The Latest Funko Fridays Exclusive Is Now Available *UPDATE*

Target continues its recent streak of awesome exclusives with a classic Looney Tunes character with a fuzzy variant from his original release.

You can now order the Flocked Bugs Bunny at ! Bugs has a carrot in hand and a fuzzly exterior which  is probably preferred to the regular version.

UPDATE: This item is sold out as of 11:00am!


  1. This item was sold out before 6:30 am. I was awake at 1:30 am and the page wasn’t up yet. I woke up at 6:30 and it was already unavailable. What a joke. Why have exclusives if the only people awake when it drops are on the West Coast? Same thing happened when they dropped Kylo Ren. This is a horrible exclusive. Now I have to pay $50 or more to get it? Unreal

  2. You know I Think if we all complain enough about the pop swindlers and target employees swiping them all up for greed maybe the target management will start thinking about their customers more

  3. The managers are the ones who swipe them, not the regular workers. They’re the ones who have access and can circumvent getting around the selling embargo. !!FACT!!!

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