Pop! Review: Fraggle Rock- Flocked Red (BAM! Exclusive)

For today’s Pop! Review, I take a look at the Flocked Red Pop!, part of the Fraggle Rock line and exclusive to BAM! (Books-A-Million) locations here in the US. Included with this flocked version of Red is a Doozer, which is not flocked.

Celebrating 35 years of the iconic children’s show Fraggle Rock, this line features all five of the principal Fraggles (each with a Doozer) in the regular retail release. Additionally, there is a Specialty Series Uncle Traveling Matt and a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive Sprocket the Dog.

Red’s Doozer (non-flocked)

Since the Fraggles themselves (as puppets) are flocked, this is a time where the flocked variant is something that I appreciate and celebrate. Sometimes Funko gets out there with what they decide to flock (like Olaf?!?), but these make sense. Additionally, the flocking on this Pop! is very well done. My Red is a little top-heavy (it was hard to take pictures and have it standing on its’ own), but I feel it has more to do with the legs being a little warped, which is harder to fix when there is flocking.

For those of you interested in getting the Flocked Red Pop! vinyl, you can order her online at the BAM! website, or find her in stores nationwide. For those interested in getting all five Fraggles flocked (with no Doozers), you can pick up the Funko Shop exclusive Flocked 5pk over at their website.

Are you a fan of Fraggle Rock? What are your thoughts on this collection by Funko? Let us know in the comments below.

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