ECCC Funko Reveals #1: Marvel

Funko is kicking off its Emerald City Comic Con reveals with some fan-favorite additions to the Funko Marvel family!
Pop! Marvel: Lawyer She-Hulk
She-Hulk isn’t just a strong contender, she’s also a powerful lawyer!

Pop! Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Yondu. Yondu is looking as pretty as an angel with his red fin and trusty arrow! Hopefully we’ll get a Mary Poppins Yondu at some point this year!



Dorbz: Marvel – Deadpool the Duck
Deadpool + Duck = Deadpool the Duck!

Stay tuned for more reveals! Details regarding shared exclusives will be posted on Wednesday, February 28th!

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  1. That Yondu is FANTASTIC! I hope these’ll be distributed at other conventions as well. All I have is FanExpo and we usually get sloppy seconds.

    (On another note, I am very tempted to craft a little fabric Mary Poppins hat for him…)

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