Classics Pop! Series

**These are the only two designs in this series.
***Both photos courtesy of

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  1. I geuss thatI thought when I saw you had catalog for movies and such I was thinking along the lines of older, way older , like Icons, Joan Crawford, Mae West, James Dean, Clark Gable, etc. Like Collectibles. Or even younger. Idea just came up why not do Magicians, like Houdini, Chriss Angel, David Copperfield, Etc, there are some good ones in that group that would stand out.Also you have some now that I would put in my horror collectibles, but to go with that and their characters they play, how about, Vincent Price ( one I am thinking of is that he played Dr. PHIBES), of course Bella Lugosi, and his Dracula, Boris Karloft, and his Frankenstein, Lon Chaney Jr. and his Wol man, etc. Those are what I would be interested in to actually collect. I do have some of your POP’s I am working into a collections. Thank you I hope maybe to be able to get some of these in the future. I would really like the Magicians and the Horror characters. Not to offend anyone , I also have a collection of Circus or Side show Entertainers that I found alot of people are interested in collecting and knowing about people with Oddities, I won’t say the word because your know what I am refering to. Well I hope this let you in on what some people are wanting and looking for.

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