1. Please make a gambit and rogue pop funko. There is squirrel girl, 8 different rockets raccoons, 13 groots, 12 wolverines… But no gambit, rogue, or non-4 horsemen angel figures.

  2. Hey I got a Misprint She Hulk Comic Con exclusive from Walgreens.com. It shows 231 on all but 1 side of the box. the side with the window and headshot shows 234. Is this worth anything?

  3. Can someone please update the Marvel list, it’s pretty behind now, missing diamond Emma Frost, MCC thor and Loki, the new Walgreens spider man, Stan Lee cameos, and I’m sure few more, and up coming. Thanks!

  4. For one… stan lee are on the stan lee page. Thor and Loki aren’t added yet jsut because they are new. The walgreens spider man came out today. relax.

  5. Can you guys please make the rest of the fantastic four (mr fantastic invisible women and human torch) if you get the chance

  6. 10 inch hulk, black panther series, moon knight and spider girl, groot with candy bowl. i think those are all, oh and the new spiderman that came out yesterday, or at least announced. he’s hanging reading a book

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