The Top 50 WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls That We Need Right Now

30. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been stealing the show for years even when the WWE brass didn’t want him to. His hair has went from platinum blonde back to his natural look. His trunks have changed a lot over the years too. Funko can pick any look of Dolph’s but be warned, he’s still gonna steal the show.

29.  Asuka

Forget that she’s amazing in the ring. Her outfits are amazing. Can you imagine how great she’ll look in Pop form? Even better would be to have a chase version with her entrance mask on. She’d be undefeated in the merch line as well as the ring then.

28. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow might be the most impressive “heavyweight” of all time when you consider what he could do at his size in the ring. His look would make a perfect (sorry Curt) Pop and not to mention the possibility of a Lawrence Taylor/Bigelow Two Pack to pay homage to their Wrestlemania XI battle.

27. Becky Lynch

Becky is a former woman’s champ and will one day claim the crown again. But her Pop should focus on her entrance look. Those steampunk glasses, the leather, and her red hair would stand out from the other Pops trapped in flimsy cardboard.

26. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat’s battle against Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 3 is arguably the best Wrestlemania match ever. Now imagine this Pop with flames coming out. This Pop would definitely be a contender for best Pop ever.

25.  Ravishing Rick Rude

One of the greatests heels of all time. While he was trying to take your woman, he was insulting your physique. And you couldn’t argue with the guy. At the time, his air brush tights were completely unique. Funko will have to charge extra for his chiseled abs and that sweet hairdo he had back then.

24. Dean Ambrose 

Where’s Dean? Where’s Dean? I’ve had that question asked almost daily for a year. We have Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, so where’s the Ambrose one? Well let’s get it mad pronto. And then maybe we can get a SHIELD 3 Pack made as well. Believe that!

23. Diamond Dallas Page

DDP not only was one of my favorite WCW stars, he also helped me lose 40 pounds with DDPYoga (free plug!) DDP’s Diamond Cutter was the most over finisher in wrestling this side of the Stone Cold Stunner. And once Funko makes this one, they deserve a self high five.

22. Lita

Lita was one of the legends on the WWE divas division. Her battles with Trish Stratus were outstanding and even better was Lita’s look. Of course she’s beautiful but it was that she wasn’t some cookie cutter model that made her even more popular.

21. The Dudley Boyz

One of the best tag teams of all time. First they ruled ECW and then they stole the show once joining the WWE. Even better is that Bubba Ray and D-Von just seemed like amazing people. Amazing people you like to power bomb through a table…but still.


  1. Great List. I’d probably include DX – individually or in some kind of muli-pack. I’d especially like to see HHH in something different. I felt that his original release was a little ‘meh.

  2. How could you leave out the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldog? A 1997 version Hart Foundation 4 pack would be legendary.

  3. We Have a Bret but yeah I should have included Owen or a Hart Foundation 4 pack. Fair enough! Mostly going off the top of my head of my personal favorites while trying to balance out classics and current stars and male to female.

  4. 50 classics first then the new ones, i wont buy a pop of any of the new ones but give me classic hart foundation, jimmy hart, bushwhackers, tito santana, the rockers, road warriors…lord i could go on

  5. I want have more wrestling Funko Pops like Miz Curtis Axel Bo Dallas Luke Harper Eric Rowan Eddie Guerrero Miss Elizabeth and Sable

  6. George the animal steel, jimmy Snuka, Kamala, killer bees, koko b ware, captain lou, hillbilly Jim, King Kong bundy, Yokozuna, doink the clown, zeus.

  7. Faces of Foley would be a dream come true. I’d say also add in Hacksaw Jim and you got a full list.

  8. Kinda disappointed. Was really expecting DX on the list especially since they were mentioned a lot. Would really truly love it (to say the least..huge DX fan here lol) if DX (Shawn and HHH) were made, whether sold together or seperate. Either way I would buy it the same day it’s released.

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