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Funko Pop Heroes Series

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  1. I don’t​ know​ who you are but I’d like to thank the person who is updating this and keeping it going,it’s a massive help and by far the best list of pops ,even the funko website doesn’t show them all,your hard work is greatly appreciated

  2. You probably already know and just need the photo, but #151 is a Walmart exclusive Killer Croc Imposter Batman from a Black Friday box.

  3. Will they be making Lantern leaders for their spectrums? Larfleeze, Atrocitus, Saint Walker, Indigo 1, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Black Hand…..or White Lantern Kyle Rayner?

  4. My Heroes Pop Request List:

    1. Starfire (Classic)
    2. Injustice 2 Pops
    3. Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Pops
    4. Justice League Movie
    5. Batman Returns Pops.

  5. I’m curious… I bought a Catwoman 1966 pop and her costume appears to be green not black. Is this a recognized variant?

  6. POP Arkham wave 3: Quincy Sharp, Catwoman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul,

    POP Arkham wave 4: Clayface, Titan Joker, Harley Quinn (Arkham City), Two-Face, Hugo Strange

    POP 1966 Batman wave 2: Penguin (1966), Riddler (1966), Alfred (1966), Egghead

  7. Is it possible to get a pop! of Supergirl in the outfit she wears when she’s controlled by Apocalypse? (from the animated movie Superman/Batman Apocalypse)

  8. The Batman v Superamn 2-pack from SDCC, was that just the regular figures released in an early 2-Pack or are they variant in some way?

  9. Hi
    There are so many Harleys but just a few, I count three, Catwoman’s. Why is this so? Furthermore there is only one Poisen Ivy :/….

    1. Pop more superman: lois lane, krypto, brainiac, lex luthor and lacy warfield (Superman IV)
      Pop more batman (scarecrow (Arkham Asylum), mr. freeze (Arkham City), catwoman (Arkham City), robin (Arkham City), Ra’s Al Ghul, Hugo Strange and Clock King)
      Pop Justice League (Swampthing, Cheetah, Black Canary, and Red Tornado)

      . 🙂

  10. On the back of the box of the Suicide Squad Pops, there’s a picture of Enchantress. I don’t see her here (Legion of Collectors?). Are there plans for a Pop of Slipknot?

  11. Any chance of getting JSA pops? I know that Jay Garrick was done for The Flash tv show, but I feel they could really do great versions of Doctor Fate, Hourman, Spectre, Sandman, JSA Flash, JSA GL, JSA Hawkman and JSA Atom to make a great JSA set.

    1. Yea, I was wondering the same. Dr. Fate is one of my all time favorites so I’ve been waiting for him for a looooong time. It’s been teased that the JSA will appear in the next season of legends of tomorrow, so we should be seeing pops for them too, hopefully soon.

  12. Anyone else have the Batman V Superman Batman in his standard suit #84? The color of the batsuit on mine is way closer to white then any of the pictures indicate. I’m wondering if I have a misprint. It’s pretty whitish…

  13. Not sure if it’s important enough to be listed but the death stroke regular and metallic figures both have a blue eyed variant.

  14. Are you going to make the rest of the batfamily? red hood (jason todd), red robin (tim drake), robin (damian wayne), spoiler (Stephanie Brown), batwoman, and all the others. we don’t need another batman with a different color can we get the other batfamily we only seem to have batman, nightwing, and batgirl.

    1. They are making them and had them at Toy Fair, but they have not been officially announced yet. You can find pictures on the internet

    1. PX is a company that sells product to tons of places. You can click our link to the right to Entertainment Earth and order it now actually. You won’t see it at a Gamestop, Hot Topic, B*N though.

  15. GameStop had exclusives for Black Friday, one of which was a black suit Batgirl variant. (There was also a Batman and a Superman I believe, and a couple from…video games? I can’t remember but that would make sense for GameStop. XD)

  16. I just saw the new Batman vs Superman Pops on a Hot Topic email. It showed Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Knightmare Batman , and a Superman Soldier. They look great! Cannot wait to get my hands on them!

  17. where’s arkham asylum scarecrow, bane, quincy sharp, titan joker, clayface, black mask, hugo strange, maxie zeus, mad hatter, red hood (jason todd), batzarro, arkham city batman, arkham city harley quinn, arkham city joker, prometheus, cheetah, cyborg, and finally firefly?

  18. Since we already have a Bats and Supes for the new movie, and they’ve shown Aquaman, does that mean the rest would be Wonder Woman, Luthor, and Doomsday?

    1. If you go through the list a lot of the newer pops don’t have hastags before the number. I guess they stopped putting them in. Not like it really makes any difference though

  19. when will we get supergirl tv show , supergirls through out history , batgirl , mary marvel , lois lane , wondergirl , powergirl , black canary , white canary , hawkgirl , hawkman , zantanna , batwoman , other catwomans , fire , ice , guy gardner , blue beetle , booster gold , the atom , stargirl , perry white and jimmy olsen

    1. This ^ I would really love a Lois Lane. I thought for sure we would get one when BvS came out. 🙁 There isn’t even a Smallville or animated series one.

  20. Sweet Jesus!
    Funko Pops are just so expensive!
    Then they retire EVERYTHING!
    They need to bring the original ones like Batgirl, The Penguin, Aquaman, etc.

  21. Hot Topic just got in an exclusive Arkham Asylum (Distressed) Batman. I don’t think it’s listed; thought I’d throw it out there.

  22. You’re missing the alt outfit color Batmans (Batmen?), there’s green, orange, pink, purple and yellow.

  23. ok, the martian manhunter pop is 200 dollars for both the metallic and the regular seperate. First of all, how does pop become so rare? Second, will this ever come back? Finally, why was this discontinued?

    1. Popularity. Hard to believe, but when Funko first started the Pop’s weren’t popular at all, and to be honest they were horribly made.

      I don’t know what possessed me to start collecting them as early as I did, but I bought Shazam, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, original Aquaman, Two-Face, etc when they were first released and I used to spend 10 minutes or more looking over 4 or 5 different versions of each to find whichever one had the fewest paint mistakes.

      I used to buy mine at a store at our local mall and characters like MM, GA, Hawkman always had like 10 in stock and never sold. Once they were discontinued, they eventually sold out, then the quality of the figures became better and better and the pops started really booming and gaining popularity.

      It’s purely up to Funko why they never re-released them. Maybe because the characters aren’t popular enough? They re-released newer, better versions of Flash, Bats, Supes, WW, etc. It’s another reason why even the original Batman, Superman, WW still go for quite a bit because they have date stickers on the bottom of the box.

      The only other reason I can tell why they haven’t re-released them is to generate a niche collector market. Where because they are originals and so few were made it generates a lot of interest.

    2. In the early days of POPs, they were not nearly as as popular as they are today, so Funko discontinued awesome POPs like the classic DC wave and the Wizard of OZ pops. If it were to come back it would most likely be a variant, like if Fugitive Toys decided to include some of them in their White Lantern line.

  24. We really need more DC Comic Book based Pops! The TV and movie and game Pops! are cool but we need more in the comic book style: original source material, colorful, in costume…you get the idea.


    Justice League: Firestorm, Black Canary, Atom, Red Tornado, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and/or Elongated Man…

    Mystical/”Dark”: Spectre, Deadman, Zatanna, Constantine, Swamp Thing, Enchantress, Dr. Fate…

    New Gods: Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Metron, Orion, Granny Goodness, Highfather, Black Racer

    Justice Society: Jay Garrick Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Sandman, Starman, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat…

    Teen Titans: Starfire, Aqualad/Tempest, Kid Flash/Wally West, Beast Boy, Cyborg (he will always be a Titan to me), Speedy/Roy…

    Villains: Gorilla Grodd (oversized!!), Antimonitor, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, just about anything….

  25. can someone please tell me some information on the joker 06 chase matallic please?
    is it rare or how rare is it?


  26. Wonder what 67 is or when 69 will be readily available.

    I remember when there were more dc than marvel pops, now they are way behind 🙁

  27. Just wondering if there are any other Metallic Batman 1966 or is it only the Alamo City Con Exc? When you say Metallic Batman ’66 does it automatically means the Alamo exclusive or are there pieces which are metallic but are not exclusives. thanks

    1. I believe there is a Metallic 66 Batman and a Metallic Joker. Both are exclusives. I’ll look em over to make sure I didn’t make an error.

  28. I want to buy about 50 but the shipping to belgium is killer… Very sad.

    Mortal kombat gonna join the serie? Might be very cool 😉

  29. Two things. First of all, the ORIGINAL Teen Titans! Not these cutesy new versions in Teen Titans Go! The original series was so much better, and I’m sure people would appreciate getting to choose different versions. You could even add some of the villains from the original series. Second thing, Young Justice! I see you have Superboy and everything, but what I’d really like would be a Miss Martian! I’d buy it straight away. Also the other characters, like Red Arrow and Aqualad.

    1. Two things, First of all, The creators of Teen Titans decides which ones they want represented. Second of all, we’re a news site not the creators. 🙂

  30. I don’t know if this comment has already been posted, but there was also a Metallic #49 Deathstroke. It was a previews exclusive.

  31. Don’t know if this is where they belong, but perhaps the GITD White Lantern Superman and GITD White Lantern The Flash should be a part of this grouping?

  32. Sarah, I believe someone answered it up above. but to quote a member up above The Flash has super speed, wears Red with Yellow suit and is a hero, Reverse Flash has the power to slow time of the things around him, wears a Yellow with Red suit and is a Villain of Flash.”

  33. I think it will be very profitable for funko to make a new 52 damian wayne and more new 52 characters in general and also i will cry if you make damian wayne (robin)

    1. 38 was cancelled. They never announced what it was, or went back to assign a figure to it.
      Don’t know #51 have been searching for a while with no luck.
      #52-56 are Arkham Asylum: Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, & Killer Croc respectively.
      #58 is White Lantern Batman. He’s some Canadian Con exclusive.
      #60 is Red Son Superman. A Big Bad Toy Store exclusive. (I think)
      Have no clue what #61 is yet either.
      #62 is Earth 2 Batman. A Hot Topic exclusive.
      #63 is Gabriel from “Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter” an SDCC exclusive.

      1. #51 is unmasked batman – Target exclusive
        #57 – #59 all white lanterns were NYCC exclusives also
        #60 is red son – Midtown comics exclusive

  34. The Flash has super speed, wears Red with Yellow suit and is a hero, Reverse Flash has the power to slow time of the things around him, wears a Yellow with Red suit and is a Villain of Flash.

    1. There are two Reverse Flashes. One is Zoom, that’s the one that can slow down time and he’s the enemy of Wally West. The other one just has super speed and he’s the enemy of Barry Allen. Wally West was the Flash after Barry.

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