Funko Pop! Rides Series



    1. If you’re talking about what was revealed in Brian’s 12 days of Funko, than that is a dorbz ride, not a POP ride

  1. Captain America and motorcycle. Jack sparrow and black pearl. Gandalf and great eagle. Ringwraith and nazgul. Nick fury and shield helicarrier.

  2. I would love to see a “Christine” ridez with Arnie driving it.

    Also an “American Graffiti” series- perhaps the yellow hot-rod and a few of the main characters.

    Also of love to see a Mad max- original with his ford.

  3. My vote is for Mad Max’s “Interceptor” as we need some ‘Aussie’ representatives, although I also couldn’t go past “The Blues Brothers” car (it’s my favorite movie of all time!) – one in it’s ‘original’ state as per the start of the film, and a ‘wrecked’ one from the movies end!

  4. Can someone please explain to me why they haven’t made Star Wars yet? Like…WHY? Also, I could definitely see there being a Harry Potter ford Angelia, probably either one of the twins or the father.

  5. We could an entire series dedicated to television A-Team van, Knight Rider K.I.T.T, K.A.R.R and F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit, Airwolf, Street Hawk motorcycle, Automan Lamborghini.

  6. How about a Star Trek? We can call it Captains Chair… Cochran w/ 1st warp, Archer w/ Enterprise NX-01, Kirk Enterprise NCC-1701, Picard Enterprise NCC-1701D, Sisko Defiant, 6in sized Deep Space 9 Maj Kira, Janeway Voyager.

  7. There are too many rides I want to see !
    I can’t wait for the Hogwarts Express but I also want the flying ford anglia and Hagrid’s side car !
    I want Captain America’s bike and of course I want to see Dean Winchester’s car. In fact I can’t believe it’s not the first one they decided to create 😀

  8. You should definitely do the following:
    an AT AT from Star Wars
    Ferris Bueler and Cameron’s Dads Ferrari
    Captain America motor cycle(pleeeeeeeeeaaassse for the sake of it besides if you can pull off Darryl Dixon’s motor bike then you can pull of this or maybe Yu could try and also pull off Elliott’s Bike from ET in that iconic scene.

    1. Mate,,,,,,,,,,,, most definitely although maybe it should be Fred and George considering Harry and don are in the Hogwarts Express

  9. How about James Dean and his 1949 Mercury, Michael Knight and K.i.t.t., Lieutenant Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti and his 1950 Mercury Custom and Frank Bullitt in his 1968 Ford Mustang GT and of course Memphis Raines and Eleanor.

  10. solo or chewie and millennium falcon
    Luke and a t-47 land speeder
    boba fett and slave I
    vader and his tie bomber
    scout troopers and speed bike

    and so many more could be made with star wars. hope to see some soon.

  11. -A new Batmobile (Arkham Knight, or Dawn of Justice, or Dark Knight Trilogy, etc.)
    -X-Men Jet (with Wolverine)
    -Planet Express Ship (with Leela)
    -Enterprise (with Spock)
    -Enterprise D (with Data)
    -Oliphaunt from “Lord of the Rings” (with Oliphaunt rider)
    -Captain America with motorcycle
    -Klingon Battlecruiser (with Klingon Soldier from Star Trek TNG line)
    -Heart of Gold (with Marvin the paranoid android)

  12. Really wish they’d come out with a series 2 Supernatural with Dean and Sam riding in the Impala, or maybe just Dean.
    Also my girlfriend said they should do a How to train your dragon where Hicup rides on Toothless.

  13. How about a new Batmobile? I like the old 1966 one, but how about one for Arkham Knight and Dawn of Justice. I feel they will make the DOJ one, considering they’re making one for the Dorbz, but Arkham Knight’s would be great.

  14. Come on Funko – 8 squiilion different rides (now including F&F charger and Adventure Time) and still no Baby. Please give us our Supernatural 67 Impala. You know we’d buy the hell out of it.

  15. Need some Star Wars love here…Storm Trooper in an AT-AT. Vader in a TIE Fighter. Luke & R2 in an X-Wing Fighter. Han in the Millennium Falcon.

    1. I second, third, 4th or 5th that suggestion. However many i need to to get this to happen. 67 Impala!!!!!! YES!!! Please!!

  16. Also, what about the Flintstones car, partridge family bus, Jetson’s flying car, a land speeder from Star Wars or the Jawa’s transport? Beverly hillbillies jalopy? Invisible jet? The General Lee?

    1. I’ve been waiting for this since they started vehicles. Dean Winchester’s ’67 Impala “Baby” from Supernatural ABSOLUTELY needs to be a Funko. If any figure gets a car it should be that one.

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