Review: Miser Brothers’ Dorbz 2pk (Funko Shop Exclusive)

The holidays are fast approaching, and today I wanted to take a look at a special Dorbz 2pk that I initially missed out on ordering from the Funko Shop last year. Luckily, my friends at Rebel Base Comics & Toys brought it with them to New York Comic Con. Being a big fan of the old Rankin/ Bass stop-motion Christmas specials, I had to add The Year Without a Santa Claus  Heat Miser & Snow Miser Dorbz 2pk to my collection.

In the Christmas special, these dueling brothers, sons of Mother Nature, need to set aside their differences so Santa Claus can be convinced to not take Christmas Day off. I grew up watching this special yearly, and “Mr. One-Hundred and One” and “Mr. Ten Below” were very memorable characters. They are arguably two of the most memorable Rankin/ Bass characters from the specials.

Prior to being made into Dorbz, the Miser Brothers appeared in Pop! Vinyl form, where they were the first two releases in the “Holidays” line. The also recently came out in a Vnyl 2pk.


Overall, my Christmas collection is a pretty decent size, and this was a welcomed addition to it, as there is always room for new versions of the Miser Brothers.

What are your thoughts on these Miser Brothers Dorbz? Were you able to get them when they were released last year or are you still tracking them down like I was? Sound off below.



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