The Top 50 WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls That We Need Right Now

20. The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy’s and the Dudley’s share more than a love of replacing S’s with Z’s.  Part of their fame at first was a result of their matches along with Christian and Edge. As for the Hardy’s their Pops will be AMAZING. And a variant 2 pack down the rode to represent their WOKEN vessels would be WONDERFUL.

19. Randy Orton

The Viper scared me the other day on Twitter so you better believe we need his Pop! His tattoos and his steely glare will work great in Pop form. If they could capture him giving a RKO to another wrestler, even better!

18. Eddie Guerrero

We’ve lost a lot of wrestlers too soon but this one was the one that hurt me the most. Eddie was at the height of his game and he was stealing the show with his “Latino Heat.” His chemistry with Chyna made her even more popular. We miss you Eddie!

17. The Miz

The Miz is gonna yell at me for this list. Why, he’ll want to know why he isn’t 1st. And that’s why I like him. He thinks he’s the best and dang it, he just might well be. Any version of The Miz in Pop form would simply be AWESOME.

16. The Steiner Bros.

Most people would probably expect Big Poppa Pump version of Scott Steiner but not me. These are my guys. Give me the Dawg Faced Gremlin Rick Steiner and Scott with his sweet mullet any day. I don’t even like Michigan but think it would be awesome for them to be wearing their letterman jackets on their Pop!s.

15. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash

I don’t feel comfortable calling too many guys sexy but Kevin Nash is one. Big Sexy in his nWo shirt is a must have so I can complete my Hogan, Hall, and Nash nWo set. Even better would be a nice 3 pack of the guys together. And if my WWE fans want a Big Daddy Cool Diesel variant, I can get behind that as well.

14.  Trish Stratus

I won’t lie that I first fell for Trish due to her looks but her talent in the ring and her humor in many storylines made her one of my top 3 favorite women wrestlers of all time. Her Pop definitely needs this cowgirl hat…and one of her many title belts.

13. “Surfer” Sting

Sting was my first favorite wrestler. While his “Crow” gimmick was eventually my favorite, this was the version I began watching in his UWF days. This Pop would be a best seller without a doubt. And just imagine the face paint and tights variants you could release.

12. Chyna

Chyna’s story is a sad one but let’s honor her legacy and what she meant to wrestling. She was more than a woman’s wrestler. She was a henchman, an key member of DX, and the first woman to hold the IC title and enter the Royal Rumble. RIP Chyna!

11. Booker T

Booker T and his brother Stevie Ray were one of the top WCW tag teams as Harlem Heat. When they went solo, I was impressed with both but Booker T quickly became one of my favorites. His spinaroonie was over but he was more than just that. He was talented and charismatic. Can you dig that, sucka?


  1. Great List. I’d probably include DX – individually or in some kind of muli-pack. I’d especially like to see HHH in something different. I felt that his original release was a little ‘meh.

  2. How could you leave out the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldog? A 1997 version Hart Foundation 4 pack would be legendary.

  3. We Have a Bret but yeah I should have included Owen or a Hart Foundation 4 pack. Fair enough! Mostly going off the top of my head of my personal favorites while trying to balance out classics and current stars and male to female.

  4. 50 classics first then the new ones, i wont buy a pop of any of the new ones but give me classic hart foundation, jimmy hart, bushwhackers, tito santana, the rockers, road warriors…lord i could go on

  5. I want have more wrestling Funko Pops like Miz Curtis Axel Bo Dallas Luke Harper Eric Rowan Eddie Guerrero Miss Elizabeth and Sable

  6. George the animal steel, jimmy Snuka, Kamala, killer bees, koko b ware, captain lou, hillbilly Jim, King Kong bundy, Yokozuna, doink the clown, zeus.

  7. Faces of Foley would be a dream come true. I’d say also add in Hacksaw Jim and you got a full list.

  8. Kinda disappointed. Was really expecting DX on the list especially since they were mentioned a lot. Would really truly love it (to say the least..huge DX fan here lol) if DX (Shawn and HHH) were made, whether sold together or seperate. Either way I would buy it the same day it’s released.

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