1. Missing Content:
    281. Dumbo – Flying w/ Timonthy Q. Mouse (Dumbo ~ Disney Treasures Festival of Friends Exclusive)
    287. Pluto (Mickey Mouse ~ Disney Treasures Festival of Friends Exclusive)
    289. Abominable Snowman (Matterhorn ~ Disney Parks Exclusive)
    295. Tinkerbell – Flying (Peter Pan ~ Disney Treasures Tiny Town Exclusive)
    306. Scrooge McDuck (Ducktales)
    307. Huey (Ducktales)
    308. Dewey (Ducktales)
    309. Louie (Ducktales)
    310. Webby (Ducktales)
    311. Magica DeSpell w/ Poe DeSpell (Ducktales)
    *Also there is a 3-Pack of Stitch, Angel, and Srump from Lilo & Stitch that was sold at Hot Topic which is not included here.

  2. 323. Mulan – Matchmaker Outfit (Mulan)
    324. Merida – Windswept (Brave)
    325. Aurora – Dancing (Sleeping Beauty)
    326. Jasmine – Dancing (Sleeping Beauty)
    Plus there’s an entire Snow White line coming soon:
    3 different Snow Whites, one of which is her in her Maid Outfit
    2 different Grumpys, one is a BAM exclusive and has Grumpy with a Pickaxe and a Diamond
    Dopey + Chase: Hatless with Kiss on Head
    Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and The Evil Queen in her Peddler’s Disguise with Poison Apple.
    There are also leaks that detail the release of more Kingdom Hearts figures: Sora, Riku, Kairi and a Shadow Heartless. These leaks have been 100% accurate thus far.
    There is a mould for a new Disney Parks Exclusive, Figment, from Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination with Figment.
    There is an entire line of The Emperor’s New Groove Figures coming, though as of yet they’ve only been seen as concept art, no moulds as of yet: Emperor Kuzko, Yzma, Pacha, Kronk, and Kuzko as a llama.

  3. I agree with Spencer, Kim Possible Pop Vinyls would be a great idea, there’s still a big enough fanbase to buy them and there have been pops from way more obscure cartoons

    *Thomas O’Malley
    *Scat Cat
    *Jaq + Gus
    *Fairy Godmother
    *Lady Tremaine (the stepmother)
    *Anastasia + Drizella
    – BOLT

  5. I like Elena Of Avalor Funko Pop but I hope that High School Musical Funko Pop will be in the future

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