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  1. I’ve seen it here already, but can you REALLY bake pops at 275f (130c) for 15 mins? I’m asking this again because I put it in for 5 mins to set the clay slightly… But noticed the figure went a little softer. Is it gonna melt if I leave it longer? 😩

    1. Hey

      I’m new to customising pops but I literally *just* baked mine in the oven for 15 minutes at 130c/275f. I used Sculpey brand clay and it seems to have worked perfectly. It definitely does soften the figure but it hardens right back up as it cools.

      I’ve also tried a heat gun on one and was less pleased with the results. It did work, but it’s a much more uneven bake because you have to move the gun back and forth to prevent blistering.

      I’d lean towards oven baking. Use a glass dish and line the bottom with foil if you’re planning on eating food off of the dish again.

  2. Can I take the arms and or the head off? Because it would be really complicated to paint some of the areas. like the armpits or the arms themselves.

    1. It’s really not that complicated at all. My wife has painted hundreds of customs. That’s not a problem. The head can come off. Not the arms though.

  3. So, if you get the DIY pop and acrylic paints and you want to do a custom figure, how would you get clay and what clay is best for Funko displays?

  4. What happens when you want to make the arms in a different position and possibly even reshape the body? I wouldn’t want to put the Funko off balance.

  5. Is there any place to design one? Not an actual model but like a template to plan on or somewhere you can customise a cartoon version so you’ve got an idea of how to do stuff? If that makes sense 😛

  6. What would be really great is to upload a pic to Funko so they can create a doll just like you! (With piercings, tattoos, birthmarks if any). Sure it might be a little more but how cool would that be?!

  7. Does anyone know if a DIY Pop Vinyl figure can withstand baking at 275 °F (130 °C) for 15 minutes? I wanted to make some hair and things for my figure and I wanted to use sculpy clay directly on it but then I’ll need to bake it.

      1. Can you make bea smith and allie from the show wentworth? Also I find entry a pic of my girlfriend can you make one of her? How much would all that be?

  8. Apoxie Sculpt modeling compound works really well – just don’t put too much extra weight on their heads or they will lose their balance.

    For paint the best results I’ve had were with the types of acrylic paints you get at the hobby store for the tiny fantasy figures. I use Citadel – it adheres well & doesn’t have to be watered down. You’ll get very visible brush marks if your paint is too thick.

    The doll is pre-primed but you’ll have to re-prime any new areas you’ve added before painting.

    1. You can use a brand called polymer clay it’s a bake able clay and it’s really good, the brand I would use is fimo by stadaetler

    1. You need modelling clay and paint to customise it then let it dry. There are quite a few of good shops in Miranda Westfield and around it to help.

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