A Closer Look at the Next Game of Thrones Funko Series

The great folks over at PopCurated (@PopCurated on Twitter) have posted glam shots discovered on HT or Box Lunch websites of a few of the next round of Game of Thrones Series Pop!s. Fans of the hit HBO show will definitely be excited by these.

The first is Daenerys on her throne after her arrival in Westeros. Whoa, this is a must have.

Here’s Daenerys in her white garb. Seriously, who does her tailoring? She has a lot of outfits for flying around on dragons.

Finally we have Davos who has been a must have for awhile. Fans will definitely be excited we have him finally.

There is still more to come in this series including a Jon Snow and more. When officially announced, we will let you know.

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  1. Nice, im so exited of these ones and the giant wight. Im ready to buy all of them, when are they getting released?

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