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  1. I believe this Disney pop series needs Bongo, Lulubelle and maybe Willie the Giant from Fun & Fancy Free. Love the classic Disney’s!

  2. When will they release Disney’s Hercules?!?! Omgosh I love this movie and I was hoping y’all would come out with set for this movie!! Pleeaasseee I’m begging you guys to make a creation!!

  3. Why not more on Mickey Mouse in different outfits? Like The Prince and the Pauper, Mickey in the Beanstalk and more? I loved the Kingdom Hearts Mickey by the way! ^_^

  4. Please kindly consider the rest of six dwarf of Snow White, since there is grumpy ~
    **grumpy feel lonely and he miss his bro**

  5. Why can’t they make Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 without the armor?? And Tadashi??? They should make him!

  6. I hope they add in certain other Disney characters for this collection between the following:

    Dinosaurs: Earl Sinclair (Super sized Pop Vinyl figure), Roy Hess (Super sized Pop vinyl figure), B.P. Richfield (Super Sized Pop vinyl figure), & Baby Sinclair

    Other: Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, Gantu (Super sized Pop vinyl figure), Lizzie Mcguire

  7. I cannot locate any barnes and nobles that has the blue exclusive eeyore. Has it not been released yet? Barnes and nobles has no idea of why they have a upc for it but 0 inventory.

  8. I would love to see more added to the Aladdin collection including Aladdin, a Hercules collection the Rescuers Down Under collection.

  9. Why are they no princes? Where is Eric from the the little mermaid? , Aladdin? Philipp from sleeping beauty? Hans? Prince charming?

    1. For years they said they weren’t making them. Gaston is the first male from the “princess” movies to be made and that just happened. Hopefully the others come soon.

  10. Why can’t there be Pluto, I mean they make all the original classics like Mikey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy but yet they don’t make Pluto, I mean really.

  11. Fairy Godmother from Cinderella was my favorite character as a little girl. How about adding her and the mice, Jaq and Gus? Those would be cute!

  12. On the back of the NYCC Nightmare Before Christmas exclusives, it also lists a Snowman Jack and Harlequin Demon. Any idea when these will be released and if they will be exclusives?

  13. I would definitely buy
    Three hyenas
    Tic tock crocodile
    Any characters from hunchback and Hercules
    Of coarse we need more villains…..
    Gothel, Hans, Hades
    And there’s characters from Disney parks!!! So many

  14. I think it would be cool to have more of the Disney villains. I know there are already Disney villains but what about the ones like Gaston or Prince Hans?

    1. There is an attraction at DLR and DHS that is Indiana Jones themed. This is why it’s in the Disney line…due to being Disney Parks attraction inspired Pops.

        1. No it isn’t. There are a few without the Disney logo. Like Pirates of the Caribbean. Just scroll and you’ll see. It’s from Funko. Now could they make a photoshop error sure but for now it’s accurate

  15. You know what would be really cool? Black Cauldron vinyls. I know the movie had a bad rap but it was still very visually pleasing and memorable for a lot of people who grew up with it, like me! Honestly, I just want a Horned King figure to go alongside my Wendigo figure from the Hannibal line.

  16. I would LOVE to see an Esmeralda pop figure, as she’s my favorite disney character. Pretty much all of the Hunchback characters, really. And Atlantis. Both, I feel, are really under appreciated movies.

  17. I think they need the Princes. Prince Eric, Flynn Ryder, John Smith, Aladdin etc.. Also The Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians

  18. We need more classic Disney Characters.

    ⚜Lady and the Tramp(Im waiting oh so patiently, love this movie)
    And so many more.

    1. I agree, especially Lady and the Tramp!
      I also think they need the princes….
      Hercules? Evil Stepmother & Stepsisters?
      Hunchback would be nice too….
      Aristocats? Marlin from Finding Nemo?
      I would like to see a Pinocchio…
      The Sword in the Stone? The Parent Trap?
      Shaggy Dog would be hilarious!
      Davy Crockett (not a must have)?
      All the Tinker Bell characters (including the Netherbeast)?
      Pluto, Daisy, Claribell, Pete, and more!!
      101 Dalmations would be nice too!!
      All of these listed above need to be made into Funko Pops!

  19. I guess this would fall under Disney, but Kingdom Hearts pop vinyls please! Everyone I know would pay so much money for those.

  20. So i started looking for an oogie boogie pop from nightmare before christmas and i come across some with red dice and others have white dice both #39 only thing i see different is the dice. Can anyone verify if theres any difference, was it a mistake or what?

    1. I think his dice was supposed to be red. I had the same thing w/ Santa Jack Skellington. His present that he’s holding is either black and white or red and green. Mine’s the red and green one. It’s supposed to be black and white.

  21. Okay Funko, I NEED more Nightmare Before Christmas POPs!

    Hanging Tree (6″)
    Santa Jack w/ Coffin Sleigh and Skeletal Reindeer (Rides)
    Mayor w/ Car (Rides)
    Lock, Shock & Barrel w/ bathtub (Rides)
    Dr. Finklestein
    Harlequin Demon
    Snake Fingers
    Clown with the Tearaway Face
    Oogie Boogie (burlap colored)
    Jack Skellington (pajamas and nightcap)
    Vampire Brother
    Undersea Gal

    Just make everybody and everything, Funko!!!

  22. I think you’re missing the Hot Topic flocked Cheshire Cat from Through the Looking Glass. Thank you for this list. I, for one, genuinely appreciate it and refer to it frequently hoping to find new updates and missing number slots filled by Funko! πŸ™‚

  23. There really needs to be a Fairy Godmother for Cinderellawhat about Eeyore? I’m a HUGE Disney fan so any new Disney Funkos would be great.

  24. Anybody knows what is after Alice in wonderland and before zootopia? There is a gap of like 6 pop!! Has anyone heard what line it is? I know that Dory and an octopus from finding dory will be 191 and 192!! I saw them!! Theyre legit!! They come out supposely in april but that would mess up the line up I say!

  25. your missing the six alice in wonderland pops and the two finding dory ones my ocd is killing me seeing 8 numbers missing

  26. I would love if you did Percy Jackson funko pops, like the main characters, from the movie ones, Percy Jackson with his sword riptide, and maybe in his chest plate and blue t-shirt annabeth with her orange camp half blood t-shirt, Sally Jackson, the Minatour, and maybe hades or grover ?! I think also medusa would be cool, Percy Jackson is really popular and loads of my friends and other people I chat with always complain that there are no Percy Jackson funko pops, please consider it! If you were to study it, I would take a look at pictures of ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief’ or watch it to get a better idea, thank you for your consideration to read this!

  27. Basil of Baker Street, from The Great Mouse Detective, pretty please? Figurines from that movie are so hard to find and it’s my favourite Disney film!

  28. Very disappointed not to see any characters from the Great Mouse Detective (i.e. Rattigan, Basle and Fidget). Also, some characters from the Rescuers would be great as well (i.e. Penny, Brutus and Nero and of course Madame Medusa)!

  29. Missing Regular Mushu and Cricket and Mulan they were there before but now with the addition of the haunted mansion they are gone. Also what are the missing numbers? 152, 84,

  30. You are missing the 20th anniversary Toy Story, they are listed on the FYE website if you need the pics. 168 Woody, 169 Buzz, 170 Ham 171 Rex

  31. Hi. This guide is amazing and it helped me a lot. May I draw your attention regarding some missing pops. 131- Ramone (target exclusive). 147- Rapunzel &Pascal (comic con exclusive). 166- Mulan.

  32. I was wondering if Funko will make someone like Daisy Duck or Pluto? I already have Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I just think it would be awesome to complete the whole mickey mouse gang. If your looking for funko pop to make, try this! πŸ™‚

  33. We need more of the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit ;o; Im glad I got Smarty, but I’d love to have Greasy, Wheezy, Psycho and Stupid too~

  34. More disney’s characters: I think must be Pocahontas especially with Meeko, Frank Welker and Percy, some Hercules’s characters (Megara, Pegasus, Pain and Panic, Phil), some characters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Emperor’s New Groove and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

    Others animation: Shrek, Madagascar, Megamind, Kung Fu Panda, Hotel Transylvania

    And Grimm like a OUAT.

  35. Would easily second Kim Possible POPs, Kim in 1st mission outfut, 2nd, Cheer out (normal and senior year), One of her classic outfits wore in school, Ron Stoppable in mission gear w/ Rufus, his jeresey and cargo w/ Rufus, Monkey Powered Up, Smartymart outfit, a mission gear with dropped pants, Shego, Dr. Draken, Bonnie, MonkeyFist, many ideas.

    Gargoyles ever been done? Lots of characters and vailriant ideas there.

    Darkwing Duck, Negaduck, Launchpad, Quackerjack, Megabolt, Gosling, etc.

    Goof Troop

    Gravity Falls, Star vs the forces of evil,

    Man too many ideas coming to me for sets.

  36. On the back of the Pop Minis (second series) it also has a two pack of Aurora and Malificent as well as Buzz and Woody. Were these ever created? I cant find them anywhere. Not even any mention of them.


  37. I really wish that Aurora would be available in the blue dress as well. Even though most people think of her in the pink, there are a lot of us who love her in blue too!

  38. Really hopeful that Wendy from Peter Pan will be made into a pop character; seems sad that more Peter Pan characters aren’t already (Wendy, John, Michael, Tiger Lilly, Smee, Lost Boys) there is a whole market!!

  39. Went to Hot Topic today and got Pumpkin King glow in the dark! Didn’t know there would be a glow in the dark and neither did they. Also picked up Nightshade Sally.

  40. The Disney XD cartoon Star vs the Forces of Evil is crying out for pop vinyls! Star, Marco, Pony Head and Ludo would be adorable.
    And a Hans for the frozen line please!

  41. Am I the only one who would love to see Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet) in pop vinyl form? I think I might die of cuteness!

  42. Just a little heads up: #123 is the 6-inch Marshmallow that was in the 3-pack with Elsa and Olaf, it says so on its box

  43. HT Exclusive Hipster Jasmine & SDCC 2015 Inside Out’s flame head Anger Pops need to be added to the list

  44. Hi, me again! I have been started to collect my favorite Disney Funko Pop characters since a couple years. Does the most exclusive came from Hot Topic or there’s more than that? I happen to see the Coronation Else with specter and orb the other month. Besides the Funko Pop people should have release more characters, but is there a possibility that Disney characters from different films come out, depending how popular it is now?

  45. I would like to see Mickey as the 2 set of The Prince and the Pauper. That would be neat! I’m surprised about some funko pops that didn’t release yet. It needs Tadashi from Big Hero 6. Including The Great Mouse Detective and Oliver and Company characters. What about Maid Marian from Disney’s Robin Hood?! I believe most characters that everyone and I know of need to be part of funko pop figures soon. Man, I hope it happens soon.

  46. I really wish that they would do some of the characters from the Disney Afternoon. I would love to see characters such as Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Magica De Spell, Gosalyn Mallard and others.

  47. I have a question: I’ve been hearing rumors that the so called “Pearlescent Baymax” that is sold on Amazon and even Walmart is a knock off. Can you confirm? Or is it just a nickname that some people give to the normal Baymax to distinguish it better?

    1. There are knock offs or bootlegs coming out of China, but if you but from a reputable store you will get a real Baymax. I doubt you will find a bootleg in Walmart, but possibly from Amazon thru an iffy retailer. Always know your retailer before purchasing.

  48. Any chance Disney will do Kim Possible pops? Kids want Kim, Ron with Rufus, Dr Drakken and Shego. For me I would like to see Sword in the Stone pops, Merlin, Arthur, Archimedes the owl and Madam Mim

  49. I saw two 82 Elsas at Barnes and Noble this morning, one with a sparkly dress, one with a plain dress. The boxes appeared to be identical.

  50. That new version of Cinderella from the movie is so much cuter than the animated movie one. Anyway I think most of the classic Disney princesses are a bit disappointing, I wish they made new versions of them.

  51. I can’t wait for Once Upon a Time!! They need to make Pocahontas and Meeko! I would also love to see the three hyenas, tick tock crocodile and lots of characters from Disney Parks (haunted mansion, splash mountain, country bears). I love villains and need a mother Gothel and Hades!!!

  52. I hope to see more Villains (Gaston, Hans, Dr. Facilier, exct.), a Hercules series, Emperor’s New Groove, Hunchback, Disney Parks, or event more classic Disney characters (Scrooge, Pete, Pluto)

  53. I have an expansive collection of the character of Merryweather (the chubby blue fairy) from Sleeping Beauty. I have around 75 unique figures at last count. I would LOVE IT if there was a Pop figure. Any rumors/plans?

  54. There seems to be an exclusive Wal-Mart Funko package for three Frozen Funkos: Elsa, Olaf, and Marshmallow. You can find them on eBay right now:

  55. Target had minis for Christmas this year. I saw Ariel and Spider-Man. I am sure there were more but they were almost gone when I saw them.

    1. Calm down,
      They are adding Mulan figures to go with the tangled and princess and the frog ones.
      They are doing a mulan and a mushu and cricket
      They also need to add a bagheera, Pocahontas, the blue fairy, more tinker bell characters, aristotcats, mufasa with a little zazu, hans, Hercules, Doug, more nightmare before Christmas characters,prince Eric, Aladdin etc…
      And where the hell are the animals like pongo and perdita or the lady and the tramp. If you don’t make a maid Marian and a little John from Robin Hood I will be sad.

  56. I love, love , love pop figures! I wish there was a hunchback of notre dame, aristocrats, princess and the frog people, Mulan and that movies characters, on-land Ariel, more Cinderella characters,
    More Snow White character,
    More sleeping Beauty characters, red riding hood characters, goldilocks, more Alice in wonderland characters, a Rosanna pansino character, more from the book of life, kitten characters, puppy characters, haunted mansion, the cupcake wars logo, more nightmare before christmas characters (like the evil guy in the wheelchair), and a sun/moon pop vinyl… Oh, and also a bride Minnie and a groom Mickey..I hope these become pop figures!!!

  57. Gosh! Some people says that “Tangled” series will be released on 2015 but guys! We need Tarzan, Mulan, Hercules, The Hunchback Of Norte dame, The Aristocats, The normal size Aurora, The human Ariel, Pocahontas, Princess & The Frog, The rest Of The princes (Eric, Adam, Philip, Aladdin, etc)

  58. I need #85-102! I really wish they had included Nala, Mufasa & Zazu with the Lion King ones though. Also how is there no Bagheera?? I hope they include them and some of the older characters, like the Aristocats (especially O’Malley) in the next series!

  59. I don’t have pictures but I know the Toy Story characters come with and without bases. Is that a variant that could be added?

  60. Love the princess and Lion King ones! But Where’s Mufasa, Nala, Tiana, and Rapunzel??? I’d LOVE to see those in the future!!

  61. Why is there no number 84? and is there a method to going from 96 to 103?

    I want to make sure that I don’t miss any. Thanks.

    1. Funko sometimes releases items out of order. So most of those are filled in now. However, sometimes, items are cancelled.

        1. Jasmine it seems was cancelled. The reason it’s not up here is that there is no glam shot. As far as we know, it’s never coming out.

  62. I was wondering if anytime soon will y’all be making any disney dog funko??? like Pogo and Perdy or lady and the tramp????

  63. Other options could be:

    Lady and the tramp
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    and when wil Alladin himself and Abu and Jaggo appear?

    1. there is no an Mini Aurora, the Aurora (original) comes with Snowwhite and Ariel in a special pack, have an normal sise

          1. We have seen the regular Aurora at Toy Fair. I’m guessing it is going to be released in late 2014/early 2015.

  64. No Mulan? Wow needs some diversity… Throw a bone for minority groups already because just Jasmine isn’t cutting it

    1. Funko licenses based on popularity not skin color. Mulan has never been a popular character. Funko’s desire is always based on their favorite color: green.

        1. Well first of all Rocketeer is an “icon” piece. 2nd Disney just started allowing Funko to choose their characters more freely. I’d expect Mulan in a couple of years.

  65. is #77 Maleficent the glow in the dark one or is there one that doesn’t glow in the dark and one that does?? Because i got one from Hot Topic that glows in the dark

    1. For whatever reason, Wreck It Ralph isn’t a part of the Disney Series. They are apparently their own series. They are numbered 1-4.

        1. My comment was made before Turbo was released. Originally it was 1-4 and limited to Disney Store. Funko then got permission to release them in other places (a year or so later) and Turbo was added to the set.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’re making Bambi now, right? Isn’t it, like, Bambi, Thumper and….I know there’s another one.

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