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**Special thanks to FunkoFunatic for picture of #03 – Daenerys Targaryen w/ All Red Dragon (Production Error)
**Special thanks to Conquest Comics for picture of #06 – “GITD” White Walker [HMV Exclusive]


    1. there are 6 new ones coming out in August – Cersei as Queen, Wun Wun with arrows, a deshevilled Tyrion, Tormund Giantsbane and Bran

  1. There are so many pics with Liam Cunningham posing with Funko Pop figures..and there is no Ser Davos??!

    Davos is (sea)worth it! 😀 😉

    1. When (and if) he does get one, all the GoT cast members who do already have pop vinyls of their characters, should all have pictures holding a Ser Davos pop vinyl, as if to say “Finally”.

          1. I own gold Drogon, night king, viserion and rhaegal. I’ve seen Jon snow and white walker on eBay but only once and sold for over £200

          1. Funko hasn’t released any GoT “gold” pops. Any gold Game of Thrones pops you have seen were just painted that way after market.

  2. I have two #2 Ned Stark pops. On the bottom one box has a copyright date of 2012 and the other box there’s no date. Why the difference?

    1. It could be a difference between Funko production factories, one is in China and the other in Vietnam. Or the general design could have changed in the couple of years Ned was in production.

  3. Anyone else notice that #36 isn’t the only numbering error? Hodor is #15 and so is the Daenerys riding Drogon pack.

  4. Do they ever sell hot topics or exclusive ones in the uk I want to get a few but there all from America and shipping is a bomb

    1. Most collectors don’t care about stickers. Buying Funko is bad idea in general if you’re buying as an investment

  5. They need to do another Sansa. Id prefer one with her red hair rather than “Dark Sansa”. Her hair wasn’t even that colour for a whole season.

  6. #22 Viserion is not a Hot Topic Exclusive I have the normal version on the back of my Ghost Pop. Or if there is a Hot Topic Exclusive there is also the normal one. The one pictured here def does not have the sticker.

      1. It’s just a custom. If you compare it to the original Arya figure they just whited out the eyes, it’s the only difference.

      1. I don’t think so. It looks as if they just made a mistake. They have two #38. Several exclusives have been announced since then (more than half a year) and the numbering just keeps going forward. I think the Iron Throne was supposed to be #36 and they just screwed up.

  7. Edit: Some say Underground Toys Exclusive some say Hastings exclusive. ( I am just referring to Daenerys and Drogon Metallic Combo Pack)

    I’m new to collecting and the stickers are already driving me insane! Haha if anybody can offer any sort of explanation I would be grateful.

      1. I have been searching for the black eyed drogon as is shown on the edition 6 boxes and you are definitely correct. They only come in red. Shame because along side 47 and 34 black eyes would look so much better. They all have such fantastic details though I’m really happy with them

    1. Do you mean you’ve never seen one with a sticker? I haven’t, but seems strange as all the other exclusives have stickers on the box

  8. I’ve been looking at the metallic dragons 3 pack on ebay & some have different exclusive stickers – there are underground toys & gamestop. Does anyone know who had the original exclusive (Im assuming gamestop) as I like to have the right sticker!

    Also, did the Barnes & Noble exclusive Daenerys with gold dragon ever have a sticker on the box (like the translucent Melisandre)? As on ebay none of them seem to?


      1. Great, thanks

        I’m in the UK so have to import the US exclusives, but prefer to have the originals. Just got Drogon & waiting for translucent melisandre & gitd night king (these stickers are getting expensive, damn my OCD)!!

        Anyone know if the daenerys/drogon rides is an exclusive or general release?

  9. I got my Drogon on Sat he is fantastic…. And Linayus thanks I will get them all as well I was hoping for brann but next wave I would think so with the role he play’s… What happened to legacy wave 3 anyone?? Its not on misc on pop vinyl’s on what’s coming out

  10. This new wave is a nightmare for in box OCD collectors like me. There is no #36 nor #47 and there are two #38 and #39. I really hope they fix this.

    1. I know what you mean, but sadly I don’t think they’re going to fix the missing #36 and two #38 problems since they are already doing preorders for a #38 Margaery Tyrell. I’m pretty sure that the Iron Throne was supposed to be #36 by now. I think (or am hoping) that the 6″ Drogon is #39 and that it was just a photoshop error. What I’ve decided to do is invest in a cheap, yet nice looking acrylic display case. I’m planning on taking the figures out of their boxes and organizing them neatly inside. If I don’t, then I’m going to see the numbering mistake every time I walk by my wall of GoT POPs and will slowly be driven insane.

  11. Hey, do you know why there is now two #38s? Was the Iron Throne supposed to be #36, but got misprinted? Or are they making a #36 still? I understand that you probably don’t know the answers, but the fact that the numbers aren’t lining up is really bothering me as a collector.

  12. I herd they were making a 2 pack of Brann & Summer is there any truth to that…. And I hope that list is wrong of the next wave I really only like stannis out of that list.

  13. Series 6 is coming and there are pics of all of the next figures online. I saw a nights king a sons of the harpy a melisandra a stannis, Jorah, Bronn, Margaery and Unsullied.

  14. Saw a pic on Instagram (unforgivablepops) of the next wave, it includes the following
    Jorah Mortmont
    Maegery Tyrell
    Night’s King (king of the White walkers)
    Sons of the Harpy

  15. Next wave hopefully have these: Melissandre, Missandrei, Jorah Mortmont, Daavos, Dario, Varys, Maegery Tyrell, Stannis, Bronn, Brandon Stark, Zombie Mountain, Cersei (short-hair), Olly, Ormund (wildling with the red beard).

  16. Saw the metallic dragon 3-pack on the HBO shop, but was gone a day or two later. Any thoughts on whether it will be available again from anyone, or was this a one time event…?

  17. Has there been any word of another set to be released or will they just start putting out random ones like Ramsay? I have every one (originals and most exclusives) except Grey Wind so I don’t want to miss any!

  18. I notice that the figures go from #35 to #37, does anyone know what #36 is? I have every single one but #36 and I’d like to get it so I have the complete set to-date.

  19. I’m really hoping for these
    6″ Drogon and Rhaegal
    Normal Sansa
    Shireen (long shot but I love her)
    Tommen and Myrcella (that little shit Joffery got one they should too)
    Gilly and baby Sam
    Bran (sitting or on the back of a 6″ Hodor)
    Braavos Arya
    Cersei with her new haircut
    Catelyn / lady stoneheart
    Rickon (doubtful)
    Ser Barriston
    Sand snakes
    Normal Ned holding Ice (don’t really see that happening though)

    There’s more but I’ll stop

  20. I would really want a Myrcella POP! I know that she isn’t a very big character in the series but i know that a lot of people like her, and if you also add Tommen it would mean that the whole Lannister family would exist 😀

  21. I would LOVE to see a Lady Olenna Tyrell!!! She is definitely one of my favorites! Love her spunk! Coolest. Grandma. Ever.

  22. What’s the difference between the regular golden hand Jaime Lannister, and the Hot Topic pre-release one?

    1. There is no release date for either much less zero announcement for Drogon. Nobody should be taking preorders for Drogo at the very least.

      1. Zing pop culture. I asked about it and have been told as there is no release date as yet they are definitely releasing it

  23. I think it’d be cool if they made Gendry with a removable bull helmet, like the one he carried around. And a Hodor with Bran on his back, maybe a 6″ to accommodate detailing!

  24. Why there is no 6″ version of Rhaegal or Drogon? Are they just not out yet…? I mean I’ve seen a few pics of Rhaegal but they’re In a box that says “Viserion.” Are they not gonna do the other two dragons?
    Drogon especially deserves a 6″, considering how HBO keeps putting him on all the posters. (Not to mention the books.)

    (And yes I know you’re not Funko, I’m just hoping someone else knows a little more than I do 0_0)

  25. For Series 6, my guess for the most likely would be Stannis, Melisandre and Margaery. I can also see a possibility for Bronn, Loras, Jaqen, and/or Braavos Arya. It’s a long shot, but I think a Lady Olenna might look interesting. I wouldn’t mind a Robert Baratheon, although with him being gone so long it seems doubtful. Would definitely love to have the original Sansa! I’m also guessing we will see a Tommen, Myrcella, Trystane, Sand Snakes, and Ellaria at some point since I have a feeling they will want a few more Dorne characters or a new king.

  26. How about Brienne in her new blue armor–Brienne the Blue? I need/want that soo bad! Oh, and she needs to have with her new Oathkeeper sword.

    Pretty, pretty please?!

    Thank you!

  27. they need to make these guys:

    These are ones that should be made

    – Summer (Dire Wolf)
    – Shaggydog (Dire Wolf)
    – Lady (Dire Wolf)
    – Nymeria (Dire Wolf)
    – Bran
    – Rickon
    – Three eyed Raven

  28. I was wondering if there’s any chance to know whether Theon might be considered to get one of these as well? thanks! 🙂

  29. There are five new pops due to be released sometime in 2015, here are the pics from HBO’s store page:

    They include a Wight, a 6″ realistic version of Viserion, The Mountain, Grey Worm, and Oberyn Martell.

  30. Grey Worm is coming in the next series along with The Mountain, Oberyn Martell, a new Jaimie and a random “Other”. It’s nice to have Oberyn and The Mountain but I think would have done without the new Jaimie (even it it does look nice) or the “Other” and finally have Bran Stark, Stannis, Melisandre or even Catelyn Stark.
    And also even if I like the Dark Sansa better in the show, an earlier version of her with her auburn hair may have been prettier !

  31. I’m curious whether or not anyone has any input on the possibility of getting a Stannis pop in there any tike soon? Thanks.

  32. Can we get normal Sansa Stark, not Alayne Stone!Sansa Stark, like the preview said we were going to get? (Aka, red hair, normal dress, not dark) That would be amazing.

  33. Are Viserion and Rhaegal not available in the states? I can’t seem to find them anywhere besides ebay or amazon for a lot of $$

      1. There are already so many GoT pops but we need even more!!! I bet in the next wave we will see varys,high sparrow,theon,tormund,khal moro,euron and hopefully bran!

  34. I have just purchased #25 Daenerys in her Blue Outfit she wore in season 3. Believe it is an amazon exclusive with the T-shirt combo if you would like to add that to the list.

  35. I was at the phoenix comicon this weekend and purchased a Tywin Lannister with gold armor. Now I have a Tywin with gold armor and a Tywin with silver armor. Might add that to your list… 😉

    1. It’s not an exclusive or a separate piece. It’s just a change in production so we’ll consider how to handle it. Thanks and congrats!

          1. I feel like it will be in the next wave of GoT pops since he was a more important character this season. Along with other characters that came back this season and became more of a role. For example, they just released Mag the Mighty as a comic con exclusive.

      1. Ahhhh, I see. They have the new pop pic for the daenerys on the website! So you guys could put it up here 🙂

    1. I hope they make a Loras and a new Sansa one… And i would love to have one from Jaquen H’gar for my Arya Funko Pop ❤️

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