2. not sure you felt the need to read it on another website when we posted the store first here lol. Try our main page popvinyls.com

  3. I think Funko Pop of other Nickelodeon characters like Angry Beavers Hey Arnold Rocko’s Modern Life will release in the future

  4. Would be cool if they made Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure figures… Just imagine Johnathan, Joseph, Jotaro or DIO in poses they make!!!

  5. Currently the top 3 anime pops i want to see made are:
    1. Akame ga kill
    2. Psycho pass
    3. Gintama
    I realy hope that Akame ga kill gets its own pop vinyl set as it my favourite anime and was truly a great show.

  6. Dragonball pops
    Vegito (fused goku and vegeta) pop vinyl please , base form , super saiyan and super saiyan god blue pop vinyl
    Gogeta pop vinyl
    6 inch Broly legendary super saiyan
    Teen gohan super saiyan 2
    Adult gohan mystic form
    Super saiyan 3 Goku
    Gotenks pop vinyl super saiyan 3

  7. Just when is the exact release date for the new Hanna-Barbera Pops? I know its in September but I just don’t know what day in September. I really need to know.

  8. There really needs to be Ratchet and Clank pops, why have they not been created yet? Please make this happen!!!

  9. Unique Japanese anime pops? Trigun, Cowboy bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho? More Bleach, Deathnote or Naruto characters!

  10. How about Hubie and Bertie from Looney Tunes? Remember those two little mice one was grey one was Brown

  11. make funko pops of lincoln, lori, luna, luan, lucy and lily, as well as three of the new female characters such as linka, sam (luna’s girl crush) and beatrix yates.

  12. also please make we bare bears and ok k.o. let’s be heroes pops of grizzly bear, panda bear, ice bear, chloe park, k.o., enid and radicles.

  13. please release funko pops from the loud house in 2020, the same year the movie based on the show comes out?

  14. in summer 2018, please release phineas and ferb funko pops of phineas, ferb, candace, perry and dr. doofenshmirtz.

  15. make funko pop of johnny blowhole from star vs. the forces of evil from the bounce lounge episode and release it in the fall of 2019!

  16. Anyone remember Snooper and Blabber? Hopefully we’ll see them

    And Pixie and Dixie and Mr Jinks (meeces2pieces)

  17. Haikyuu!! Ones would be amazing!! Als9 very excited for all the great Kingdom Hearts ones I’ve been seeing around!

  18. I really would love Haikyuu and D Gray Man Funko Pop! Please, they are both popular series with lovely characters!

  19. Star vs the forces of evil? It’s a Disney cartoon but still animation. Along w the comments with the bears too!! CN show

  20. I heard that Miraculous Ladybug pop figures are coming out soon. I’m so stoked for their release!
    I think a lot of people would be really interested in Star vs. the Forces of Evil vinyls and Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra ones as well. The former has been gaining so much traction, and is definitely one of the top animated series currently airing. And the latter is a classic with a special place in so many people’s hearts! If anyone hears anything about these potential figures coming out in the near future, please let me know!

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