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  1. Can you give me information about the Xia Mu figure from the sweet sixteen movie? It’s number 112 but isn’t included in you list, I want to buy it but it’s not available anywhere and I really want to find it! The character was played by (Kris) Wu Yifan, thank you.

  2. 12 – Miki (all 4 of them also have non-gold versions on here)
    53 – Leo
    54 – Coco
    65 – Father of Ultra
    70 – Chun Li (Pink)
    71 – Ryu (Gold) (Chase)
    70-76 – The Street Fighter Commons (same characters as the Pop! Games line)
    82 – Kuchisake (non-bloody)
    91 – Hot Ryu
    93 – Stan Lee (Black / Red variants)
    94 – Yumi
    95 – Momo
    109 – Terracotta Po
    110 – Dim Sum Po
    111 – Siyokoi (Orange)
    113 – Merlion (Porcelain / Rainbow Sunburst)

    There are others I found out about but they don’t have pictures yet (for the actual figures, though there are illustrations for the designs on the back of some of the boxes (for numbers 79-81 (Daitengu, Rokurokubi and Hitotsume), these illustrations can be found on google / on the back of the boxes of 77, 78 and 82).

  3. Just wanted to let you guys know taht at the time of my posting this, the link that is supposed to be taking you to the Freddy Funko line is taking you to this page.

  4. Can anybody tell me if the pope figure got cancelled just like the second yellow submarine wave, or if it’s just really hard to find?

  5. #12 is Miki, #95 is Momo, #110 is Dim Sum Po. Fudo Myo-o (gold), Aswang (black), Stan Lee Guan Yu (red) and (black), Monkey King (White Porcelain), Siyokoy (orange), and Astro Boy (gold) are some of the variants.

  6. Kuchisake, Monk Sha (Surprise), Monkey King (Surprise), Kappa, Wang Da Chui, Fudo Myo-o, Hiddy, and Kong Lian Er are missing.

  7. I could’ve sworn that there were Sailor Moon Pop Figures. If not, then figures for all 10 Sailor Soldiers plus Tuxedo Mask and all of the main villains would be awesome.

  8. Hi i am wondering, where i can buy funko pop in indonesia? Is there any flagship store in indonesia? Or maube a main dealer of funko indonesia? thanks before 🙂

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