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  1. Funko could do so much more with their supernatural collection, that’s the one thing that gets me mad at the company. They either emphasize too much on one character or don’t include important ones from the franchise. It’s like that for a bunch of their collections. I feel like you have to be a real fan to be able to appease the other real fans and pick the right characters to make pops out of. For supernatural in specific, I feel like original Sam and Dean are boring and aren’t wearing iconic clothing from the show. Also, the head sizes of the collection are starkly different, the original’s heads are so small compared to the newer ones like Bobby and such. Just a few suggestions/complaints.

  2. More Sams please?! maybe Samifer, Crazy Sam, Soulless Sam, Demon Sam – just a few i could think of! oh ! Gary Frankle !
    Also Gabriel, Lucifer, Raphael, Michael (young john and adam version) John, Mary, Rufas, Rowena, Cain, Abaddon, Jess, FBI Castiel, Jo, Ellen, Impala, Sherrif Jody Mills, Dick Roman, Ruby 1&2, Bela Talbot, Young Mary, Young John, Benny, Chuck/God, Becky Rosen, Kevin Tran & Linda Tran……. just to name a few! Could go on but they are the main !

  3. I have to second the emotion for the women of Supernatural: Jo, Ellen, Meg 1 & 2, Ruby, Rowena, Amara, Abaddon and now Mary

    I NEED an Impala!

    Also, Gabriel, Chuck, Cain, Death, Garth, Kevin, Benny and John Winchester would have a place in my collection.

    My POP! Collection started with Supernatural and exists mostly for Supernatural, though I have branched out from there. Supernatural is my obsession.

  4. I didn’t even know there were bloody variants for Sam & Dean. I’ve started doing my own DIY Pops for this show, starting with Adam. I’m working on Mary now, and I’m planning a Samandriel figure after I finish my Child’s Play 2 Andy figure.


  6. Just spent a crap ton of money on a custom Meg 2.0 pop. Could have given that to the actual company but ya know. They don’t want to make the girls apparently.

  7. Are there any sales statistics for these. Is Castiel the best seller because there’s more variations of him?

    1. Look up supernatural custom pop figures.. I got a Kevint Tran right now and a deagan. .. Which is a slanted eyed dean in Negans outfit holding that barbed wire bat from walking dead… Perfect! Especially since they’re throwing Lil things in each show about each show.. Recent eepisode of spn had dean walking in from a hunt, putting that batdown on the table, and saying “dad loved this this thing” lol!

  8. Jo, ellen, dick, death, eve, lilith, Azazel, Gabriel, samuel, alpha vamp, garth, abaddon, Anna, john, mary, Raphael with lightning wings, meg, alastair, ruby, lucifer, just to name a few that I would love to collect.

  9. Any plans for an FBI Castiel? Thought I seen him on a list of pops to be released in 2015 but we got Meta Misha and SteveCas instead. (Not complaining!) it would be nice to have a complete FBI set.

  10. Any chance of an Amara my granddaughter was named after her and it would be so cool to be able to give her one of her namesake

  11. I don’t like the metallic ones. They look cheap and just shitty. I the blood splatter ones are cool. Especially leviathan cas.

    1. We have the site updated. We just stopped doing individual checklists for Supernatural. We took the link off the website. But if people actually are interested, I might bring it back.

      1. Matt,
        The Supernatural fandom would greatly appreciate it if you updated this checklist. A few new Supernatural funko pops have been released, and a lot of people would be interested in buying them all.
        Thank you 🙂

  12. Dean has played dress-up so many times on the show there’s a ton of options for him; Cowboy Dean and his serape, ***Gym Coach Dean with the red plum smugglers***, Untouchables Dean, Lederhosen Dean, the iconic Dean with his brown leather drivers jacket from early seasons (with impala), renaissance larping Dean, orange prison jump suit….I’d probably buy them all.

  13. got all of them so far wish they’d make others like

    Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Azazel, Lilith, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Meg, Kevin,

    there are a lot more they could make they could even go to the less major demons like Alistair and ruby

      1. The Bobby one circulating is actually a mod as in someone created it themselves and it’s not an official Supernatural one. Still cool though. I want a Donna and Jody one if they make them.

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