Loot Crate January 2017 “Discover” Review

Well, this is the second month in a row where I have gotten my Loot Crate late. Granted, this one wasn’t as late as last month’s crate, and to boot it was a bit better in terms of contents. Not much better, mind you, but better. Let’s check it out.


1. Loot Crate Exclusive Rick and Morty  T-Shirt


While I am not a fan of the Rick and Morty series, I know a lot of friends who are, and there is quite the following in general. Fun design of Rick’s Brain.

 2. Loot Crate Exclusive Westworld SuperEmoScenes Diorama Figure

If you are a fan of Westworld, this diorama featuring Delores and Arnold is a great addition to your household decor.

3. Loot Crate Edition Harry Potter Socks

Featuring the Sorting Hat and the symbols from the four Hogwarts houses, these socks are pretty nifty. I am not one for novelty socks, but one of my friends is, and the socks are alreayd on their way to her. Still a fun exclusive pair of socks, and the second wearable in this month’s crate.


4. Loot Crate Exclusive X-Files Card Game


I am looking forward to playing The X-Files: Circle of Truth. I am always a fan of these small, fun games. Perfect for packing on vacation to play with friends while hanging out int he hotel room after a fun day out.


5. Loot Crate Exclusive Westworld Maze Pin

Another thing for fans of Westworld, and this includes something fun and exclusive online in addition to this Maze pin. I wonder what it could be….


Overall thoughts: While not all of this crate hit my fandoms, this was so much better in my opinion than last month’s crate, which I felt was pretty rubbish. I feel this month is worth the monthly subscription price. There is value in this crate.

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