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  1. Is the Balor to be the same design as the Mystery Mini series?

    They should make a Chris Jericho with the glow in the dark light-up jacket.

    1. Unless I am mistaken, Finn Balor does not have a Mystery Mini. Further, most of the time, for the WWE at least, the mystery minis do not look like the Pop Vinyl figures (e.g., Bret Hart, Brock, Roman Reigns, etc…).

  2. Has anyone been able to find the Shawn Michaels and Kane pops? I go to all the Wallgreens in my area at least twice a week and have yet to find one

    1. They say the john stewart green lantern is online only but I bought him the other day at a Walgreens in Brooklyn NY and they had a lot in stock same for the black suit joker there’s a few in stock at the times square Walgreens some Walgreens should have them in stock

  3. The new Gamestop list has Finn Balor with Chase on it. It lists AJ Styles, Finn Balor with Chase, Old School Goldberg and Old School Mick Foley.

  4. ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! WHERE THE HELL IS THE EDGE POP??!! He was one of THE GREATEST wrestlers of all time! The Rated R superstar pop NEEDS to happen.

    1. I agree, they are becoming the new Bella Twins (or John Cena) with the multiple color variations. Plus, the different New Day outfits are all arriving within like 6 months of each other. I don’t get why FUNKO does this, they, literally, have hundreds (if not thousands) of present/past wrestlers to choose from. Why have so many color variations on the 25-30 already released? I’ve said it before, variations for wrestlers should only occur if a wrestler had multiple, distinct looks or outfits. For example, Macho Man vs. Macho King look. I really don’t think New Day had that many distinct looks.

  5. My guess and #29,30 & 31 confirmed.
    #22 Dean Ambrose
    #29Big E
    #30Xavier Woods
    #31Kofi Kingston
    #32Trish Stratus
    #35Sasha Banks
    #36Becky Lynch
    #38Finn Balor & Demon Balor HT Exclusive
    #39AJ Styles
    #40Chris Jericho

  6. Gamestop will release the new day individually later this month.

    Rumor has it, the bellas and Roman will have new pops also coming out later this month.

  7. Gamestop will sell the following pops on November 26th
    Big 3

    All separately, no idea if this will be the same pops as the exclusive TRU Pop or a variant.

  8. In my mind, number 22 will end up either not having a pop or it will be dean ambrose to tie in with reigns being 23 and rollins 24 so the shield members will be in order.

  9. Not sure, a reddit poster claimed he saw it from one of FYE’s computer. People have begun to think it might be his white outfit from Summerslam 2015.

  10. Are they going to make more women pop figures they Need like
    Becky lynch
    Sasha banks
    Stephanie Mcmann
    Rosa menses
    Alicia fox
    I hope they make these in the near future

  11. Someone on reddit leaked a funko list coming in November that includes another Roman Reigns pop and another Brie and Nikki Bella.

    1. The fact they dont have Edge baffles me. 31 championships 11 world titles! He changed the face of Wrestling with the tag ladder matches and people forget what he did to put John Cena over and help make him a mega star!

  12. New Day three pack coming to Toys R Us this holiday season!!!!

    Don’t you dare be sowah!! Clap for your world famous, two time champs and FEEL THA POWAH!!!

    It’s a New Day YES IT IS!!

  13. As of 7-27-2016, you can order most of the newer figures on the WWE Website (Hart, Wyatt, Owens, and Marie) for $14.99 each and for pre-order on Amazon. Unless an exclusive shows-up, the WWE Website is more expensive and generally not worth it (especially after they charge for shipping).

  14. I want a Dean Ambrose one so bad I could almost scream. lol. Hands down my favorite wwe guy ☺️☺️☺️

  15. With Rollins being #24 and Reigns #23, you gotta believe Ambrose at some point will be #22. Could do without Eva. That’s $10-$15 I don’t want to spend but will. I like this new wave tho! Any recent sightings of Hollywood Hogan or other exclusives?

  16. I am not a big Funko POP kinda collector, but if there was a Road Warriors 2 pack, Hogan vs Warrior WM VI 2 pack, Hart Foundation 2 pack, Ric Flair vs Sting GAB 2 pack, Undertaker vs Kane 2 pack (Attitude Era), Aj Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson (The Club) 3 pack or a Four Horsemen 4 pack then I might buy some Funko POPS and become a collector ;o)

  17. I would like to see the following wwe pop vinyls in the future:

    1. Edge
    2. Shawn Michaels
    3. Eddie Guerrero
    4. Chris Jericho
    5. Randy Orton
    6. Kane
    7. Big Show
    8. AJ Styles
    9. Dean Ambrose
    10. Lita
    11. Trish Stratus
    12. Sasha Banks
    13. Finn Balor
    14. Bayley
    15. Jake Roberts
    16. Dusty Rhodes
    17. Ricky Steamboat
    18. Sami Zayn
    19. Sgt Slaughter
    20. Razor Ramon

  18. So what happened with #22? I assumed one of the next wave would be #22, but it looks like they were all assigned numbers after Reigns (#23). Reigns’ box has Andre (#21) and then Reigns, but no #22. So are we not getting one? Was one designed and then pulled for some reason? Will it be an exclusive that just hasn’t been released? The many mysteries of Funko…

    1. Funko seems to have some pretty big WWE fans on their team so my best guess is it will be a legend exclusive to a retailer somewhere like Target or Walmart.

        1. I’m not arguing with you. But sometimes it’s a cache issue. I uploaded all photos at the same time and I ran them in a story 4 hours ago.

  19. For those that have Twitter, Kevin Owens tweeted a photo of his Pop!. It is #27. His tweet also said it would be available early August.

  20. Enzo & Cass
    New Day, complete with Francesca 2
    Old School masked Kane
    American Badass Undertaker
    Shawn Michales

    1. I would love to see and Edge and lita one.
      But the edge box has to be like Rated R Quality would be awesome to see.

      Kinda sick of seeing stuff like seth roman and people that just dont seem to need one.
      Some do.
      But there are acouple I disagree with.

    1. What new figures are you referring to? Bret Hart, Eva, and Kevin Owens showed up in a Funko Catalog a few months back. They were just drawings and, as far as I know, no photos of the actual figures themselves exist as of yet.

  21. Finding it hard to track down the remaining pops for a full collection so far. Black Rey, Pink Punk, Red Hogan and Pink Savage. Is Ebay the only way to find these now?

    1. I’m in the same boat for the most part. I did pick-up the pink bandana Savage from shop.wwe.com last fall (although I haven’t seen it recently). Other than that, I’ve never seen those exclusives anyplace else other than eBay or, with even more outrageous prices, on Amazon.

      1. Yeah some of the prices are ridiculous now. They keep going up and up. I managed to get AJ for just over $100 from Belgium and it was MINT. Others selling her for over $300….please. I don’t think WWE shop will put any of the old exclusives back on the website. I think it’s just hope that prices come back down now.

        1. Most of the old exclusives were a limited run and once they’re gone they’re gone. Obviously with the situation between CM Punk/AJ and WWE those will probably never come back from the vault. More popular/current superstars will likely keep getting different color variants like Cena and the Bella twins.

  22. Adding my support for The New Day to get figures.

    Would also love to see the Lucha Dragons, Kalisto and the current Sin Cara, in the line!

  23. I know some might look at me crazy but like him or hate him ( I personally thought he was awesome even though he had a short run) they need to make a Doink the Clown Funko POP I would buy it!!!!!! He is one of kind!!! Plus as a kid I wanted to be a clown and a wrestler he fit perfectly

    1. Not crazy at all – so many great wrestlers of the past that Funko could turn into POP! form. It’s the like the Star Wars universe – could release 5-6 current and past wrestling greats per year for the next 50 years and never run out of characters. I’m partial to the mid-to-late 80s so I would love Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Mr. Wonderful, Fabulous Moolah, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts, The Rockers, etc…

      That’s why it annoys me to no end when they simply release a new paint job for a character already released. This should only happen if the wrestler had multiple distinct outfits (e.g., Macho Man in his orange trunks and when he was Macho King or CM Punk going from the shorts to wrestling trunks or Daniel Bryan pre/post beard). It should NOT be reversing the blank/red color scheme on the Bellas. Even worse is when they do stuff like they did for the Gamestop Austin figure and change 3:16 to Y2K or whatever. That’s not fun or unique, that’s a money grab by Funko.

      We should be looking forward to Doink or whatever coming out, not another change in tight’s color.

  24. Bret Hart, Eva Marie and Kevin Owen’s have been confirmed as the next 3, but there’s no current images apart from a photo of a Pop book showing the glam shot.

    Absolutely no idea why Eva Marie is there, most least deserving person to get one. I would advise everyone to boycott her.

    Definately getting the Owens one though.

    Still holding out for Rollins to be announced too.

    1. lol – I think most people were scratching their head with the Eva Marie selection. Probably a good chance she’s not even with the WWE when the next round gets released. There were so many more deserving females on the current roster and they could have easily gone to former women if needed (e.g., Fabulous Moulah, Trish Stratus, Miss Elizabeth, etc…).

      On the plus side, at least it looks different – unlike the Paige release which was nothing more than a new paint job for the AJ Lee figure. Plus we aren’t getting another outfit on the Bella Twins. So progress there.

      1. lol – looks like I spoke too soon. Less than 2 weeks after I posted this, Funko did, in fact, come out with another color scheme for the Bella Twins. This is getting old, there are so many current and former wrestlers (both male and female) that would be aswome in POP! form. Why do we need three (THREE) color schemes on the Bella Twins? Are they really that popular?

    1. Which one are you talking about? There are several:

      Daniel Bryan
      John Cena (2x)
      AJ Lee
      Bella Twins
      Hulk Hogan
      Randy Savage

      Most do show-up there from time-to-time, but you constantly have to keep checking since they sell-out quickly. I’ve gotten Savage, Lee, and the Bella Twins from the site.

      In addition, WWE Website does have some of the other “exclusives” on there as well (e.g., Lesnar and Piper). My only gripe is the WWE Shop tends to jack-up the price 30-40% and charge an outrageous amount for shipping.

  25. I have Really good ideas on who or what they should do next
    How about 3 in a box pop up dolls sets
    1.The New day! Xavier woods, Big E, Kofi Kingston
    2.Mick Foley pack ! Mankind, Dude love, Cactus Jack
    3.The McMans Vince,Shane,Stephanie
    In singles form easy top ten they should make
    1.Bret Hart with the glasses
    2.Ricky steamboat
    3.Randy Ortan the Viper
    4.Seth Rollins
    6.Dolph Ziggler
    7.Dean Ambrose
    8.KO Kevin Owens
    9. Charlotte Flair
    10.Sasha Banks

  26. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is a Target exclusive. I picked one up yesterday from a Target in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. Very cool one – both Target figures (Flair and Piper) are definitely worth tracking down. I can send a picture of the box if needed to show the “Target Exclusive” sticker.

      1. Some of the exclusive ones are showing up on the WWE Shop site as well – the above mentioned Brock Lesnar (Wal-Mart exclusive) and now Piper is there as well.

  27. My son asked “Santa” for the John Cena with the green hat and orange bill and I cannot find it anywhere. Any suggestions?? Thanks

    1. As a follow-up, it’s now available (a tad bit late to be from Santa, but hey). I’ve see it at the Official WWE Shop and on Amazon.

  28. Hey there.. I would like a Charlotte pop figure, and Sasha Banks. I want more Divas. And Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and more like HBK! I got the set of Bella Twins the other night, and I’m enjoying them. They are my first Pop figures. I would love to see Charlotte! Thanks

    1. See they announced Eva Marie today. Ugh – the least deserving of ALL the roster – so disappointing. I was hoping for an actual wrestler – ie Charlotte or Sasha for example.

      Also Kevin Owens and Bret Hart – yays! Damn collecting obsession means I will still buy them all haha!! 🙂

  29. Love wwe pop i have brie bella, nwo Hollywood hogan (wwe 2k15 pre order ),sting,austin 2k16 edition i want the rock,flair, savage,ambrose, ziggler and orton

    1. Not a huge fan of simply replacing “3:16” with “2K” and calling it a new figure. That’s, at best, a minor cosmetic difference that you wouldn’t even notice unless you looked closely enough. They could have put him in jeans at least or put a “beer” can in his hand. Something to at least differentiate it from the original figure.

      1. Yeah I won’t go out of my way to get this that’s for sure. It’s an easy variant just to pop out there but I will stick with just one Stone Cold unless they make a new mold.

  30. These remind me a little of the old WWF Hasbro collection from the 90’s. Obviously not as detailed nor do they have a trademark action but they are a similar size, feature old school wrestler from that era, each one is numbered and released in a series.

  31. Roddy Piper?
    He’s listed on the back of the packaging but its as if he doesn’t exist. If and when is he being released?

  32. Need more legends!!! NWO, Bam Bam, Doink, Yoko, Bret Hart, HBK, Attitude Era Kane, Goldburg, Ricky Steamboat, 90s Macho Man ( hat ), Scott Hall, Road Warriors, so much more.. 80s Era, 90s Era, WCW its endless

    1. We’ll be getting Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper soon. I believe the next set they have will have a mix of Legends and Current. They usually do 5-6 pops a wave, so my guess would be Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and then maybe Randy Orton for the current. They’ll probably have a new Diva as well, most likely Paige (if she’s not already #16). Legends wise, HBK should be next, along with maybe Bret Hart.

  33. I’ve seen pics of the ultimate warrior pop figure but can find it anywhere, I’ve been to any every site, I’m hoping u can help me out

      1. I haven’t seen the box art, but it’s not going to surprise me in the least to see one released. I know there is a custom made image of his floating around. I’m guessing, going by the numbering scheme, we will have 3 more (16, 18, and 20). If you believe Mystery Minis hold the key, the three of them that aren’t Pops yet are Ultimate Warrior, George “The Animal” Steele, and The Iron Sheik. I’d be somewhat surprised if Sheik and Steele got a Pop, but they are coming out in Mystery Mini form so who knows..

        1. Some sites I’ve seen have the back of the Andre the Giant figure’s box posted, showing Roddy Piper and Ultimate Warrior as the figures for #18 and #20, respectively. I’m really excited for Piper and Andre, so that, alongside Hogan and Savage, I’ll have all four of my favorite wrestlers from the WWF’s heyday.

          I’d love to see Sheik, Steele, and maybe Junkyard Dog get a POP! down the line too.

  34. Just got the Target exclusive No17 Ric Flair and on the back of the box are images for No18 Roddy Piper and No20 Ultimate Warrior. Are these exclusives and if so, who has them?

      1. I live in New Zealand and we don’t have Target over here soI ordered him from a online store called popcultcha.com.au
        They are based in Australia. I have ordered from them many times and have always had great service. They still have him in stock.

  35. I’ve run across an issue on shop.wwe.com website regarding Daniel Bryan. They’ve displayed their exclusive Bryan figure for a couple of weeks now. When I ordered it, they sent me the “common” one. I called the service number and they seem totally baffled when I tried explaining to them my problem but eventually said they would send a replacement (more to get me off the phone than anything else). The replacement, again, was the common one. I’ve since sent an e-mail detailing the issue and have not heard back. So, fair warning if you head on over shop.wwe to order it.

    1. UMPunk,
      I ran into the same issue. I emailed them right away and told them the discrepancy, as well as showing them pictures of the version I received and the one posted on their site. The box was also damaged, so I made sure to point that out. Without hassle, they refunded me my entire purchase (including shipping) and did not ask for me to send back the figure I received. My main pain point in my email was stressing to them that if i return it, I’m out $14 in shipping and if I keep it, I am stuck with a non exclusive beat up boxed fig

      1. Really, I had not heard about The Ultimate Warrior coming out. Great to hear and I can only imagine how many variants of him we are going to see.

  36. I check WWEShop out quite fruquently and they do post the exclusive items from time-to-time. This past Thursday (May 28th, 2015) I was able to grab AJ Lee and on Friday the Macho Man with the pink bandanna. The items usually only stay-up for an hour or two though. If you have Twitter, I post when I when I see them (umpunk_101).

    1. On June 2nd (11:30 pm CST), I was able to grab the Bellas off of the WWEShop site. It seems really random when they put their exclusive items up, but I’ve found 3 different ones at some point during the past 4 weekdays.

  37. This is missing the 3rd John Cena. It was a WM31 exclusive along with the Bella’s. Extremely rare and very hard to find.

  38. Please get Shield Pop!’s They would be the most adorable things ever! Or at least Roman Reigns. Or Seth Rollins. Cuteness Scale = Broken

    1. They haven’t made a lot of Pops and Reigns is relatively new. I expect SHIELD versions of Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins to arrive soon.

  39. Where’s the Divas? Only AJ Lee?
    – Trish Stratus
    – Lita
    – Victoria
    – Paige
    & more…
    Hopefully they are making it.

  40. Ideally for me series 3 would be;

    Bret Hart
    Dolph Ziggler
    Brock Lesnar
    Bray Wyatt

    But yeah, Ultimate Warrior and the shield guys would look awesome

  41. Hopefully we will get a Sting pop vinyl sometime soon!!! I’ve been a huge mark for Sting since the NWA days. Be nice to see a masked Kane as well. And……….A Great Muta one!!! Road Warriors as well!! All the guys in masks and paint. How bout that? Lol.

    1. There is a Sting coming! And an oversized Andre the Giant. Both shown in the Funko catalogue from NY Toy Fair 🙂

  42. Do you guys plan on releasing another series in the future. The first two are great and I am looking forward to collecting more. Hopefully, you guys get a series 3,4, and 5!

  43. Hi all…any idea where I can find the WWE vinyls??? I have a terminally ill nephew who has wanted these. I have looked all over and can’f find them. I even tried ordering from a couple places online that are out of stock and have no idea when any will be in…ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. They come out in waves and they have to be a person they have a licensing deal with. I’d expect Bret Hart at some point and Ultimate Warrior. Not sure if the Million Dollar Man has a legacy contract or not.

  44. The Aj is out on wweshop.com already. Got mine in the mail yesterday. It comes with 2 exclusives stickers on the front.

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