Funko Announces Funko HQ and Funko Shop Exclusives/Variants of Some ECCC Pop!s

Funko couldn’t let us keep our money for the weekend. Oh no… they had to go in for your last remaining Washingtons. Today Funko has announced that there will be ECCC variants/exclusives at Funko HQ and Check out what you will have to search for!

Funko HQ Exclusives- These will have to be purchased in person at Funko HQ.

Pop! Myths: Flocked Blue & Green Bigfoot (2500pc LE)

Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Purple Pulpo (1000pc LE)

Pop! Funko: Baseball Freddy Funko – White Uniform (1000pc LE)

Dorbz: Looney Tunes – Opera Bugs (1000pc LE)

Funko Shop Exclusives- These items will be put up at at a time not yet announced. (During ECCC most likely)

Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Blue Pulpo (2500pc LE)

Pop! Funko: Baseball Freddy Funko – Alternate Uniform (3000pc LE)

Here’s a recap to show where you can get all the variants of Pulpo, Baseball Freddy Funko, Bigfoot, and complete your Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny set!

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