ECC Funko Reveals #9: Life Aquatic, Scott Pilgrim and Mad Max

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 will debut the newest additions to Funko’s Mad Max: Fury Road and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World lines while introducing the first The Life Aquatic Vynl.!
Pop! Movies: Mad Max Fury Road – Rictus Erectus Witness him! The Rictus Erectus Pop! rounds out our Mad Max: Fury Road series!
Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – Gideon & Ramona 2-pack (4000pc LE) Gideon Graves and Ramona Flowers Pop!s are essentials for any Scott Pilgrim collector!
Vynl.: The Life Aquatic – Steve & Ned 2-pack (2500pc LE) The Life Aquatic Vynl. highlights an exciting new line from Funko!

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