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WWE Funko Pop Vinyls Series


  1. I like these WWE Funko Pop their is one missing Funko Pop WWE Funko Pop No 22 one i think it will a legendary wrestler around in early to mid 2000s

  2. I would like to see WWE release the following pops (incl #22, starting #44)

    22. Dean Ambrose
    44. Edge
    45. Sami Zayn
    46. Randy Orton
    47. Shinsuke Nakamura (I believe there are plans to release this)
    48. Zack Ryder (see Nakamura)
    49. Razor Ramon
    50. Diesel
    51. Alexa Bliss
    52. Naomi
    53. Kalisto
    54. Jake The Snake Roberts
    55. Eddie Guerrero
    56. Santino Marella
    57. Becky Lynch
    58. Charlotte Flair
    59. Rob Van Dam
    60. Kurt Angle
    61. JBL (w/hat and bomber jacket)
    62. Rikishi
    63. Big Boss Man
    64. British Bulldog
    65. Samoa Joe
    66. Braun Strowman
    67. Neville
    68. Trish Stratus
    69. Lita
    70. The Miz
    71. Doink the Clown
    72. Irwin R Schyster

    Plus new variants of the following:
    Sheamus (w/mohawk)
    The Rock (attitude era)
    Triple H (long hair)

    Plus two/three packs for the following:
    The Hardyz
    The Dudleys
    The Shield
    The Usos (their current “since day one ish” variant)
    The Bushwackers

  3. A cool pack would be 4 horsemen, could be split into 2 2-packs or 1 4 pack like the guardian of galaxy ones

  4. Divas Funko Pop will release including Rockin Robin Wendi Ritcher Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair soon

  5. I would like to see the following
    1.dean ambrose
    2.randy orton
    4.shinsuke nakamura
    5.jeff hardy
    6.matt hardy
    8.becky lynch
    10.eddie guerrero

  6. I would also like to see
    1.sami zayn
    2.samoa joe
    3.kurt angle
    4.lita &/or trish stratus
    5.dolph ziggler

  7. The rumors of will release the for wave 7 8 9 and 10
    22 Sgt Slauther
    44 Eddie Guerrero
    45 Dean Amborse
    46 Bo Dallas
    47 Irwin R Schyster
    48 Jinder Mahal
    49 Nia Jax
    50 Nakamura
    51 Alexa Bliss
    52 Edge
    53 Christian
    54 Becky Lynch
    55 Matt Hardy old school
    56 Jeff Hardy old school
    57 Charlotte
    58 Samoa Joe
    59 Naomi
    60 Kurt Angel
    61 Diamond Dallas Page
    62 Luke Harper
    63 Braun Strowman
    64 Eric Rowan
    65 Sami Zayn
    66 Umaga
    67 JTG of Crime Tyme
    68 GS of Cryme Tyme
    69 Santino Marella
    70 Jake Roberts
    71 Lita
    72 Trish
    73 Rusev
    74 Lana
    75 Bob Orton Jr
    76 Chyna
    77 Randy Orton
    78 Great Khali
    79 Dolph Ziggler
    80 Batista
    81 Vince Mcmahon
    82 Shane Mcmahon
    83 Linda Mcmahon
    84 Stephanie Mcmahon
    2/3 packs following

  8. Dude you are straight up making this shit up. I can tell you for a fact that half of that will never be made and won’t even be considered

  9. Been stalking Walgreens web site for the two pack Enzo and Cass and it still has not appeared despite in store sightings since early August. If web hunting this one I strongly recommend wwe.com like other store exclusives they have been able to maintain this one in their webstore for a while.

    Only caution I give here is that wwe.com is iffy on store exclusive stickers. For example if you got Kane, Shawn Michaels or this 2 pack from their shop they were received without the Walgreens sticker. Others like Demon Balor (FYI) have shipped from this site with store exclusive stickers

  10. Would love a Dean Ambrose one!
    And a Shield multi pack or all three members of the shield in their shield attire!

  11. It seems like it would only make sense for #22 to be Dean Ambrose since 23 ans Roman and 24 is Seth. Plus, only a lunatic would put #22 out after #44+. If that list Isel listed is even close to accurate we’ve got a lot to look forward to, except maybe Cryme Tyme lol. I doubt it though, why would they have them as pops? Also, Linda McMahon? Really?

  12. When will that 2 pack be available at Walgreens i ordered once from the wwe shop and boxes were destroyed can’t wait for the new ones to release expected when January?

  13. 2 Pack of IRS and Ted Dibease is cool I think No.22 Funko Pop is canceled WWE Pop will add for females are Linda Mcmahon Stephanie Mcmahon Lita Trish Natalya Naomi Nia Jax Becky Lynch Charlotte Maryse Emma Alicia Fox Carmella and Lana Some wrestlers are Miz Bo Dallas Curt Hawkins Curtis Axel Dean Ambrose Edge Randy Orton Jinder Mahal Christian Vince Mcmahon Shane Mcmahon Cryme Tyme Singh Brothers The Usos and The Hardy Boyz

  14. I LOVE the Money Inc. two pack. Funko could make a killing making various tag teams over the years. From the mid-to-late 80s alone they could release the Rockers, Hart Foundation, Bushwackers, Legion of Doom, Demolition, Powers of Pain, Killer Bees, Strike Force, and the British Bulldogs. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few as well.

  15. New Day Pops Roman Reigns Kevin Owens and now I got Nakamura Pops already for my collection after I am ordered Zack Ryder Chris Jericho Razor Ramon and Braun Strowman Pops for my latest Pops

  16. While contacting Funko support for suggestions, I also asked why numbers get skipped. Here is verbatim what was in the response e-mail:
    “The figure numbers on our boxes is largely used as an internal reference, so a skipped number is not necessarily a sign there will be later releases to complete the line”.
    So I’m guessing that there will never be a #22. That’s not to say that Dean Ambrose won’t be released at some point.
    I BEGGED in one of my e-mails to release some late 80’s/early 90’s Sting figures (i.e. before the Crow gimmick). I also suggested they do a half 80s/90s Sting and Crow Sting (kinda like the Batman Imposters). I doubt they’d do anything like that, but it never hurts to ask.

  17. If I was deciding future wwe waves at funko I would love to include the following over a period of time:

    Dean Ambrose
    Big Bossman
    Naomi (regular)
    Naomi (glow in the dark variant)
    The Miz
    Bobby Roode
    Enzo Amore (individual pop)
    Big Cass (individual pop)
    Trish Stratus
    Samoa Joe
    Sami Zayn
    Sheamus (mohawk)
    Triple H (with long hair)
    Becky Lynch
    Randy Orton
    Eddie Guerrero
    Kurt Angle
    Rick Rude
    Asuka (with mask, chase)
    Dusty Rhodes
    Ricky Steamboat
    Jerry Lawler
    Baron Corbin
    Charlotte Flair

  18. I would like to see, The Miz., Goldust, Edge, Randy Orton, Natalya, Charlotte Flair, and a WWE Hall Of Fame series.

  19. New Shawn Michaels & Jake Roberts available to pre-order at GameStop?! Anyone know anything about these?

  20. I bought both the chase and the regular of the new the Rock pops but the black shirt has the chase sticker on it but on your list you have the orange versaci shirt as the chase.

  21. I have the Orange shirt Rock as well. The black is indeed the chase even though it’s the one that appears on the packaging. Many websites have it wrong. Seems like they switched it since the first announcement.

  22. I am still excited to release wave 8 of WWE Funko Pop 4 new pops plus 2 pack will release soon I got Jake Roberts

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