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The Highlight – Cancelled?!

April Fools! Seriously I know that the way the website is designed you can read this without even clicking the link to enter the article so… maybe it’s not my best work? But hey you were on your toes today anyway ready to take on anything the internet threw at …


Thursday Night Highlight – Breaking News!

Breaking news right here on Thursday Night Highlight! After losing their starting Quarterback a few weeks ago, and having their backup not do so hot versus the Big Bad Patriots last week. The Dallas Cowboys have announced the signing of Uncle Rico to a one year contract. Fulfilling his lifelong …

Supernatural Castiel

Supernatural Pocket Pop! Keychains Coming in November

Today Funko revealed some new releases coming later this year. First up…. Supernatural Pocket Pop! Keychains… Pocket Pop! Keychains: Supernatural Don’t lose your shoe! Supernatural Pocket Pop! Keychains are coming! You’ll need the monster-hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as well as Castiel, Angel of the Lord! Make sure to …


More Dorbz Announced

We brought you some exciting news last night about new Pop! and Dorbz lines. Well, today we have even more Dorbz announcements for you! So what do you think? Which lines are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

#95- Leviathan Castiel

Leviathan Castiel Glam Shot

Thanks to PopCultcha we have our first look at the upcoming Leviathan Castiel variant! No word yet on where he will be available in the US but we will keep you updated. So what do you think? Will you be adding him to your collection?


Popcultcha Reveals New Supernatural Exclusives

Popcultcha has put up preorders for some exclusive Supernatural Pop! Vinyls. Four we have already seen here in the Us and two we have not heard of before. Lets start with the ones we already have seen. Looks like Popcultcha will also be offering both the regular and metallic versions …