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Funko Pop Movie Series Page 1

The Funko Pop Vinyls Movie Series has been split up into multiple pages. This is Page 1 which covers pops from 1-150 . To see more Movies Pop Vinyls click the links below. Combo Packs are at the bottom of page 1.

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  1. Hey guys can you add the new war for the planet of the apes pops. I’ve seen pictures of Caeser and Maurice pops

  2. Hey! Please reply! Last comment I wasn’t very specific so I want to write it down again
    I would like
    Mr. Anderson (The Matrix)
    Newt (The Maze Runner)
    Minho (The Maze Runner)
    Thomas (The Maze Runner)
    Morpheus (The Matrix)
    Agent Smith (The Matrix)
    Also, if this does get noticed.Please put The Maze Runner’s subject numbers somewhere on their body with the names (A7 The Leader is Minho’s) written on them too! Sorry if that’s oddly specific.What can I say? I’m obsessed

  3. Please release Maze Runner ones and The Matrix ones ;( Always wanted one but since they’re so expensive I should at least get them in my fave movies (and book series)

  4. Please do more punk! I would love to see Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys, Henry Rollins from Black Flag and ALL of NOFX!

  5. Daniel craig as james bond!!! And pops from Bram Stockers Dracula ( Coppola version) !! Im missing Thranduil from the hobbit too!

  6. You should make the following Pop figures:

    Charlie Chaplin
    Buster Keaton
    Harold Lloyd
    Laurel and Hardy
    The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo)

  7. It would be cool to see:

    Prince Akeem (Coming to America)
    Tyler Durden
    The Narrator (Fight Club)
    Vito Corleone (Brando)
    Michael Corleone
    Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz)
    Danny Butterman (Hot Fuzz)
    Cooper (Interstellar)
    TARS (Interstellar)
    Leon the Professional
    Frodo Baggins
    Tommy Wiseau
    Mad Max
    Engineer (Prometheus)
    Deacon (Prometheus)

  8. Please will you make Blane, Duckie, Iona, and Andie from Pretty in Pink? Also, Chris, Gordie, Teddy, and Vern from Stand By Me? Please please please? Thank you!

  9. My Movie Pop Request List: 1. Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, And Rita Repolsa (Power Rangers 2017 Movie) 2. Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melmann, King Julian, Moresse And Mort (Madagascar) 3. Princess Fiona, Lord Farquad, And Prince Charming (Shrek) 4. Transformers: The Last Knight Characters 5. King Kong.

  10. Guys who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, finally Magnemite has been caught using pokebusterbot.
    With this bot you can catch pokemons on autopilot!

  11. Hey, i know its not a movie or series, but can you please do a Melanie Martinez Funko Pop? I would love it! Maybe you can do Pops like Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry…?
    I really hope you make a Melanie Martinez one!

  12. Just throwing this out there, Billy and Sidney from white men can’t jump. Annie and jack from speed, with the obvious pop ride. Face off, young guns, mighty ducks. Licensing is important, granted, but these would empty my bank!!!! Also what’s the vibe on more back to the future?

  13. The great escape and king kong. Would you a steve mcqueen on his bike. Also other Godzilla characters and Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon, chappie and the new planet of ape movies

  14. Do you or will you have anything from “Legend” (1985)? Darkness, Lili, Jack, Gump, Brown Tom, Blix? Maybe “Splash” with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah? Steel Magnolias?

  15. What to the updates over here? I only see up through #118 Metaluna but I know that at least #300 has physically shipped to stores.

  16. I have so many ideas- or at least Pops I’d love in my collection.

    – American pie ( mains like Jim, stifler,Kevin, oz then sub characters like stiflers mom, jims dad ect.

    – I’d love to see an Aussie movie collection including:
    -Crocodile Dundee
    -Mad Max ( and possibly including a ridez)

    – Christine ( maybe as a ridez with Arnie)
    – American Graffiti including a ridez perhaps

    – Almost famous


  17. Any plans to do Forrest Gump? Army Forrest. Ping pong Forrest. Shrimp boat Forrest. Jenny, Lt Dan. Maybe pop rides for his ride on mower or shrimp boat Jenny?

  18. -The Princess Bride (Really Want!)
    -Blazing Saddles
    -Hot Fuzz
    -Weird Science
    -A Fish Called Wanda
    -The Lost Boys
    -Forrest Gump
    -Rain Man
    -The Birds

  19. Hi, just curious, what happened to numbers 119-121 & the big gap between 254 and 266? (Not including number 259)

    1. Blade! Definitely! Metallic paint Blade, Bloody Blade, Katana sword Blade with the same Deadpool mold… exclusive,exclusive,excluuuusive!!!!

  20. Any idea if Funko will be doing pops of any of the other kaiju from the Godzilla movies? I absolutely ADORE my Godzillas, and would love to have more monsters that I can display with them.

    1. You didn’t miss them. I’ve been itching for those too!

      Princess Bride Funkos (What I would like to see)
      Buttercup (red dress)
      Westly (Dread Pirate Roberts attire)
      Inigio Montoya
      Six Fingered Man
      Miracle Max
      Mwawige Pope
      Westly (“drop. your. sword.” stance)
      Buttercup (Wedding attire)
      Buttercup (“boo, boo” dream dress and crown)

      I heard that an anniversary of the film
      is coming up? Maybe around that time? I see requests for them on all the forms.

  21. Tarantino resivour dogs. Mr pink Mr blond Mr so on and so on would be legit the whole heist gone bad crew would be insane
    Or at least Michael madson whichever one he was

  22. with all of the comic characters coming out there should be a Hellboy collection. will this be possible that there will be one day

  23. bring out a grease set the t-birds pink ladies scorpions and the 2 grease lighting cars white one(the best) the red one and the scorpions cars 🙂

  24. I know you guys always get suggestions but for movies ide love to see bill and ted terminator tron and james bond and I thought for shows threes company amazing world of gumball and ren and stumpy would be amazing

      1. There has never been a “release date” for Pops. Just because Gamestop computers of somet other company’s computer lists a date, it isn’t accurate. Items usually hit stores on the west coast first and spread across the nation from there.

    1. They already have that and should make violet blueberry, oversized violet blueberry when she’s transforming into a blueberry and pop! ride the wonka car thing with willy wonka! Would be appreciated 👍👌🏻😺

  25. Oh and a Lou Bloom from Nightcrawler pop vinyl would be amazing just like a Birdman or Driver from Drive one. Ooooooh what about Alicia Vikander from Ex Machina as well. If crimson peak deserves a series then so do these modern gems of movie characters

    1. They should do a line from jean claude van damme classic films like kickboxer, bloodsport, and even universal soldier those would be cool.

  26. Friday, Next Friday, Friday after Next, House Party, Good Fellas, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe..James Bond Characters like Odd Job, ..Austin Powers..Mini Me, Doctor Evil, Gold Member..

  27. Any thought of Pretty In Pink POPs coming out. I already have The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. I was just wondering because i’m a huge fan of John Hughes movies and it would make me happy to have all dolls from that movie to finish my collection. Thanks

    1. I agree! Pretty in pink- got all of the figures for sixteen candles and breakfast club too. Pretty in pink is my favorite movie- please come out with pop vinyls soon!!!

  28. Is the #31 Predator with red eyes an exclusive? The one I have has yellow eyes. Also, my clear Predator variant came from Hot Topic as an exclusive.

  29. Is there an HTML issue with the movie page? I’ve tried two different browsers and they each display the page without numbers 196-201. I remember the Monty Python figures were in that range so I know these are not unused numbers.

  30. No Fight Club??? Tyler Durden Snubbed! How can I buy something I don’t need, to impress friends I don’t like, if you don’t. Ale what I don’t need to buy????!!

  31. You are missing a couple Back to the Future pops; the exclusive Loot Crate Doc Brown variant and the Marty on hoverboard.

    1. We don’t post items that are “spoilers” in the databse until a few weeks after official release. Once I get back from vacation, I’ll update everything.

  32. I really want them to make one for Rise of the Guardians. They made one for How to Train your Dragon but not Rise of the Guardians?? Rude.

  33. Just wanted to say that Aubrey from Pitch Perfect is numbered incorrectly, and Pop numbers 233 and 234 are actually already announced to be Brennan and Dale from Step Brothers. There should be glamour shots out already.

  34. Regan from The Exorcist is #203, there’s numerous glamour shots out there if you want to add it to the list.

  35. A Donnie Yen or Stephen Chow figure would be awesome! And I will keep waiting patiently for a Bruce Lee collection.

  36. Sleepy Hollow characters from Tim Burton’s movie!
    And Sweeney Todd!!
    It would be awesome having a cute figure of a serial killer 😉

  37. Not sure if you are aware of the two 21 Jump Street characters available, found them on the forbidden planet site 🙂

  38. The pops of back to the future change his number to marty 49, and doc to 50. Its not necessary to change the picture. Just to say

  39. Hello! I noticed you didn’t have the Wal-Mart exclusive racing paint Toothless from HTTYD2, thought you’d want to know. Love your website by the way, I had no idea just how many pop figures existed until now!

  40. What happen with the pops of the penguins of madagascar? They are of the line of movie, being number 161 skipper,162 kowalski ,163 rico,164 private and 165 short fuse

  41. Hey, I was wondering if you knew the dates or around about when Fight Club and Clueless pops are coming out – or when we will get to see a picture! I know you don’t work for Funko, but thought maybe you’d have some information, or at least a more informed guess? Thanks!

    1. He’s right there…just the glam shot doesn’t have the HT sticker on it but the description says it’s from HT.

  42. Might I suggest Presidential Pops
    Just imagine a Nixon Pop or a Teddy Roosevelt
    Could be fun

    This site has been a tremendous help
    Thanks for your time

  43. What about the original Grease movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John? You could do all the T-Birds and Pink Lady’s. I’d buy all of them.

  44. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE make a Otis Driftwood, a Baby, a Mother Firefly, a Captain Spaulding without the clown suit and makeup, a Sheriff Wydell, a Tiny, and a Charlie. I would LOVE to be able to have all these characters in POP form. I only have the Captain Spaulding and he is lonely without his family…. LOL. THANKS ALOT!!!! WE LOVE THE FUNKO POP FIGURES!!!!

  45. You guys need an Invisible Man, with the whole bandaged face, fedora, tan trench coat, and big goggles. I would buy that the SECOND it came out.

  46. It would be awesome if they came out with The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, Pumpkin Head, Monster Squad characters, Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Candy Man, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, and Critters. Maybe one day…

  47. i bought a few, well more than a few (haha) over the Christmas period,but due to circumstances, i might have to sell some or even all of them, are they worth anything or should i try to keep hold of them?

  48. Where is Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones? I love Funko pops, but they release 2 garbage figures for every good one

      1. Oh sorry, must be something wrong with my browser, it seems to have cut off all the pops from Sauron onwards. Finally fixed itself though, also sorry for that double post.

  49. I don’t understand. I tried to click on #100 to order it and look how much it cost but all it did was show me a closer picture. how am i supposed to get these?

    1. There isn’t anything on our site that says you buy from us. We’re a news site. 🙂 All those ads on the right side of the screen are paces you can order from.

  50. – Fight Club (The Narrator, Tyler Durden & Marla Singer)
    – Django
    – Kill Bill (Ell Driver in nurse outfit, Vernita Green & Budd)
    – Blade Runner
    – Pulp Fiction (Butch & Marsellus Wallace)

  51. This is a great list! My only suggestions are Alex from A Clockwork Orange, R.P. McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and all the main characters from The Breakfast Club. Thanks!

    1. They made an Alex from a clockwork orange already. But it got cancelled. Nobody knows why, but there were only 12 ever made. Including some chase pieces. They were supposed to be in the pop classics section. I’ve only ever seen one on Ebay before, and it went for $5000 and sold the day it went up. The wacky wobbler also got cancelled.

  52. I would love it if there were more predator pops. From Predators, there could be the prisoner predator and a headless version of it. There should also be a pop for Dutch and Dillon from the first one, Alexa Woods, Sebastion De Rosa, Weyland and the “Good Predator” from AVP and the boss of the hunting party predator from predators.

  53. Hellraiser please! Pinhead and Cenobytes set! Plus, havent seen The Crow Hot Topic exclusive up there.

    Did I mention Hellraiser?? Pinhead!Pinhead!Pinhead!

  54. I love this reference site! You do a great job, but I’ve noticed two errors: 141 – Domo Ghostbuster should be 142 as per its box number and 114 – The Wolf Man is missing the “a” in its name.

    1. No we aren’t. They are on the site in new stories. I update the database every week or two depending on life. Thank you though.

  55. Are they ever going to make classic 80’s tron and maybe Sam Flynn and quorra from 2010 tron:legacy, Maybe even a light cycle?

  56. I was just going through the list as I have started to collect them I just noticed that there is no edd 209 to go with rococo or the new robocop film

  57. Wow! It’s crazy how many numbering holes there are in the movies section compared to all the others. Hopefully they eventually go back on them.

  58. Why are there black and white variants of marvel characters but not the universal monsters… Who’s movies were filmed in black and white!?
    Also why is there a reaction figure of the invisible man and not a pop!?
    There’s a pop of the metaluna mutant and no reaction?

    1. YES!!!! I knew I wasn’t the only who missed that! They absolutely NEED the Invisible Man. It’s just not complete without him. And black and white variants would be so cool…

  59. Did they ever release ghostface from scream?
    And why not make transformers ones for the good old cartoons instead of ones for the worst movie of the 4

  60. Is there a list of the amount of exclusives or glow in the dark that have been released? Maybe a ratio like they do with blind bag stuff. Does anyone know how rare any of these are? I know the Freddy Funkos are really rare.

  61. you know who they should do? Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I mean, come on, Marvin looks like a Pop already! I’m surprised they haven’t done any for The Hunger Games, maybe they’re debating about doing a line for it or just adding them to movies. Clueless would also probably look good, their clothes are already over stylized. maybe Scott Pilgrim too.

  62. New ones
    102: Bumblebee (with arm cannon) Walmart exclusive
    122: Sauron
    123: Tauriel
    124: Smaug (also limited chase edition)
    130: E.T. the extraterrestrial
    131: Elliott
    132: Gertie
    135: Stinger Walmart exclusive

  63. Hey Funko!
    I would love to see another Ghostbusters 4 pack from the 2nd movie with them wearing the dark charcoal colored flight suits & the Santa Claus hats from the montage in the movie. Maybe even a real ghostbusters repaint in the cartoon colors & protons packs.

  64. Hi Guy’s just wondering if you plan on making an OTIS DRIFTWOOD pop figure, You have Captain Spaulding I think Otis would be an awesome addition , also Chop Top from the Texas Chainsaw massacre 2 and Victor Crowley from the Hatchet franchise ! Cheers and keep up the great work

  65. I’m jonesin for Indiana Jones characters, from all four movies. I know a lot of people that are keeping an eye out for their arrival to be the first ones to snatch them up.

    Also, If I could be so bold…how about Donnie Yen from Ip Man & Hero or Jackie Chan from Drunken Master or basically any of his movies (except the Tuxedo).
    ♥ Much appreciation!

      1. I would absolutely love to have Indiana Jones. He is my idol. I’m going to be an archaeologist as well and I would love to be able to put him on my desk!

  66. I was wondering if you will ever make figures of Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) and Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) from the original “Point Break”? Those would be two I would definitely purchase.

  67. I’m trying to get my hands on the ghostbusters 4 pack but ebay sellers are charging crazy prices like $100 plus. If anyone has an extra one to sell that is mint in mint box then please drop me a line.

  68. If I could suggest some characters from the horror genre I’d love to see created into a pop vinyl figure: Candyman, Norman Bates (Psycho), Pinhead (Hellraiser), Tiffany (Bride of Chucky), Mrs. Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Leslie Vernon (Behind the Mask)….these are some of the fun ones I think would go well with the already awesome collection.

  69. Hi! Great lists! I’m not sure and I didn’t see it on the movie list but is there a hot topic exclusive #100 Toothless from how to Tarim your dragon 2? I feel like I saw one recently, but I could be wrong. Thanks!

  70. Any explanation why Marty McFly & Vince Vega & Doc Brown & Jules share the same numbers 61(Marty & Vince) 62(,Doc & Jules)?

      1. Just bought Marty and Doc Brown today and was confused as the backs of the boxes have different numbers on (one says Marty and Doc are 49 and 50, the other says they are 61 and 62). If there was a production error the it could be that they’ve fixed the error now and one pop is pre-fix and the other is post-fix.

        Here’s a picture of the back of the boxes if anyone’s interested:

        1. Yes, the boxes had the wrong numbers (same as the numbers for Pulp Fiction) and they were corrected just recently.

  71. Sorry to bother you, but I think your missing Robot B9 (# 92) from the movie Lost in Space. Just wanted to make sure you knew!

      1. Hi are you guys going to do a scooby doo series because I think that would be really cool. Also a james bond series.

  72. I have been looking everywhere for a Winston Pop! (The african american ghostbuster) …
    And now I realise why I can’t find him.. because.. THERE ISNT ONE!!! ZOMG!
    dudes… please explain. KTHXBAI

    1. First of all, we know who he is. 2nd of all, he does exist. He’s coming out with the ECTO-1 later this month. 🙂

  73. Hi I was wondering if you guys had a list of the movie pops?!

    Thanks for the website!

    Making my pop’ ing much easier 🙂

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