Game of Thrones Series

Entertainment Earth

Only Available in Combo/Box Sets


**Special thanks to FunkoFunatic for picture of #03 – Daenerys Targaryen w/ All Red Dragon (Production Error)
**Special thanks to Conquest Comics for picture of #06 – “GITD” White Walker [HMV Exclusive]


  1. Robert Baratheon didn’t get a pop figure?!?! This is outrageous! Gendry, viserys (if I spelled it right), davos, barrick, olena, loras, rickon, brianne & podrick, etc… so many more need to be made!!!

  2. I hope to see a couple of these made

    Brienne & Podrick
    Sir Davos Seaworth
    New Arya & Sansa Stark
    Jorah Mormont w Grey Scale

  3. Some of the following characters need to be turned into Pop form.
    Lady Olenna Tyrell
    Gilly and Little Sam
    Davos Seaworth
    Theon Greyjoy
    Podrick Payne
    Meera Reed
    Walder Frey
    Beric Dondarrion (flaming sword)
    Euron Greyjoy
    And hopefully a Children of the Forest (hopefully Leaf)

  4. Is the translucent SDCC Night King appearing on eBay genuine? Also, are there armoured Mountain pops with the SDCC exclusive sticker? So far I have only seen the ‘summer convention’ stickers. Thanks

  5. I don’t see my favorite character….. Don’t have Davos’s funko pop? Please madeee them!!!!!!

  6. Are there 2 different GITD Knight kings? I see some have the gamestop sticker and some do not

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