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  1. I want to see: Anakin Skywalker (Episode lll), Obi-Wan (Episode lll), Ki-Adi-Mundi (Episode lll), Zam Wesell (Episode ll), Aurra Sing (Clone Wars), Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Luke Skywalker w/ Mechanized Hand (Episode V), Galen Marek (Force Unleashed), PROXY (Force Unleashed), Rahm Kota (Force Unleashed), Jaina Solo (Star Wars Legends), Ania Solo (Star Wars Legends), Cade Skywalker (Star Wars Legends) and Mara Jade Skywalker (Star Wars Legends)

  2. I was in Orlando and it was a pain to get anything from there. I came back without a single POP from there. I’m not that happy about it. They were trying to be fair this time with it. One day hopefully there will be a better system in place to meet the needs.

  3. I’m looking at buying a Jedi Luke, should I buy him in a blue box or black box. Here it says the Black boxes are vaulted, but elsewhere on the nets, it says the blue box is the one to get. So I’m confused. Just want to more rare one. Just started collecting a couple of months ago, sorry if this a noob question. Thanks.

    1. First, it’s a box. If you collect boxes, then the blue box is the oldest. “Out of the vault” is the term for the black logo boxes that were unretired and re-released.

      1. Ah, thank you very much. Also, if it has no recommended age on it, then it’s consider first release, is that right?

        1. The first couple waves had no age, but everything since then had 3+ on it. Many foreign reprints lately have 15+ or 14+, sometimes in red/on a sticker covering the original age

    2. To be clear, this site does not say the black ones are vaulted. They are vault editions, meaning they are rereleases of vaulted pops. The boxes were changed from blue to black to prevent the hardcore collectors (and flippers) with blue boxes from going ape you know what. If you want the best most original collection, get the blue boxes. If you don’t care about the box, the black boxes are a little cheaper, though some have increased in value now almost as much as the original blues

  4. This is insane star wars celebration pop from Europe I have gotten w no problem this year in Orlando I have gotten 3 so far solo, chopper, and garindan others r sold out. It so funny gamestop only had 2 luke per store lol what a joke. Gonna have to spend some bucks on ebay. This suck

  5. Is there a complete list of what stores the shared Star Wars convention pops will be? I haven’t see where Rey on the Speeder and Garindan will be. Thanks

  6. Why do they insist on using numbers that have already been allocated? 125 for Han on TaunTaun and Princess Leia Hoth? Annoying! I understand when it’s a variant of the same character but…

    Also, you’ve got Han (Celebration 17) down as 180 when he’s 169 😉

  7. Mail call today; Chrome Phasma, Blue Snaggletooth, Chrome TIE Fighter Pilot, Inquisitor, Chewbacca Flocked, Chrome Imperial Death Trooper and Boba Fett bobblehead! 😀

  8. Here are some suggestions for more, please do some! I would buy all of the, lol. Most of these are from the Clone Wars, some are from The Old Republic: Captain Rex, Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Commander Cody, Commander Fox, Fives, Echo, Jessie, Tup, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, BATTE DROIDS, General Greivous, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku, Bariss Offee, Aurra Sing, Embo, Cad Bane, Padme, Shaak Ti, Adi Gallia, Bail Organa, Mandalorians like Pre Vizla or Bo Katan, Even Piell, Ziro The Hutt, Delta Squad, Hondo Onaka, Jango Fett, Jar Jar Binks, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Mon Mothama, Pong Krell, Saesee Tiin, Waxer and Boil (maybe in a two pack), Commander Wolffe, Zillo Beast, Mother Talzin, EWOKS, Darth Nihilus, Darth Malak, Darth Revan, Darth Malgus, Satele Shan, HK-47, Geonosian, Lobot, Eeth Koth, Duchess Satine, Admiral Trench, Gregor, and Chancellor Palpatine. Hope you could do a few othese, thanks!!!

    1. Some of these are already available; Captain Rex, Ahsoka, General Greivous, Padme, Jango Fett, Jar Jar Binks, Chancellor Palpatine. A couple are from Rebels though, don’t know if they’ll bother with CW now.
      Although I would also like to see Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, Bariss Offee, Aurra Sing, Ki-Adi-Mundi.

    1. Shockingly they didn’t do a wave 2 of rogue one. They still could, but I fear the molders are probably hard at work on the last Jedi pops by now. I expect around 3 waves for that movie, same as force unleashed.

  9. Sign my walmart only has commons. Does anyone if the 2 new 3 packs were on the walmart website at all? I” gonna have to start driving far just to find these 😞

    1. No, they aren’t on the Walmart website. There are 4 Walmarts in my area and checked each one everyday when heard about those two 3 packs that came out and finally found 1 of each in one of the Walmarts there. They seem to be very limited? I was very lucky to find them.

  10. I was lucky enough to find one each of the 2 new 3 packs of the Walmart exclusives of the Cantina and Revenge of the Sith! Does anyone know how limited these are? Don’t seem to be many of these out there?

  11. Now that the newest comments starts at the top now can the where to post a comment be at the top as well instead of all the way at the bottom because have to scroll all the way down to bottom to post a comment? 😄

  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the back of my box it shows three pops that are not on the list and infact #125 has been replaced with Han Solo riding a tauntaun. In talking about hoth Leia #125, hooded Luke #126 and someone called Gatindan #127. Did they just not make these and cancel them or are they out there somewhere?

      1. Ok good to know. Thanx btw you guys are doing a great job here. This site quickly became my database for all funko pop. But there is something that i have been wondering about. How many/which ones from star wars and marvel are rereleases. I know the star wars rerelease are blck box i stead of the blue box but where does that switching of the colors end?

  13. Great Work guys ! I’m french so i will never have all exclusive but it’s impossible ! But it’s nice to see the full serie Thx !

  14. With Han on tauntaun being #125 will Hoth Leia still be #125 also because that is the # that shows for Hoth Leia on the back of a couple of boxes I’ve seen?

  15. Instead of starting comments from oldest to newest would be better if were from newest to oldest at the top so you don’t have to scroll through every comment to get to the most current comment especially since I’m on this site all the time! Am I the only person who thinks this? 😄

  16. Just seen the new Funko POP! Cantina three pack coming to Walmart. Includes Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrusman. Looks cool!

    1. I’m not sure that’s something that’s important. Maybe some keep up with it? So many coming out with Star Wars that I don’t think they consider them series anymore.

    2. I’ll bite…he’s correct that they don’t really go by series anymore. They actually haven’t since series 2 when they started doing exclusives and that has forever since messed up any true “series” distinction. But if you want to try to group the series together into their release waves, I will have to disagree with you on #71 being the last of series 8. 71 was really a random one off exclusive but its number falls in line with what would be series 7 (aka force awakens series 1). That series is 58-68, plus exclusives 72-77, with random one off exclusives 69-71 and 78.

      Series 8 (aka force awakens series 2) is 79-84 with exclusives 85-91, followed by one off exclusives 90/91 (a second time, due to numbering errors) and 92-103, with the added confusion of 93 being a random common thrown in.

      Series 9 (aka force awakens series 3) is 104-113 with exclusives 114-120 and one off exclusives 121-129, including more random commons of 123, 124, and possibly 126 and 127.

      Series 10 and series 11 are interesting, because I’m pretty sure series 11 actually released BEFORE series 10, but if you follow funkos numbering, series 10 would be aka rebels series 1 and is also strange for being the only series that STARTS with exclusives, having exclusives 130 and 131 followed by commons 132-137.

      Series 11 is then aka rogue one series 1 and includes 138-147, with exclusives 148-157 and one off exclusives 158-162.

      That brings us up to date and you can probably now see why funko abandoned trying to label these as specific series.

    1. They’re showing up on eBay but they don’t look much like the promo shots… they’re more silver than black chrome

  17. Hope there will be a 2nd wave of Rogue One with a revised original Storm Trooper, the same way the did Vader. Rogue One Vader looks excellent compared to the original so an updated Storm Trooper would be nice

      1. Well they never did variants in the early funko days, at least not in the Star Wars line. And now they use the figures largely to promote the new movies so they don’t have much incentive to do OT variants.

  18. Found #161 Rey in finns jacket at target yesterday… kinda shocked me cuz I never saw it here but they’re out there to be had

    1. Just saw the pics; not overly impressed with Leia. Luke is cool though, I’ve got so many Lukes that I’ll probably have to get him! lol

  19. Hey, I think Young Anakin will be a Target exclusive instead of Walgreens. Also, #125 will be Hoth Leia, #126 will be Hooded Jedi Luke from Return of the Jedi, and #127 will be Garindan, the Imperial spy from A New Hope. Also, there are rumors that #161 will be Rey with Finn’s jacket. Another Rey variant, yay.

    1. That makes sense. I’ve had Hoth Leia and Hooded Jedi Luke pre-ordered from ThinkGeek since July. Do you know if Garindan and Rey will be exclusives?

  20. Does anyone know of a company that makes Pop boxes? I’ve bought a Jango but obviously it isn’t in the original DS box. Cheers

  21. Rebels are out December I think. Haven’t seen Sabine w/helmet yet though. Absolutely must have that one! 🙂

    Order Ben Kenobi (SB) and Ahsoka today, very happy 😀

    1. Specialty series is just for smaller stores to have an exclusive that is shared amongst them. You won’t find them at Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, etc.

  22. Are the Rogue One exclusives Pops hitting the shelves the same day as the non-exclusives ones? I think I remember with TFA the exclusives didn’t show up for some time after the release of the non-ex ones.

    1. I found the Saw at Walmart no chrome trooper. Hitting others in the morning. I know HT Jyn is online now. Trying to confirm if the chrome death trooper even exists. It’s not even on eBay.

    1. I would bet that #71 is the Smuggler’s Bounty annual gift. I would imagine we will see #71 in November when the first of these gifts ships.

  23. Hey that’s not all of the new star wars pops available
    Where are the pop numbers:
    148 Jyn Erso
    149 Imperial Death Trooper
    155 Bistan
    158 Darth Vader with lightsaber
    159 Grand Moff Tarkin

    1. Well every movie in existence does this because…the excitement before the movie drives ppl to buy more. Toys do need to be careful to not spoil things from the movie though.

    1. Isn’t a separate pop. Just production issue. Just like the myriad of different Elsas. Now if you want to collect those production issues that’s fine, but it’s not a variant.

  24. Just got a Senate Guard, Hammerhead and Bossk finally!

    Luke Bespin (sans hand), FA Bearded Luke, Luke and Han Ceremony all arrive today! 😁

  25. GameStop printed me out a list of upcoming Pops and there are around 10 new Rogue One Pops coming out in September. There are no names or pics attached. Any idea who they are?

  26. To anyone who needs this, I know where to get the galactic convention ones and not attend: I found 4LOM at a FYE, both the medals pops at GameStop, and bespin Luke at hot topic.

  27. I find it so frustrating that #71 dosent exist, leaves a very annoying gap in my book ok pops! Does anyone know when 122 Zuckass is out or where you can buy it? cant even find it on ebay yet?

    Also is good for a few pops they have the star wars celebration pop’s and I think they ship to US. In uk here so hard to find a lot of them Smugglers bounty is the bane of my life 🙁

  28. I hope they make a dengar pop vinyl as he is getting more popular due to him being in star wars battlefront and he would sell quickly

  29. Are Ceremony Luke and Han going to be released in states as well or is it Europe exclusive? Just want to know if eBay is going to have to be my option.

  30. I notice you moved ceremony Luke and Han up to 90 and 91…has it now been confirmed that they will indeed be error numbered?

      1. Just picked up Ceremonial Luke and Han…sure enough they are numbered 90 and 91. Now only if I can figure out how to arrange them now.

  31. Just received hot topic poe and zuckuss is on the way. I even have a buddy going to sdcc whose gonna try and get solo and BB8 exclusives very stoked. Dam u wallgreens when will u release exclusive ray. ANYONE?

    1. I’m with you. I got my hot topic Poe and my GameStop Rey, and I got fye Poe on preorder. When will Walgreens Rey and target maz hit stores?

      1. I can almost guarantee cad bane will be a pop. Funko already announced that clone wars and rebels pops are coming, and in addition to cad being a big character, Disney obviously likes him, seeing as how he was in Disney infinity 3.

  32. Hi! My question is about The Emperor … in some boxes says “Emperor Palpatine” and the skin is pink, not the light green of the picture, is the light green a rare one? IS THE PINK A RARE ONE? thanks

  33. Just picked up the Game Stop Rey with X-Wing Helmet Exclusive. I keep checking Walgreens for the Final Scene Rey… Thought she’d be released by now, but could be mid-July.

  34. Just pre ordered fye poe Dameron exclusive. anyone know when hot topic poe or wallgreens rey exclusives will b released

    1. or we get Cad Bane, Embo, Aurra sing, Ahsoke tano, Hondo Ohnaka and some other characters from the clone wars?

  35. Oh wow just noticed u have the other bespin luke and the ceremonial luke and solo. When ,where, or how can I get them?

    1. Looks like all of those (Ceremonial Luke and Han, Handless Bespin Luke) as well as 4-lom will be SW Celebration Europe exclusives… Might have to find them on eBay unless you’re going or know someone who is…

  36. Hiya : )

    Just bought Number 73 – Rey with Goggles, for a friend and the box has a sticker with ‘Underground Toys Exclusive’ nothing that says ‘Hot Topic Exclusive’. Any ideas? I’m in the UK (don’t know if that makes any difference?) and know very little about Pops – I was just curious is all.

    Cheers 🙂

  37. Also, what’s the deal with 4-LOM? He’s not in the bounty hunter box, and far as I know, he’s not walgreens.

    1. I believe he’s sdcc exclusive this summer. People have posted pictures of being able to preorder him from fye for their shared release of him

    2. But yes, it’s very weird the way they did they back of the boxes for the Walgreens ones, it’s half Walgreens exclusives, half commons, probably one con exclusive or chase variant in Bespin encounter Luke, and now they added in smugglers bounty exclusives and an sdcc exclusive. First time they’ve done anything like this, usually the exclusives are either by themselves on the back of the box, or the back of their box just shows whatever main wave of commons they go with, but this is the first time they’ve mixed the figures up like that. I’d say it’s their second weirdest move ever thus far…their weirdest being putting the #99 Ben kenobi in the same packaging/wave as the vault edition rereleases, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  38. A few things I want to say: first, I know that we’ve Ben getting the force awakens pops recently, but when can we expect maybe prequels and I may stretch this one but,…Clone Wars. Also, we have no Star Wars vehicles dorbz so.. I’m going to ask the same question anyone else is, “What the hell Disney?” Anyone agree with me?

    1. I’m not sure why this comment wasn’t approved before so maybe it won’t get approved again, but funko has said that they’re trying to get dorbz and rides but making the Star Wars line is very challenging because hasbro has an exclusive license on all Star Wars action figures, that’s why the star wars pops are bobbleheads, so they can argue that they’re bobbleheads, not action figures. Getting dorbz and rides would therefore be difficult logistically. As for prequel and clone wars pops, funko has announced that clone wars and Rebels pops are coming. Idk if prequel pops are officially coming yet but I’m sure we’ll get more soon enough.

      1. So if that’s the case… explain why they got Marvel made? They are bobbleheads for Pops because of licensing. There is another issue with why Star Wars is slow for Dorbz. Brian has said they coming though. I’m sure they are just waiting for a surprise.

        1. What does that have to do with marvel? Hasbro owns the exclusive license to make Star Wars action figures. Star Wars pops are bobbleheads so that they can say they are bobbleheads and not action figures, thereby not causing funko to infringe on that license. Marvel has nothing to do with it.

          1. Because as the train of thought goes…since another company has the licensing right to action figures, both Marvel and Star Wars had to be bobbleheads. Now Marvel has Dorbz version. So your rationale that Star Wars would be logistically hard to be Dorbz because of licensing, is flawed. Star Wars Dorbz will be coming .

          2. I don’t know anything about marvel. Hasbro owns exclusive licensing rights to Star Wars action figures. I don’t know if they own the same license for marvel, I don’t follow those. If you say so, sure.

  39. Hey, feel free to not allow/delete this comment if it’s too early/much of a spoiler, but… you know if 4-LOM is the chase in this months smugglers bounty? He’s the missing number next to the 2 pops included in the box and it seems like a pretty big coincidence that he just happens to be another bounty hunter.

    1. June 30th is what the GameStop preorders say…that accounts for 12-13 of them. The rest are most likely the same time, though I’ve heard early July as well.

  40. According to funko we are going to find boba fett taking flight so I’m thinking some kind of boba flames from the jet pack action pose

    1. Ooooh maybe my wish of a slave 1 ride is coming true! But yeah boba with his jet pack operating is probably more likely :/

    1. The latest info suggests it will be 2 bounty hunter related pops, and it has been hinted that one might be ig-88. I’m hoping dengar for the other one, but who knows. Ben kenobi was a pretty big cop out for “cantina” so “bounty hunters” could easily be something dumb like Death Star gunner because they just happened to be in the same building at the same time, or grand moff tarkinbfor the some reason. I actually think if I got to pick the pop, I would make it a slave 1 ride and Han Solo in carbonite.

  41. I have searched 5 Walgreens and couldn’t find a single one 😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭

    1. Don’t forget 98! That one looks sick. I think it’s going to make my collection angry if there are 2 90s and 91s! It’s bad enough that I have two 2s, 6s, and 8s, but those are at least variants of the same molds.

    1. All the Walgreens pops have already released nationwide. Some sorts are terrible at ordering tho (like my closest one so I had to travel to find all 4) so you may need to ask the manager to order you them. If you only have one Walgreens nearby, I’d do it quick before the warehouse runs out, they most likely will not be restocked.

    1. Ha you’re so obsessed with hot topic exclusives! Also, no, we have way too many pops already of characters no one has heard of! If George Lucas didn’t name them, they shouldn’t be pops!

      1. What do yoy mean if they weren’t named by George Lucas? All of the characters that he listed were named by him. Maybe few werent but there are a ton that were. All of the suggestions he suggested should really be made cause there arent enough pops from the prequels out there. What you stated sayinf if George lucas didnt name them then they shouldn’t be pops is a bull crap statement. And how do you know george lucas came up with all the names for his characters? Please tell me. Do share with us all, especially me. Go on. If you can tell me then ill back off but i have a very big doubt you will be able to.

  42. Hey can you please make the following ideas:
    *Young Obi-Wan
    *Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) (HT Exclusive)
    *Obi-Wan (Ghost)
    *Colo Claw Fish, Sando Aqua Monster, and Opee Sea Killer (Wal-Mart)
    *Nexu, Acklay, and Reek (Wal-Mart)
    *Luminara Unduli (HT Exclusive)
    *Ki-Adi Mundi
    *Aayla Secura (HT Exclusive)
    *Death Star Droid (HT Exclusive)
    *Robotic Luke Skywalker (Hot Topic Exclusive)
    *Barriss Offee (HT Exclusive)
    *Qui-Gon Jinn
    *Commander Cody
    *Quinlan Vos (HT Exclusive)
    *Nute Gunray (Hot Topic Exclusive)
    *Captain Panaka
    *Prototype C-3PO (HT Exclusive)
    *Zam Wesell
    *Imperial Spy (HT Exclusive)
    *Battle-Damaged Anakin Skywalker (Hot Topic Exclusive)
    *Juno Eclipse
    *P.I.T.A. (Hot Topic Exclusive)
    *Liana Kor (Hot Topic Exclusive)
    *Lyn Me
    *Hera Syndella (HT Exclusive)
    *Evil Luke Skywalker
    *RP-G0 (HT Exclusive)
    *Padme Clawed (HT Exclusive)

  43. You still haven’t added vault Tusken raider, and you got the numbers mixed up on blue and red snaggletooth. Also, how come you added kit fisto and plo koon but not the other 2 Walgreens exclusives? Weren’t they all announced at the same time in the same periscope? Thanks

      1. I see you made all the corrections/additions I asked about, thanks. Also, I’m sure you’re waiting on better pics to officially post them, but do you know the other pops pictured on the back of the new Walgreens boxes? I can’t find any pics of the back of the boxes that aren’t super blurry but any way you count out the logical numbered order, there aren’t enough numbers to fit between 92 and 98…like 92-98 are the only unreleased pops (besides 71, what the heck is #71?!?) but that is 7 pops, there are 9 pictured on the back of the box! Somethings not right there! It almost looks like smugglers bounty screwed something up and numbers 90 and 91 are used TWICE!!….but as I said it’s too blurry to make out. Please help!

        1. Found a non blurry picture finally! But my guesses on the numbers were right….so 90 and 91 are used twice unless it’s just a misprint on the box

          1. I was just noticing that today as well. on the back of the Walgreens figures they are all in order with #90 so you would think it would be correct but the smugglers threw it off. Also it would seem that the next wave coming in June/July will be after #100

  44. Wow I’m shocked to see the Ben Kenobi pop when the box hasn’t even shipped out yet, and I haven’t seen anyone aware of this pops existence on any other site yet. Usually you’re good about not spoiling stuff. But oh well. Hopefully this means the other pop in the box is Ponda baba with a detachable arm

      1. San Diego wal-marts must not sick many pops. Every time I’m looking for them they only have about 10 pops total All different and none I’m looking for.

    1. I found 6 of them at my local Walmart in CA today, so they are out there. I only bought 1 so I don’t have any to trade, sorry.

    1. We do this every month. No I’m not missing it. We have an article on it. But due to people not liking spoilers, we wait a week or so after the box’s are released before adding to the database.

  45. You probably hate the “you’re missing” comments but…’re missing vault edition Tusken raider and I can’t confirm but I hear rumors of a pink faced emperor?

    1. Well Emperor has some with a flesh color problem but it’s not an authentic different Pop. It’s not something we would add. I’ll add the TR though.

  46. Had to stop collecting these sadly after probably owning a good 60-70 of them, like I know the new film just came out and there are alot of characters to cover, but there’s being far too many released at once, I can’t keep up and don’t have the disposable income to buy them all and if you’re not on the ball with some of the limited ones you’ve lost that number in the series forever unless you’re willing to pay some greedy reseller a crazy amount on ebay. It’s hard enough getting them at our UK shops.

  47. Hey, two questions: do you happen to know which version of the emperor is the original print? I prefer having originals if it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg but the one I have says emperor palpatine and I’m pretty sure I bought it right when or very close to when it came out… But if you post as soon as an official pic comes out, then yours would assumedly be the original prints….is it possible that maybe the “official” photo was made before they were actually printed and every physical release says palpatine on it? Also, thank you for keeping this updated but when will we get to know what 69-71 are?!?

    1. Honestly, I don’t recall on the Emperor box. I can’t imagine it increasing value but I’ll see if I can find out which was first.

      As for 69-71, I surmise we’ll find out soon.

      1. Thanks for the quick response! You are the best site I’ve come across for regular updates and generally good info/completeness of this list. I’m sure many others feel the same way, and as such you should consider setting up a trade feature that your visitors can use. I’ve got a few duplicates I would love to trade away, including the rare (or at least outrageously expensive as far as pops go) dorkside toys exclusive. I know none of mine are worth as much as these but I dream of owning the Han and Luke stormtroopers and the #90 smugglers bounty

        1. FYI Han and Luke trooper are standard stormtrooper bodies (#5) with a #3Han Solo and #11 Jedi luke head… Do a little surgery and you can’t tell the difference… If it’s about your collection looking complete it can be done cheaply

  48. Awesome list btw. Just 2 questions..

    1. How come number 36 is sometimes listed as “The Emperor” and also “Emperor Palpatine”? Worth collecting both?

    2. The Rancor 3 piece is worth adding to the list. Released May 2016.

    1. As for the Emperor thing, I think it’s just a change in production of the box. I haven’t noticed any difference in pricing. Wouldn’t mean anything to me.

  49. You have pretty much every Star Wars character under the sun but no Anakin, young Obi Wan or Padme. Could you please make them? I would absolutely love to see them.

  50. I hear you on the prequel chracters but which characters would be in demand? I bet Dengar, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss would outsell them! They were only onscreen for seconds!

    I would kill for a Dengar or IG-88 pop……

    1. Seconded. I also think the next multipack ala the 2 Walmart ones should lando calrissian skiff guard disguise and the sarlacc. And they should do a Han Solo in carbonite as well!

  51. Why are there no Pop’s released from the episodes 1-3? Like the Anakin’s, Obi Wan’s, Plo Koon’s and any other Characters?

      1. That’s a little odd. This is a list. Lists have information. If you don’t want the information, you don’t search for the list.

  52. Has anyone found the Goth Chewbacca yet?? Went to a game stop and ask the sales associate
    ..he looked it up and didn’t see that they had it online….

  53. Anyone know where I can find the Luke and Han stormtrooper pops at. I start a collection of Star Wars pop but just stormtrooper and these two would be perfect.

  54. I have two questions if you guys don’t mind, I know that you don’t make these but you probably have some idea
    1) Why do the Star Wars pops have bases when no others do?
    2) IS TFA Chewbacca different to the previous one in any significant way?

    1. 1) licensing rules. Hasbro has the action figure contract. By having bases Funko can view them as bobbleheads
      2) Yes this Chewbacca is a different shade it seems to me in color and it’s a different sculpt. I like this one best.

  55. At least they’re changing the packages for the vault edition ones. Maybe there’s hope that my original Greedo will retain some form of value for the price I paid for it three years ago.

    1. Eh it’s worth what you paid. If you were happy 3 years ago, you should still be happy. Although 3 years ago, it wasn’t retired.

  56. is’s R2-L3 going to be #54?

    and yes, funko is annoying the crap out of me with this amount of r2 and c3p0 variables/ other exclusives this year (just in time for the new movies, i suppose), which led me to this site again and seeing k3p0 (WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT.)

  57. E-3PO is now a Hot Topic exclusive.

    Hoth Han Solo, Hoth Chewbacca, Figrin D’an and R2-B1 are Game Stop exclusives.

    Does anyone know any details about Unmasked Vader and #49-53?

    1. E-3P0 is not a HT exclusive. It’s a Celebrations and Galactic Exclusive that appears at HT, Popcultcha, and other places.

  58. Funko makes it almost impossible for collecters to collect every Star Wars pop, I know there always must bee some exclusive’s but not like 20..

  59. Anyone know a good online store (eBay don’t, please!) where I can buy retired and old ones from Star Wars? Being hard to find Han Solo, Greedo, Gamorrean Guard, Boba Fett and all from Series 4-6

    1. Retired by definition means they are hard to find. Han Solo and Greedo are definitely hard to find. Close to impossible. I saw a Gamorrean Guard up at the other day. and are also good choices.

    2. I have all of those except for Greedo and more like the rare ones such as Shadow Trooper, Luke Trooper, Han Trooper if you’re interested. : )

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