The Top 50 WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls That We Need Right Now

10. Bobby the Brain Heenan

The greatest manager of all time and one of the funniest heel commentators to top it off. I’d love any Bobby Heenan pop but this one with his sequined jacket is my favorite. RIP Bobby!

9. Kurt Angle

We need many Kurt Pop!s. It’s true. It’s Damn true.  The 1st one should be how he looked when he debuted then a bald chase would be a great idea. But the one I want the most would be the variant based on the pic above with a wig on. Oh it would be epic.

8. Edge and Christian

I could write a book about how much I love Edge and Christian as a tag team and them as singles wrestlers. But the best part is their life long friendship. If you listen to their podcast, you’ll not only  laugh for hours but also wish you had a best friend like them. And for the benefit of those with flash photography, let’s have a combo pack with a pose like this.

7. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Let’s keep the two packs coming with a Good ol’ J.R. and Jerry “The King Lawler” 2 Pack. Put the crown on the king and the cowboy hat on the greatest play by play announcer in wrestling history and you’ll have a slobbernocker for sure.

6. The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen had many variations but my favorite will always be the Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and Barry Windham version. You could have store exclusives with replacing Barry Windham with Lex Luger or Ole Anderson, but I’ll stick with this group. The greatest stable of all time. Woooo!

5. The Rhodes Family

You could have easily broke this up into 3 different releases. We could have the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, and Cody Rhodes as himself or as Stardust. But if you ask me, seeing all three of them together in one pack  just means more after the passing of “The Dream.” One of the most talented and well-respected families in wrestling. His sons are making Dusty proud every day!

4. The Legion of Doom

Call them the Legion of Doom or the Road Warriors but you know we need a Hawk and Animal combo set with their awesome spiked shoulder pads and painted faces. They scared me once at the Omni when I was 7 but I became a fan regardless! Ohhh what a rush!

3. Charlotte Flair

Don’t even start your grumbling about her being rated so high. She’s the best women’s wrestler in the WWE and she’s a Flair. That’s worth at least 5 spots in my book. She’s another wrestler who should appear in her robe when the Pop is eventually made.

2. The Three Faces of Foley

-How this hasn’t been made yet is beyond me. This is Funko just printing money. Give us a 3 Pack with Mick Foley portraying Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind. And a bloody variant of Cactus Jack and Mankind would be sweet. The Dude just needs a Glow in the Dark version.Ow have mercy!

1. Mr. McMahon

The man turned the WWF/WWE into the juggernaut it is today. He’s a brilliant (or shrewd) businessman who cares about his wrestlers and doesn’t mind taking a head butt from Kevin Owens no matter his age. If anyone deserves to be honored in Pop form, it’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Well, there you have my long list. I’m sure my numbers are not the same as others or that I left some off you thought were deserving. Just leave a comment to let us know who you think should be honored!


  1. Great List. I’d probably include DX – individually or in some kind of muli-pack. I’d especially like to see HHH in something different. I felt that his original release was a little ‘meh.

  2. How could you leave out the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldog? A 1997 version Hart Foundation 4 pack would be legendary.

  3. We Have a Bret but yeah I should have included Owen or a Hart Foundation 4 pack. Fair enough! Mostly going off the top of my head of my personal favorites while trying to balance out classics and current stars and male to female.

  4. 50 classics first then the new ones, i wont buy a pop of any of the new ones but give me classic hart foundation, jimmy hart, bushwhackers, tito santana, the rockers, road warriors…lord i could go on

  5. I want have more wrestling Funko Pops like Miz Curtis Axel Bo Dallas Luke Harper Eric Rowan Eddie Guerrero Miss Elizabeth and Sable

  6. George the animal steel, jimmy Snuka, Kamala, killer bees, koko b ware, captain lou, hillbilly Jim, King Kong bundy, Yokozuna, doink the clown, zeus.

  7. Faces of Foley would be a dream come true. I’d say also add in Hacksaw Jim and you got a full list.

  8. Kinda disappointed. Was really expecting DX on the list especially since they were mentioned a lot. Would really truly love it (to say the least..huge DX fan here lol) if DX (Shawn and HHH) were made, whether sold together or seperate. Either way I would buy it the same day it’s released.

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