1. To Be Honest I want to see Anakin Skywalker (Episode ll and Episode lll Funko Pops), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode ll and Episode lll Funko Pops), Padme Amidala (Episode ll and Episode lll Funko Pops), Luke Dagobah Training Funko Pop, R4-P17, TC-14 Funko Pop, Nute Gunray Funko Pop, Zam Wesell Funko Pop and Finally Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba Two Pack

  2. Where are all the female Jedi? Cmon Funko we need Aayla Secura, Shakk Ti, Adi Gallia, Luminara Unduli & Barriss Ofee…..and Asajj Ventress. We just need a Clone Wars Wave TBH

  3. Does anyone know anything about the white Death Star droid that is on the back of the 2nd wave Rouge One boxes?

  4. Hi Jason Cloud I asked my Forbidden Planet shop about white Death Star droid and they said would be chase edition and be out about November maybe before

  5. My Mum is currently on Holiday in Alaska, and found the BB-8 from Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Walmart, and so she’s buying it for me. I’m so excited xD

  6. When are the new three packs being released? I haven’t seen them yet at any Walmarts. I am only missing maybe 30 of these guys now. Most are the hard to find or more expensive ones now.

  7. Today I just got 3 last Jedi pop from target… bb8, bb9, and first order executioner. Can’t wait till smuggler’s bounty box arrives I heard prequels obi-won is in it and it’s about time

  8. Hello, I wanted to tell you that you forgot number 190, Rey from TLJ. You might already know this so sorry if comments like this bug you. Another thing is does anybody know #188? probably going to be a NYCC rogue one guy.

  9. This list is missing quite a few characters. There are two Walmart exclusives that aren’t on there. Leia and some BB-8 looking droid that is greyish blue. Got them last night. Is the Clone Commander Cody only online or is it in stores also? I really like to grab them from the stores when I can cause it’s more rewarding that way. Heh.

  10. FYI numbers 208 & 209 (P guards double machette & whip) come as a double pack exclusive from one single type of shop that has (or had) 1 actual storefront in a small city called Geelong, outside of Melbourne, Australia. It has a website, but they explicitly state they can’t mail to USA or Canada. I got the thing so I should know. I just used your list to see where else you’d ever get that… and saw them only as individual ones. I guess when they said exclusive to their business they REALLY meant it.

  11. Make a Anakin from attack of the clones and revenge of the sith Count Dooku, Padme from attack of the clones and revenge of the sith, Nute Gunray, Obi Wan from phantom menace and attack of the clones Boss Nass, Watto, Leia in Ewok Dress, Leia in Bespin, Leia in car with Luke in endor, Luke Dagobah training with Yoda, Zam weseell, Unkar, Mon Mothma, Lott dod, Sio Bibble, Bail Organa, Ventress, Senator Palpatine, More Ewoks, Clone Wars, Han Solo in Endor, Han Solo in Carbonite,

  12. Headed to NYCC, but was not lucky enough to win lottery tickets to the Funko booth to get those Star Wars exclusives. Any advice other than look for links from retailers?

  13. The NEW Padme Amidala (Naboo) Pop Funko was supposed to be available yesterday on the 15th of December, 2017. Does anyone know where we can view her or Order her?

  14. Is there a lottery to access the Funko Booth at ECCC? I want to get the Padame exclusive, but do not want to be disappointed like I was at NYCC with only access being granted to lottery winners…

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