1. oh and before i forget, how about a series of reaction figures based on gotham tv show, and also batman versus superman the movie figures. cause it would be great to have characters like:
    young bruce wayne, alfred, young commissioner gordon, poison ivy, doctor hugo strange and armor batman.

  2. it would be beyond awesome if they made reaction figures based on super girl, suicide squad, the avengers, legends of tomorrow, and a second and third wave of figures for both green arrow tv show and flash, like gorilla grodd. please hurry up and make them so i can go and preorder them or just buy them at my local gamestop.

  3. Would definitely like the following ranges :

    Apocalypse Now
    Kill Bill
    Point Break (1991)
    Black Dynamite (live action)
    The Matrix
    Die Hard
    The Thing (1981)
    Heat (1995)

  4. How about Reaction action figures (and/or Idolz for the following:

    “The Shining”
    “Dawn of the Dead” (1978 — figures of the four leads as well as some of the prominent zombies)
    “Night of the Living Dead”
    “Day of the Dead”
    “Return of the Living Dead” (figures of the leads as well as the zombies)
    “A Clockwork Orange”
    “Buckaroo Banzai”
    “Beverly Hills Cop”
    “The Avengers” (the 1960s British spy show)
    “The Godfather”
    “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951)
    “Metropolis” (1926)
    “This Island Earth”
    “Gilligan’s Island”
    “Westworld” (1973)
    “The Hills Have Eyes” (1977)
    “The Tingler” (Vincent Price’s character)

  5. Any chance we could get a Ghostbusters set in the future? It definitely would make sense considering the ’84 film had no toy line.

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