Star Wars Celebration 2017 Funko Exclusives

Here is the home page for all the Star Wars Celebration 2017 Funko Exclusives. Keep checking to see as more get announced!

At the bottom of the page, we will list what stores are carrying these Star Wars Celebration Exclusives. Stores will have different stickers than the convention.

Wave 1

Wave 2


What Stores Will Also Carry These?

AS OF 5:00am EST April 13th

Hot Topic (10 AM EST)
Han Solo, Imperial Disguise Chopper

Holographic Qui Gon

Toys R Us
Grand Admiral Thrawn

Gamestop (Not Online Yet)
Hooded Luke Skywalker

FYE (Not Online Yet)
442nd Clone Trooper Link Unconfirmed

(Out Of Stock as of 3:15AM EST. Keep Checking)
Rey With Speeder

Box Lunch (10:00 AM EST)
Princess Leia
Greedo Mini Hikari (both sets)

Jabba Plush set

Walgreens (Live as of 7:15am EST)

Proto Boba Fett Wobbler