Funko Pop Vinyls Series

Funko Pop Vinyl Series

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Funko Pop Vinyls Series is maintained by this site. If you see an image missing, please respond to the appropriate page and let us know! We’ll add the image as soon as possible. If you want to buy Funko Pop Vinyls, please click on one of our sponsors on the right side of the page. These are great places to buy Funko Pop Vinyls!If you are would like to join a place to buy, sell, or trade Funko Pop Vinyls, please join our Facebook group. Funko Trading by is the largest and best Funko group on Facebook.

Funko series are currently divided up by Heroes, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, WWE, television, movies, animation, Game of Thrones, Games, Rocks, Muppets, Sesame Street, Pets, Ad Icons, Sports, Rides, Books, Stan Lee, My LIttle Pony, Holiday, Freddy Funko, Pop Asia, DIY, Ugly Dolls, Pop the Vote, Conan O”Brien, Sanrio, Wreck it Ralph, Classics, and Sci Fi. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them is classified under the Harry Potter Tab. South Park is classified under the Animation tab.


  1. Please please do a Dragonheart series! Also Princess Bride, Legend and Willow! Please and thank you!

  2. Can you do a Kurt Cobain Funko. One from the music video Smells like Teen Spirit and one from Sliver.

  3. I want to see WWE Funko Pop No. 22 Also want Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy Miz Christian Edge Randy Orton Bo Dallas Dean Ambrose Mcmahon Family Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Nia Jax Alexa Bliss and Emma Funko Pop

  4. Funko, you need those :

    Rocks : The Beatles (any costumes w. instruments), Nirvana, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Green Day. (with instruments)

    Star Wars :
    Episode 3 : Obi-Wan, Anakin
    Episode 1 : Obi-Wan, Amidala (remastered)
    Episode 2 : Jango Fett (remastered), Clone Prototype, Dooku, Yoda in fight pose.

    Harry Potter : LUPIN. Cho Chang, Death Eather, The Founders, Lockhart, Harry’s parents, All Weasley family, Quirrell, Quirell without Turban, Buck, Aragog, Bane.

    Kingdom Hearts : Sora, Kairi, Riku.

    The Flash : Caitlin, Cisco, Harrison Wells (S1/S2), HR, Kid Flash, Wally, Black Flash, Joe, Iris, Eddie.

    Nintendo (not sure if we will be able to make) : Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser (6-Inch), Bowser Jr., Goomba, Koopa, Hammer Bros, Baby Mario/Luigi, Rosalina, Kids of Bowser, Link, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong.

  5. I really want the Deku Scrub from Zelda Majoras Mask. I haven’t bought any yet but would start if you had this one!!

  6. Just gonna throw this idea out there…. it Broadway figures. You know off of musicals. Seriously, theater geeks will throw money at your company to get them.

  7. More Dragons. Spyro and Cynder would be great, maybe Malefor and the guardians if we’re lucky. Or what about yugioh? A red eyes black dragon would be amazing.

  8. I was booted from the Facebook group for discussing spoilers to GoT, even though I did it properly by posting it in the Comments section only and posting multiple warning comments before the actual discussion. This is kind of messed up to kick someone from a group for using the proper protocols to avoid spoiling for those that haven’t seen it. I’ve been a member in good standing for well over two years, so a warning or message from the admin would have been a bit more fair.

  9. I don’t run the group I run the website. However. It was specifically mentioned to not post spoilers and the admins say it was your 2nd time doing it. So you might want to talk to them.

  10. That’s total BS. I have NEVER discussed GoT in that group before today. Who is the admin so I can speak to them?

  11. Just a suggestion, but how about making some Hetalia Funko Pops? I personally would buy the HECK out of them, and I know a lot of other people would greatly appreciate them 😁

  12. Can you guys make Hetalia pop figures.I know a ton of people who would buy those and it would be cool to see what they look like as pop figures

  13. Why hasn’t there been any of the Top Gun movie, imagine how cool a Maverick and Goose, or a Iceman and Slider.
    What about Alice Cooper ?

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