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  1. I Want To See: Gambit (X-Men Universe), Apocalypse (X-Men Universe), Quicksilver (Avengers Age Of Ultron), Nightcrawler (X-Men Universe), Blackheart (Marvel Universe), Kingpin (Spider-Man Universe), New Goblin (Spider-Man 3), Sandman (Spider-Man 3), The Lizard (Spider-Man Universe), General Ross (Civil War), Rhino (Spider-Man Universe), Wasp (Marvel Universe), Bishop (X-Men Universe), Elektra (Daredevil Movie), Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four Movie), Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four Movie), Human Torch (Fantastic Four Movie), Psylocke (X-Men Universe), Sabretooth (X-Men Universe)

    1. I think 186 was meant to be classic scarlet witch from x-men universe but they probably ran into licensing issues

        1. I don’t think it’s been released yet. It’s also Costco’s first exclusive so it’s distribution might be spotty.

  2. I would definitely suggest adding the Coulson/Lola Pop! Rides figure, as well as the Ant-Man/Ant-Thony figure to this listing. I have no idea if more Marvel figures are hidden in POP’s other categories, but these two are definitely ones that are missing.

      1. Same here, rides are more of a sub series on pop collections not a stand anlone line and should be added to this collection

        1. Or you just click the Pop Rides section and look at them. lol. I treat them the way Funko does. I try to follow their organization because unfortunately, I do have to have a real job to pay the bills. lol. I don’t have 23 hours a day to spend on the website.

          1. You will still be able to list it in the rides list and at the bottom of the marvel list, added in with all the two packs

        1. Just depends when they greenlit the item or it could be the box afterwards or even more common, Funko could have cancelled something and never plan to use that number. lol

  3. i’m hoping we’ll see a 90s Jubilee show up soon down the line, especially since she missed the boat on the Age of Apocalypse side-character wave (Psylocke, Quicksilver, Archangel, Storm). i think her colors (bright yellow, hot pink, blue) would look great in Pop format. i’d snatch her up day one.

    1. I’m hoping one day for a Jubilee too… and Iceman, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit, Banshee, Xorn, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Pyro, Thunderbird, Magik, all the New Mutants, Dazzler, Longshot, Juggernaut, Angel, Psylocke (pre Japanese body swap), Bishop, Havok, Polaris, man.. they really need to step up their X-Men game

  4. Looks like 162 is Jessica Jones based on Luke Cage packaging that’s showed up on ebay. Thought 164 might be Kilgrave, but he’s not included on the packaging so who knows.

  5. Scratch Scarlet Spider off my old list…And since Cage and Blade are pretty much confirmed, guess I can scratch them too. So that leaves…

    X-verse (90’s only):

    Ice Man (There’s a dorb, so we may see a pop)
    Night Crawler
    Storm (classic | exception)
    Jean Grae
    Jubilee w/80’s shades & bubblegum (also w/o shades)
    Juggernaut (6″ – also a dorb)
    Sentinel (6″)
    Silver Samurai (chrome)
    Apocalypse (classic 6″ – def. NOT movie version)


    Noir Spidey
    Mary Jane Watson w/spidey tee-shirt
    Sandman (classic)
    Electro (classic – not that movie bullshit)
    Vulture (classic)
    Mysterio (glow in the dark???)


    Hawkeye (classic)
    Thor (classic)
    Scarlet Witch (classic)
    Vision (classic – anything than that god awful movie pop)
    Ant-Man (classic)
    Black Panther (classic w/cape)
    Ms. Marvel (classic black w/red sash)


    Zemo (classic | NOT movie version)


    Fantastic Four (classic – The Thing re-release)
    Iron Fist (green variant)

  6. Does anyone know how long it takes for Walgreens exclusive pops to get into stores? Still no sightings at any of the half dozen stores near me and I live near the city too so it’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

  7. My marvel Wishlist is the following: Grant ward Hive,lash,Bobbi, hunter, Mack, Fitz, Simmons,deathlok, Lincoln, age of Ultron quicksilver, Wong, hank pym, rerelease nick fury and wasp.

    1. Not totally sure yet but there are some possibilities. 186 might be the next MCC figure also. I know the following are still on the way:

      Netflix Jessica Jones
      Netflix Luke Cage
      Netflix Daredevil season 2

      I’m really thinking it’s the next MCC box though.

  8. this is a pretty awesome site..well done!
    here’s my bad ass wish list:

    Moon Knight
    Cloak & Dagger
    Vision (all white version)
    Captain Britain
    Union Jack


    Uatu (the Watcher) with the head size of a 6″ figure on a regular sized figure body (his cape can be a mega-stand to keep him from toppling)

  9. I’d love to see some FitzSimmons pops!! Additionally, Bobbi, Hunter, Ward, Trip, Mack, basically everyone from Agents of Shield, would be great to see!!

    1. AOS is literally my little brothers favorite show of all time. He has seen every episode of shield but he is upset that they killed off Lincoln. They need to bring him back somehow.

  10. Any news as to where a person can get the Chef Deadpool Pop if they weren’t able to go to NYCC? (And I’m talking retail location, not eBay.)

  11. Before I go into my wishlist, I’d like to mention that I (save for a very few) absolutely despise pops based on live action versions of comic book characters. I favor comic book versions over all. That said, as far as Marvel is concerned, the pops i’d like to see are…

    Ms. Marvel (black suit\red Sash)
    Juggernaut (10 inch)
    Thor (classic)
    Hawkeye (classic)
    Ant-Man (classic)
    Spider-Man Noir
    Mr. Fantastic
    Invisible Woman
    Human Torch
    Thing (Re-release)
    Luke Cage (classic – I think it’s coming though)
    Blade (Movie version will do in this case)

    1. They should just have a whole Ant-Man set, with the original Wasp as well! Maybe Stinger, but she is not as well known. Hawkeye classic and scarlet witch classic NEED TO BE DONE!! Quicksilver too. A Spider Man collection would be cool, because there a lot that they’ve released. I hope someone sees this and make this a reality!

  12. Funko needs to make more Spider-Man. mainly from the spider verse storyline. Who would love to see a spider punk pop? there are so many character you can do #Spiderpopverse

  13. My Wishlist For Marvel Pops To Be Made: Nova, Iron Fist (Green Suit), Black Widow (Comics Version), Black Cat, White Tiger, And Ms. Marvel.

  14. We try and get a Pop figure of all our family’s cosplays that we’ve done at cons, but we are short a 90’s Jubilee and Gambit. Any chance of these getting made anytime soon? Any variation on them would be cool…. but 90’s was the best!

  15. Baltar, HT Exclusive White Costume Deadpool is not on here that I can tell, unless of course I am having browser issues, although I have refreshed several times, as well as accessed on mobile as well. Not being a jerk, just thought I might help…

  16. How about Alpha Flight? Guardian, Shaman, Snowbird, Northstar, Aurora, Marrina, Puck/Sasquatch 2-pack? I’m holding out hope for some original costumes.

  17. I think you’re missing the 3 Marvel Pop Rides figures which are different-
    Deadpool in Chimichanga truck
    Coulson with Lola
    Ant-Man on Anthony

    I;m on 101 and counting :]

  18. SDCC people have revealed another villain as part of the year one collector corp box. Wont spoil it for those who haven’t gotten theres yet

  19. I got word today hot topic is getting a new xmen line in october??? No announcements/news…heard from an employee there. Any ideas

        1. The rumor I have heard involving X-Men is that Archangel, Cable, Kitty Pride, Psylocke, Quicksilver, Sabertooth, and a new Storm Pops will be hitting stores before the Holidays. Also included are Jessica Jones & DareDevil Season 2 Pops slated for October.

  20. Where is the Wolverine figure where his mask is blue and yellow, and I don’t think I saw the yellow and brown mask one either

  21. All I ask for is Nightcrawler. Possibly in his Classic costume, modern costume, and X-Force costume. That would be great and I believe it’ll be a big hit.

  22. They need to add Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Sandman, Human Torch, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Blade, Elektra, Quicksilver, Bullseye and Jigsaw

  23. Hey do you know when they are going to release 160, 162, 163, 164 and 165, because I’ve looked at heaps of sites and I can’t find evidence of them being out yet. I’m a huge collector of Pop Vinyls, and this page is my go-to for everything. So, if you could let me know when they are up on this page, that would be the best.

  24. So excited about the Captain Marvel and She-Hulk figures, but can we get Spider-Woman too? She’s so underrated. btw- Where’s the rest of the FF? Skrulls would be awesome too, but now I’m just getting greedy.

  25. Picked up Exclusive Spider-Gwen Unhooded and the Civil War 4 pack in Sacramento Hot Topic tonight so they’re hitting the shelves.

    1. No I am not. When glam shots are released, we’ll put them up. I know which Deadpools they are but there aren’t any real photos of them yet. They’ll be out this summer.

    1. Think it said in the Civil War box that they were gonna do tyhe Sam Wilson cap but changed their mind. You can guaterntee though that there is probably concept art and maybe even a prototype.
      Nova would look great

  26. Where is Nughtcrawler?! I wont rest until I have Nightcrawler and Azazel to complete the family (As I already have Mystique).

    1. You and I both. I search and I cry lol however as a new collector of pops and as weird as this may be…. I am thrilled that there is a squirrel girl!

  27. Hey you know that on the news there’s been something back in 2013 that the Iron Man 3 director said that the villain was originally female but changed to male because the toys of the female villain wouldn’t sell much at toy stores. What I’m meaning to say is that it’s just “you know the word” and they should make a pop vinyl of Jessica Jones or another leading female character, in fact this is pretty good that marvels next collector corps is women of power. On the next collector corps box someone should tell Yoko and Cameron to mention what I said. Besides there are so many female characters being sold eg. Princess Leia, Rey, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, captain plasma(I’m sure) wonder woman, Supergirl.

    1. There’s mos likely gonna be a squirrel girl pop in the next MCC box (unfortunately) I hate squirrel girl soooooo much

  28. Im in surch on a kitty pryde for my girlfriend its her favorite x-men if any one knows where i can get one i would appreciate a url and a price

  29. Was disappointed that the exclusive in the Civil War collector corps box wasn’t Spidey holding Cap’s shield. Hopefully we’ll get that at some point, or a Civil War Spidey in general. The two pack is a nice set though.

        1. Saw on that Spidey (holding Cap’s shield) is coming out. It’s going to be part of a Civil War box set of 4 (2 regular pops-Spidey & Hawkeye and 2 pop keychains-Cap & Ironman). I’m officially happy!

    1. if you look now, there is a gap between masked Captain Marvel and Stingray, so it seems very very possible. I know that normally doesn’t post the photo until it is officially announced.

      1. I don’t think that we’ll get a Gambit pop, just because the movie is coming soon. Funko lately seems to be staying pretty far away from any properties that aren’t Marvel Studios. In fact, this may be the real reason why we don’t have a Quicksilver pop. (They may not want it known that they are actively favoring Marvel Studios by releasing an AOA pop, but not an XMDOFP one.) I wouldn’t even expect a classic comic book Gambit, as it seems as though Funko is wholly avoiding anything that has to do with the X-Men and Fantastic 4 franchises.
        And before you say that they did Deadpool pops recently, keep in mind that:

        a)- Deadpool is a more universally recognizable character, and as such, has transcended studio based identifiers.

        b)- They didn’t make any of the other characters from the movie, (Colossus, Blind Al, Weasel, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, etc.,) nor did they make any of the new Deadpools look like the version from the film. (The chest piece gives it away.)

        c)- They had already released a couple of Deadpool pops, as well as multiple variants, and a chimichanga truck, so they can say that they were simply continuing with a character that has already been established, and that they were using the timing of the movie to generate interest.

        Just something to mill over…

        1. also, those deadpool pops were not from the movies, look at the suit. The key component you are missing is licensing, Funko can’t just go and make any character they want to, they need the rights. So when you said, “staying pretty far away”, it is really that Funko can’t legally make any X-men Cinematic Universe POPs.

  30. Got a question for anyone who has the Green Goblin Pop- does it stand up on its own? Mine just falls over backwards. Trying to determine if it’s faulty….

        1. I am not sure if you found it yet, but the stand for him is lodged in the plastic insert under where his feet would be.

  31. Just found a Black and red Spider-Man at Hot Topic. (It’s one of their exclusives.) I hadn’t seen it anywhere on the site, and wasn’t sure if you knew about it…

  32. Doesn’t look like Civil War POP #138 Black Panther Unmasked is a Walgreen’s Exclusive.
    Since it has been found in the wild @ Gamestop’s and EB Games.

    1. 118 Punisher Nemesis was a pre-release to Target in January. Currently on pre-order at for estimated March 30 release, soon to be available at most regular Pop! retailers.

  33. Picked up a Spider-Man 03 variant exclusive from Hot Topic today. The blue in his Spidey-Suit is black instead. I had not heard about this coming out.

  34. Hey does anyone know if there is a way to get all off the marvel pops?
    like as they come out? Searching for everyone is a mission.

    1. If you haven’t started by now. Its too late. There would be no way to get all of them. Just try to find ones you really like. Metallic’s and vaulted ones you will pay out the ass for.
      But, Good luck with that

  35. Finally managed to get my hands on a Taskmaster pop and its fantastic. With funko now being more adventurous with there pop poses, I’d love to see
    Iron Fist (green & gold, hate the white & gold look)
    Hawkeye (classic look)

  36. Please please make gambit, rogue, archangel (regular and 4 horsemen) and nightcrawler. I mean you made Hawkeye the redheaded stepchild of the avengers and not some of the best x-men.

  37. i just received #48 Rocket Raccoon Ravager and the color on the picture is very wrong. it isn’t red, but pink (like the flocked version). since when is ravager garb pink?? i understand the color can be a bit off but not that much that it is a different color…

  38. Haven’t seen any posts regarding #116 Deadpool with rubber chicken. Was at my local Walgreens yesterday and the manager said they got one in on Friday, but someone grabbed it right away. He believes it to be a Walgreens exclusive.

    1. Can’t wait to get my hands on him and the #111 X-Force Deadpool Gamestop exclusive with 2 Swords. Spotted in Canada last week.

  39. I really believe they should do a few villain waves especially doc Oct, Scorpio , legion supreme and xmen villains. Would love to have a Mr. Sinister pop

  40. Any thoughts on wave two of captain america civil war? Maybe an ant man and Hawkeye, vision and. Spiderman? General Ross? Haha

  41. Honestly I wonder if there will be more Secret Wars pops like Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Superior Iron Man or Jessica Jones pops (I know it’s about 2-3 months recent but why not)

  42. I was wondering if you had any plans to make a Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Wolverine (Laura Kinney aka X-23), or a Nico Minoru funko? As a longtime male comics fan, I just wanted to make it known that I would love all three, and I know quite a few people would enjoy as well.

    1. go to the search bar and search custom corner for some examples of what you can do. Many customs use DIY POPs as the base (can be found at most POP retailers), but many also use existing pops which look similar. Most acrylic paints can be used when painting and a two part epoxy resin is the best medium to use for sculpting.

      1. Well that sucks I was hoping because there was a long gap between the avengers and black widow and then another gap to scarlet witch that a quick silver was still coming

      1. Yes, please make a Nightcrawler, the classic Cockrum costume! That design + the Pop Vinyl aesthetic would be MAGNIFICENT.

  43. I’m trying to collect all the loki’s. I only have three right now. I’m counting 8 here. I hope that’s all of them.

  44. I’ve been working the Walgreen’s circuit as well, but the best that I’ve come up with is a Thunderbolts Punisher. Thanks for weighing in, though; it’s good to know that my frantic, and hugely unsuccessful, scramble to find these awesome Pops is not just a case of terrible luck.
    It really sucks having OCD…. (Obsessive Collecting Disorder)

    1. I went looking around to probably 8 or 9 walgreens in my area and the only one any one of them had was the new GID black spidey. I don’t think they’re out yet – at least I hope they’re not.

  45. It’d be cool to have Daimon Hellstrom, yay or nay? Also, are there any Corpse Bride pops? Would I be able to have an official email to ask these questions, or will I be notified in my email when I get a reply?

  46. #100 Anti-Venom Glow in the Dark Release Date: TBA

    #?? Spider-Gwen Release Date: TBA

    #?? Pirate Deadpool Gamestop Exclusive Release Date: TBA

    #?? 2 Swords Deadpool Release Date: TBA

    #?? Thumbs Up Deadpool Release Date: TBA

    #?? Taskmaster Walgreens Exclusive Release Date: TBA

    Captain America: Civil War
    #?? Iron Man Hot Topic Exclusive Release Date: TBA

  47. Ones I would like to see

    * Falcon (Cap 2)
    * Dr. Strange
    * Dr. Strange (film)
    * War Machine (Age of Ultron)
    * Quicksilver (Age of Ultron)
    * Psylocke
    * Archangel
    * Mandarin
    * Deathlok (Agents of Shield)
    * Daisy Johnson (Agents of shield)
    * Grant Ward (Agents of shield)
    * Jessica Jones (tv show)
    * Luke Cage (tv show)
    * Kilgrave “Purple Man” (tv show)
    * Purple Man
    * Magneto (Marvel Now black suit)
    * Emma Frost
    * Mr. Fantastic
    * Invisible Woman
    * Elektra
    * Stick

  48. Pretty sure 107 is a spiderman exclusive to Walgreens I saw a box next to the punisher covered with a sheet a paper, box is orange. Iron Spiderman please

    1. Walgreen exclusives, 107 is iron Spiderman and 124 is Task Master and so not 100% the number but there is a Green Goblin as well.

  49. I’m wondering where 102 and 103 are purchasable in the US? Hot Topic? Walgreens? Walmart? Online exclusives (if so, which site)? Thank you for your replies ahead of time.

  50. Latest collectors corpse is out now, 1 pop – No.105 – I wont spoil who it is as I’m sure admin already knows and pics will go up in a few days πŸ™‚

  51. There are actually 3 different variants of 46 electro, the regular version, the non metalic gitd, and the hot topic gitd/ metalic

  52. 104 is Morbius and 105 is Zombie Morbius. I believe both are exclusives to MCC. I received 104 and my friend received 105.

  53. Wish they’d do another X-men series, ideally
    Apocalypse ect…

    Also I’d give my right arm for a Taskmaster and an Iron Fist (green & gold, none of this white and gold nonesense)

  54. So anyone know if the new black widow coming out next month will be the widow with just the shield uniform on or will it be here with the Caps shield

    1. yeah I have a bunch of them but missing 63…Its between Magneto and Howard the Duck can it be another Guardian of the Galaxy? Or is it an exclusive? There new ones coming out but they are later numbers should 63 be addressed?

  55. Number 87 is a marvel collector corps exclusive. It is an unmasked ant man and includes funkos smallest bobblehead. Which Is a small ant man. But it is masked

    1. Yes we’re aware. Mine is sitting right here. But we’re trying to wait until next week adding it to the page since there a lot of people who haven’t gotten their MCC yet.

    1. I would expect dr strange and dormammu when the movie comes and iron fist when the tv show drops, as for the others, no idea

    2. I’m +1ing the Nova idea (Richard Rider). And, frankly, I’d love to add any New Warriors: Speedball, Firestar, Night Thrasher, Justice, Rage, etc. Qqqqquuiiitttteeeee the longshot since I don’t think they have the fan base to support it, but I’m putting it out there anyway.

  56. Quick question for you! You said earlier in the comments that you don’t differentiate between stickers if the figure is the same (which I generally agree with). So am I missing something with the #15 Spider-Man? There are two glow variants listed, one is a “Japan Exclusive” and the other is a “Gemini Collectibles” exclusive. Are those the same or is there a difference that I’m not seeing?

    1. I did say that at one point. For some items like the “Japan Exclusive” I’ll put that in the database. But if an item coms to Gemini and then is released without a sticker at Popcultcha, I don’t go back and add the non sticker one.

  57. I would love to see these POP! Marvel Vinyls in the future:
    Human Torch
    Electro (Yellow and Green)
    Ice Man

    1. Moonknight, Mysterio, Bullseye, Omega Red, Domino, Bishop and Forge. With your list and the new Xmen about to come out I think I can die happy.

  58. Does anyone know what 87 is? Since it’s after the Ant-Man series and before Agent May, could it be Wasp?

  59. #92 will be the age of Ultron unmasked captain America. There will also be a quicksilver Pop, it was added to popculchas site for a few hours (metallic version) but was quickly taken down. Maybe #93

  60. Really love the Pop Vinyl bobbleheads although really wish there was quicksilver,elektra,she hulk, wasp and the original scarlet witch

  61. Now that there’s FINNALY a venom pop they need to make a carnage pop! Venom isn’t complete without carnage! And well, they are my two favorite villians!

    1. Right now Marvel is sort of feuding with Fox pictures and have abandoned the Fantastic Four comics. I do not foresee these being made for awhile.

  62. I recently saw a pic of
    92 Captain America (unmasked)
    89 Unmasked Cyclops

    Are you able to confirm if these are real?

    And does anyone know what number 93 might be? Perhaps the smiling Ultron????

      1. Unmasked Cyclops was in the same picture where we first saw unmasked captain america and a whole bunch of other exclusives.

      2. Saw a picture of unmasked Cyclops the other day with black suit Storm. He had Red eyes-looked great. Can’t find where to preorder though. Any thoughts?

  63. This an epic list. I really enjoy seeing all the pictures. Thanks for keeping it up to date all the time. Keep it going.

      1. Oh nice, so is this list right upto date? Do we know what the story is with the likes of red skull and tony stark etc, is there anyway to get hold of these without paying Β£100’s of pounds on ebay lol πŸ™‚ Will they ever be released again?

        Thank you

        1. Ohhh haha in that case sorry about that, I just thought you didn’t know about Unmasked Iron Man because I saw that you only added Scarlet Witch. What day do you usually update the list then?

  64. Really frustrating there is no 63, cant see it ever coming now. Might be a cancelled pop, like marvel/heroes did with a number.

  65. I’m so excited for all of these. If carnage comes out I’ll die. Others I can’t wait for (hopefully) Miles Morales Spidey, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Dr. Strange. And could you please make a Marvel Zombies line? There’s already DCs Blackest Night. It wouldn’t be too far off for you to do it. A great couple of one shot exclusives for conventions would be the what if versions too. Iron man/Dr. Doom, or (wait for it) Venom possessed Deadpool! OMG!

  66. I have a #35 Thor that has a completely different color of armor. Is that a different one? Or just a mistake? I can show you pictures if you’d like to see and compare them cuz I have 2 of them. I’d really like some info on them.

  67. they should make a series of villains containing Juggernaut, Galactus, Carnage, Mysterio, Abomination, and Green Goblin

  68. I really want them to release number 63, there’s a gap in my collection and it’s really stressful. I think it’ll probably be a Sentinel since the X-Men collection is before it and I can’t think of what else it would be, unless it’s Cosmo the Dog from the Guardians of the Galaxy but I don’t see why they wouldn’t have released that with Dancing Groot and Howard the Duck. But if it is a Sentinel it needs to be 6 inches, can’t be regular size.

    1. is it really stressful? Let it go πŸ™‚ Sorry to tell you but it’s not a Sentinel. It will come at some point though. Don’t worry. πŸ™‚

  69. Just wondering what series funko is currently up to and how do you know which pop figures are in which series. e.g series 1

  70. There’s another #65 Dancing Groot variant; the pot is blue and says “I Am Groot” on it. It was listed on Popcultcha, but is going to be a Hot Topic exclusive. Pictures should be up on Popcultcha’s site.

  71. Still missing :
    Metallic Amazing Spierman Japan DvD box set exclusive
    Metallic Electro Japan Exclsive
    Metallic Black Eyes The Thing
    And the soon to be announced miss baby Groot popcuktcha Exclsive

    1. I’m not missing the Groot from PopC because I don’t have a photo of..nor does anybody at the moment.

      As for Spider-man DVD, it’s at the bottom. I have zero photos of the Japan Exclusive Electro ar Metallic Black Eyes Thing so if you have em, I’ll upload em.

  72. aren’t the 06 unmasked captain america from comikaze and the 06 unmasked metallic captain america from popculcha the exact same figure? They both have a metallic paint finish, is there actually a difference?

  73. The rest of the Agents of Shield Cast k thanks….I dont want to have to buy a natasha funko just to paint it over to look like Melinda may!!

  74. Hey I just picked up 3 x electro pop vinyls cheap and all have the gitd sticker, are these the hot topic exclusives? Because zavvi didn’t mention it.

  75. hey just a heads up saw a comikaze/hot topic #6 cap metallic and unmasked and #59 storm gitd. You guys do a great job im sure you have seen them. Thanks for the hard work

  76. You don’t have the Frost Giant Loki or the X-Man Deadpool listed on here. Can’t believe every time you turn around more and more marvel are being announced/released. Hard to keep up on them all when you must have everyone.

  77. Hey I have #38 Thor w/helmet but its a bobblehead and the hot topic doesnt state its a bobblehead – so is there 2 number 38s?

    I bought it in the uk from zavvi, it could be hot topic exclusive but with sticker removed but as I said this one says bobblehead and yours doesnt.


    1. Not sure if they’ll be available for Christmas but there are more coming. However, until I see glam shots of items, I don’t add them.

  78. you are right about stickers. the same figures often have different release locations. i think the only one people really care about are the SDCC ones and this year that got very very tricky. They had two different versions of the sticker. Here is a pic:
    I think it depends on the collector if they care when something is released or not and if that makes the same figure count as a different version just because only so many have that special sticker.

  79. are all of the Marvel ones bobble heads? seems like all the ones I’d be interested in are bobbles, and I saw one that didn’t say bobble head but didn’t look closed around the neck like the none bobble heads.

  80. Alright, last time I made a request on this site, it came true. (Professor X) So, to test my POP! superpowers I have only one word for you: GALACTUS! (6 inch please)

  81. Why isn’t there a Hawkeye?! That’s so crazy! I also think there should be more versions of Black Widow. She looks different in every movie!

  82. you are missing the limited edition blue ray and pop vinyl combo from japans release of the spiderman movie, the toycon 2013 tony stark, and the fanexpo 2014 mask less captain america. there might be more, those are just the ones i can think of for now. hope it helps you keep track! ^^

    1. the “Toycon2013 Tony Stark” is the same pop as the SDCC Tony Stark so I don’t differentiate between stickers. The Maskless Captain America is a exclusive that he sold online and it was at Fan Expo, so no, I’m not missing it.

      As for the other, show me a picture

  83. The fact that you have every Avengers character except Hawkeye makes me so sad. πŸ™ Please make a Hawkeye one soon!!