see:

    – Bellatrix Lestrange
    – Minerva McGonagall
    – Luna Lovegood with Quibbler and glasses
    – Ginny Weasley

    – Labyrinth
    + Jareth
    + Sarah

    – Hunchback of Notre Dame (especially Esmeralda)
    – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    – Dr. Molly Hooper

  64. Homestuck! Just like the beta and alpha kids, and the pre scratch trolls. The post scratch trolls would be cool too but that would be too many characters :\

  65. Parks and recreation pops would be amazing! I’d also love to see vampire knight, and final fantasy! (If they don’t already exist)

  66. – Supernatural ( Crowley with angel tablet, Dean with the mark, Kevin with demon tablet, and Cain with first blade )
    – Bob’s burgers – kids in Halloween costumes
    – Game of thrones ( grayscales and the giant)
    – Parks and recreation
    – Married with children
    – Archer

  67. Some other suggestions:
    – Denver the last dinosaur
    – The Land Before Time
    – More TMNT characters
    – Moomin
    – The Mighty Ducks (movie series)
    – Blade (Marvel)

  68. Please make a Disney Afternoon line!
    – DuckTales
    – Rescue Rangers
    – Goof Troop
    – TaleSpin
    – Darkwing Duck

  69. What happened to all the rest past Gabriel last man standing, in the dc/heros section? There’s so many missing, I go on this site daily n it’s weird that there’s so many missing… please fix

  70. Why isn’t there a Ledgend Of Zelda, Splatoon, Or Shovel Knight Pop Vinyl? These would look so amazing. I could honestly see all of them what they would look like. Designing wouldn’t be that hard.

  71. I’d like to jump on the soccer player bandwagon! 😀
    Also ‘New girl’,’Teen wolf’, ‘Prison break’ and ‘Lost’ would be awesome!

  72. What about soccer teams and players? (This 2016 there’s a lot of cups taking place around the world: Eurocup – Copa América Centenario – Champions League (as every year) – Europa League )
    Would be great.

  73. I think that they should make the most recent 2014/16 versions of the teenage mutant ninja turtles! I dont know if anyone would agree but i know i would definatly buy those to go with my current tmnt pops.

    1. Yep, I would buy them for sure. But I would buy any TMNT related POP 😉 I’d like to see Krang and the Mutanimals too.

  74. you should make a Brian O’Conner one with his orange car from the first Fast and the Furious movie to go alongside the Dom Toretto with charger that you already sell

  75. Please

    Yu-gi-oh (white dragon 6″)
    More Supernatural – lucifer, Sam lucifer, ruby, 67 impala
    Mythbusters – Jamie and Adam
    Guns n roses – green day – ac/dc
    Preacher comic and TV.
    Y the last man.

    I could go on

  76. You guys should make Undertale Pops! It would be so cool! You would probably do some different things like Flowey, Omega Flowey and Frisk because of differences they have from traditional Pops.

  77. Okay you should really add more Steven Universe characters that’d be really cool, New Girl I would totally buy, Parks and Recreation would be SO cool, Gravity falls YES I’d buy one of those too, maybe you guys could do kpop ones? like Exo, Seventeen, Girls Generation, those would be really cool i’d love it.

  78. If you are looking for suggestions I’d suggest Gravity Fallspop vinyls, Over the garden wall, Avatar the last Airbender, The Legand of Korra, and a second wave of Steven Universe (Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Connie and maybe a funko Ridez with Greg and his van)

  79. Human Brian (Family Guy)
    Dog Stewie (Family Guy)
    Dog Peter (Family Guy)
    Quagmire (Family Guy)
    Brian w/ Bobble Tail (Family Guy)
    Jessica Jones Funkos
    Seth MacFarlane Funko
    Nikolai (Call of Duty Zombies)
    Richtofen (Call of Duty Zombies)
    Tank Dempsey (Call of Duty Zombies)
    Takeo (Call of Duty Zombies)
    Dave Grohl Series (1995 – 2015)
    Kurt Cobain
    Axl Rose
    Franklin (GTAV)
    Michael (GTAV)
    Trevor (GTAV)
    Lester (GTAV)

  80. Her Guys! I Love ur Pops, but im a huge fan of the nbc series TheBlacklist!

    I would Love to have:

    Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen!!

    Thank u 🙂

  81. Need more music ones. all different genres too.

    kanye west

    rolling stones
    guns n roses
    foo fighters

    some of those would be cool

  82. I would really love some more TV pops!. Like
    Greys Anatomy
    Criminal Minds
    Law And Order: SVU
    Legends of tomorrow
    Super girl
    More Arrow and Flash

    And movies too
    The maze runner
    More hunger games

  83. Pop vinyls that i would buy and would love to see made

    -rorouni kenshin (kenshin and karou) –> please please please make these
    -vampire knight (zero, yuki and kaname)
    -more vocaloid (v4x in case you don’t know v4x is their brand new costume designs- luka, rin, len and miku)
    -hellsing (alucard, integra and seras victoria)
    -seraph of the end (mika and yuu)

  84. Please.

    Please. I am literally begging you people.

    Please come out with a King of the Hill line of pop vinyls. You literally have no idea how many people would buy them. I would buy all of them in 2 seconds and give you extra money just for coming out with them. King of the Hill is my favorite TV show of all time, and I know a lot of people feel the same way so, PLEASE consider it I would love you people forever.

  85. I would love it if you guys made Yu Yu Hakusho pop figures, like I’m not even joking I would pay a lot of money if you guys were to make them.
    Here is a list of characters to make.

    1. Yusuke Urameshi
    2. Kuzuma Kuwabara
    3. Hiei
    4. Yoko Kurama
    5. Toguro (please?)
    6. Genkai
    7. Shinobu Sensui
    8. Pu

    1. totally agree with this. I dont see why they have been created. its such a popular, long running show. I would own the whole team!

  86. One Piece Pop Vinyls
    Hancock (Snake Princess)
    Mihawk (Hawk Eye)
    Jinbei (Fishman)
    Rayleigh (Dark Silver King)

  87. Trigun would be a good one! I would LOVE to have a little Vash! :3
    Need more video game ones too,
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy

  88. I’ve started a collection of Pop robots, and would love to see Johnny 5, Marvin, the Paranoid Android made.
    The Parks and Rec crew, would be awesome as well!

  89. I would love another set of Harry Potter characters!
    Luna Lovegood
    Draco Malfoy
    Ginny Weasly
    Fred and George Weasly
    Minerva McGonagall
    Three Headed dog (Fluffy)
    Neville Longbottom

  90. I really wish they would do more 90’s kids shows Pop Funko!! Like Dexter’s Laboratory, Angry Beavers, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG!!! And etc.

  91. LOVE the new call of duty series. The Frank Woods one is the favorite out of my collection. Please do a Soap Mactavish one!!!!,a Mike Harper one would be pretty sweet too

  92. With the passing of such a great icon with so many different personas and faces, how about a David Bowie collection? That would be awesome 🙂

  93. I, personally would think that I would like a jacksepticeye pop vinyl figure even though Sean has all ready unravelled a jacksepticeye pop vinyl figure himself. Even though I still want one SO FREAKING BAD!!!!

  94. What about Avatar the Last Airbender?
    Those would be amazing. There’s a lot of anime i like too but i’m being more realistic, this show was so popular they made a movie out of it. Although the movie was awful, but that’s what they get for not following the show lol

  95. Pops that really need to happen:

    Red vs. Blue
    Dragon Age Origins
    Dragon Age 2
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Female Dragonborn

  96. Since you guys already added Gerard Way you should add the rest of My Chemical Romance. Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Fran Iero. And you should make more bands like Fall Out Boy.

  97. I need more Anime pops and here’s my list of series I would love!:

    Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)
    Black Lagoon
    Fullmetal Alchemist (why haven’t they done this yet? Ed would be perfect as a pocket pop XD)
    No Game No Life
    Highschool Of The Dead
    Kanokon (highly unlikely but who doesn’t want a pop of a big tittied fox girl XD)
    Studio Ghibli (I need Totoro!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Death Note
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Death Parade
    Gurren Lagann
    Kill La Kill
    Elfen Lied
    B Gata H Kei

    Finally why the hell is there not a series 2 of AOT with Armin, Levi, Sasha and the Female Titan!

    1. Yasssss! Definitely need some FMA pops in my life! Can’t believe its not a thing already. All of them would look amazing as pops! Also agree with a second series of AoT!!!

    2. Neon Genesis Evangelion pops for sure!!!!! It’s a super popular anime so not only 90’s kids will recognise it but so will any other mecha geeks out there! I also second a series 2 of attack on Titan pops with Armin and Levi, as well as Noragami pops!!!!!

    3. Yes please! i want a levi. i want my first funko to be levi (i love him so much). sasha and the others are a great idea, and what about a erwin or jean (oh, wait, they already made some horses… 😉 ) i would also love a taiga, chihiro, sen, ed (they could give him a little milk bottle or something), yuki (with tears in the eyes of course), some more tokyo ghoul ones and mabye some angel beats figures. and what about the last airbender (the anime not the horrible movie)? we sure need more anime figures!

    4. I would buy every character from Fullmetal Alchemist or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in a heartbeat.

      I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen representation of classics like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, or Gurren Lagann yet. Make it happen, Funko!!

  98. One Punch Man Pops please! Out of a list of my 10 favorites or ideas:
    #1 – Saitama (Hero For Hobby)
    #2 – Genos
    #3 – Tatsumaki
    #4 – Saitama (Job Hunter)
    #5 – Speed o’Sound Sonic
    #6 – Bang
    #7 – Saitama (Oppai Jacket)
    #8 – Mumen Rider
    #9 – Handsome Mask
    #10 – Lord Boros

      1. can there PLEASE be
        Maze runner
        Corpse bride

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! & if you cant make them can you please contact Funko themself and please ask them to make them 🙂

    1. Please can you do a glee pop vinyl series??????? I think they would look adorable! But don’t make like ‘Finn’ and ‘football finn’ and ‘kiss finn’ of you know what I mean?? Like only one of each character. If you can’t make them then plz contact the actual pop people and ask…. Thanks

    2. Wutang would be awesome, also luke cage. The men from gilmore girls are a must since we have the girls coming. The playable borderlands would also be awesome!! annnnd ruby gloom and friends!! 😀 weird mixture but i love them all!!!!

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