Classics Pop! Series

**These are the only two designs in this series.
***Both photos courtesy of


  1. Are they going to re-release a new pop of Alex? If so, when? I saw they are going to release a vinyl idol version of it, but I wanna know if there’s going to be a pop version of it as well.

  2. There were only 12 regulars and 12 Chase (GitD) made (plus the protos); so as stated before they’re ultra rare and sold over $2,500.00 USD each.

    Would love to own one by the way!

  3. Where can I purchase one of the clockwork orange figures? My husband loves that movie and this would be a great Christmas present.

    1. They are not for sale. In fact there were so few made because the licensor decided not to make them that even on ebay they are rare. Most were giveaways and now go for thousands on the secondary market.

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