Loot Crate “Explore” (December 2017) Review

I am not sure exactly WHY the December 2017 Loot Crate, themed “Explore”, took almost a month to finally reach me. However, its’ contents left so little to be desired, that I almost didn’t decide to do a review this late. Featuring items from Star WarsGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Destiny 2, and more, you would think that we would have gotten a decent crate. Not so. Let’s check it out.

First, before we get into the contents of the crate, I would like to point out that Loot Crate is making a big mistake opting out of including their monthly magazine in the box, instead of option for a contents card and an invitation to check out the magazine online. While the magazine was a nice addition some months and had some interesting articles from time to time, it wasn’t outstanding enough for me to go searching for it online. Yes, we will have to log in to see what free downloadable content we get for that month, but we can easily do that directly from the Loot Pins website. Loot Crate should rethink this idea of eliminating the magazine.

1. Loot Crate Exclusive Destiny 2  T-Shirt

I am not a gamer. I have no connection to the Destiny franchise. The design of the shirt, to me, isn’t even appealing.

 2. Loot Crate Exclusive Star Wars Adventures Graphic Novel

Probably the only redeeming item in this box is the exclusive Star Wars Adventures Graphic Novel. It’s not simply an exclusive cover of an existing publication, but rather a unique story and artwork. It’s pretty good, but not enough to carry the crate.

3. Loot Crate Edition Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Mini Wall Calendar

Not an exclusive, but rather a re-skin of the Mini Wall Calendar (the cover itself, from what I understand, is what is unique to Loot Crate) featuring the characters from the blockbuster movie this past summer. Fun? Yes. Much value? I don’t think so.


4. Loot Crate Exclusive Retro Rocket Metal Pin

The pin is nice, better than some of the designs recently. The DLC content that is unlocked by it is a 3-month trail subscription to Pandora Premium. I personally am not a fan of Pandora, so for me it’s a pass.

5. Loot Crate Exclusive… from a previous Crate?

Yup. You read that right. I guess they need to unload their excess stock cluttering the Loot Crate warehouse, so they decided to include an exclusive item from one of their other subscription services. I got the Big Daddy Vinyl Figure from Bioshock… again, not a gamer. However, for those of you who wish to subscribe to a new subscription, EXPLORE15 gets you 15% off.


Overall thoughts: This is by far the weakest Loot Crate in a long time. They were holding their own for a while, but with the more and more crates they are offering (at higher costs) and exclusives they are getting for those crates, there’s bound to be some back-burner action going on for their original, cheaper Loot Crate. It will suffer at times.

Want to become a Looter yourself?

I know not every month can be a winner, but sometimes (imho, most times) it is worth the low cost to get the monthly subscription.

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Use code EXPLORE15 to get 15% off new subscriptions… though I am not sure if it applies to the original Loot Crate.

Each month is a different theme, and each hits a different area of geekdom. The monthly subscription is less than $20. Try it out for a month, as you can cancel at anytime.

February’s theme (January is already closed out and I should be getting that Crate soon) is “Protect”, and features items from Black Panther, Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Expanse, and Fallout 4.

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Happy Looting!


  1. I have a very low opinion of Loot Crate, and stuff like this doesn’t help.

    One note:

    “February’s theme (January is already closed out and I should be getting that Crate soon) is “Protect”, and features items from Black Panther, Pacific Rim: Uprising, The Expanse, and Fallout 4. Sounds like another gaming heavy box.”

    There’s only one game listed there?

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