Funko At NYCC

Funko will yet again have exclusives at New York Comic Con.  We will update this page as new exclusives are announced.

Wave 1: WWE’s Zack Ryder
Wave 2: Game of Thrones’s Lyanna Mormont and Jaqen H’Ghar
Wave 3: DC
Wave 4: Star Wars
Wave 5: Television
Wave 6: Disney
Wave 7: Video Gaming
Wave 8: 80s and 90s
Wave 9: Warner Brothers
Wave 10: Marvel
Wave 11: Rick and Morty


Shared Exclusive Rumors (Not 100% yet)

Hot Topic: Green Dragonzord, Scrooge McDuck,
Box Lunch: Buffy 2 Pack, Mickey Hikari 2  Pack
Gamestop: 6 total exclusives
FYE: Lyanna Mormont,
Barnes and Noble: Balrog, Black Chrome Batman , Saw Gerrera, Gellert Grindlewald,
White Deathstar Droid
Toy Tokyo: Black/Gold Dragonzord, Black Hole Vincent & Maximillian, Sleestaks
Toys R Us: Thundercats Dorbz 3 Pack, Batman Villains Dorbz 3 Pack, Boba Fett w/Slave One, LOLBit, Beast Man, Superman, Destro

page updated September 20, 2017

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