The Complete Funko Pop Vinyls Walking Dead Checklist

The Walking Dead is not losing any popularity! The Complete Funko Pop Vinyls Walking Dead Checklist shows you all the Funko items you can buy. Many can be purchases at Entertainment Earth. Click the previous link or click the headings before each section to see which Walking Dead Funko items are still available for purchase!

Β Rick Grimes

Daryl Dixon


Merle Dixon

The Governor

Michonne and Pets

Other Walking Dead Cast

Walking Dead Zombies

Entertainment Earth

The Walking Dead Dorbz

Mystery Minis

Misc. Funko


Walking Dead Mopeez


  1. Please tell me why there is no Andrea pop figure? She was a MAJOR character for a long time on the show. They even made a Pop figure for the RV walker who SHE killed. They made a 6 inch figure for her but no Pop figure. It makes me sad!

    1. YESSSSSS I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED THAT!!!!! I NEED ONE OF HER SO BAD!!! It kinda annoys me that they make walkers that are only in 5 mins, but no Beth, Andrea, Lori etc. that were major characters πŸ™

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  3. I think Dwight, One Eye Carl, Jesus and Negan would make a great wave this year… I’ll be happy if even just a Negan is released πŸ˜€

  4. Any chance you guys will be making a Andrea pop? Seeing as you guys have literally pointless ones there like michoones pets. Would be nice to get a Andrea one

  5. So your missing headless hershal. Non SDCC but just convention sticker and the mispelled eye patch governor spelled govornor

  6. There is quite a few missing now. They have released a new set. Morgan, Rick, Michonne and Abraham even bitten tyreese

  7. Does anyone know how many #70’s (Governor) there actually are? I know there is a PX Bloody version. Is there both a PX and non PX version of the regular bandaged one? I see pics of both.

        1. On the menu, if you click “Pop! Vinyls then Pop Series, then Television” you’ll see all the Pops that are in the “Television” series of Pop! Vinyls

  8. You have # 37 Michonne’s pet as #2. He’s the Bloody Variant of the pet #1.

    Not sure if Funko’s releasing any more sets but I would have liked to have seen the full original cast of Dale, Lori, Beth, Andrea, Amy, T-Dog, and Shane,

  9. I am seeing Biker Daryl as a pre order on various websites stating a May 2015 release. Can anyone tell me if this is different to the two versions I already have (Preview Exclusives). I can’t find a difference anywhere and I am a little confused lol.

    1. I would click on the ads on the right side of the page. A lot of great retailers who will carry what you need. We’re just a news site. We don’t sell directly.

    1. The numbers are skipped because Walking Dead Pops are a part of the Television series with all the other TV Pops. I just pulled out the Walking Dead figures to one page to make it easier for Walking Dead fans. As of now, there has not been a Beth figure.

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