Funko Mystery Minis Checklist

Each month, we will update our Mystery Minis Checklist which is a downloadable checklist of every mystery mini Funko has released.

Mystery Minis Checklist (revised 2/12/16)



  1. I think you forgot the hot topic exclusive supernatural minis. They were Gym Coach Dean, Bloody Castiel, and Sam when Gadreel is inside of him.

  2. Really like the way you split the lists up. Makes it much easier to not print out the lines I don’t collect. I did notice that Blue Crystal Heisenberg is missing from the TV list, and TV series 310 is blank but it’s actually the HT exclusive Tyreese. Awesome job, though.

  3. site glitch… had refreshed page and no comments appeared. after posting the new comment they all appeared. Google Chrome on Windows 8

    1. Larry, your comments are still pending because the person who works on the checklists is on vacation right now and he needs to figure this stuff out. Being a fan run site, sometimes things are simply overlooked.

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