The Top 50 WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls That We Need Right Now

40. Rob Van Dam

I’ve always appreciated RVD’s lifestyle (cough cough) and enjoyed his work in the ring as well. We just need RVD’s Pop with its signature airbrush singlet and his thumbs pointing toward the whole F’n show!

39. The Big Boss Man 

The Big Boss Man from Cobb County, Georgia was a great heel and adversary to the Hulkster back in the day. Then he had a great run as a fan favorite after the Million Dollar Man thought every man had a price. While my favorite look for the BBM was after he returned to the WWE in the 90s, let’s go with his classic look.

38. The Usos

The Usos have always been talented in the ring but I didn’t become huge fans until their heel turn.  Now I’m down with them even if I don’t know what Day One Ish means. Give me the best tag team on Smackdown please!

37. “The Bar” Sheamus and Cesaro

Confession to make. I was never a fan of Sheamus until he began teaming with Cesaro. His heel ways rubbed off on Cesaro and the team clicked. I love their entrance, their look, and their badassery (yeah it’s a word) in the ring. Keep raising The Bar guys!

36. X-Pac  

I personally feel X-Pac doesn’t get appreciated enough for his value to WWE and WCW. Whether he was the 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon, or jumping to WCW and joining the nWo as Syxx, he made his mark. His best run was X-Pac as a part of DX. I can see 3-4 variants of Sean Waltman. Make it so, Funko!

35. “WWE Debut” Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been one of my all time favorite wrestlers since the days of him in WCW naming all the different arm bars he could do. We recently got a  “The List” Jericho, but I want this version. The day the countdown stopped and Chris Jericho interrupted The Rock to make his WWE debut. Jericho’s entrance music is the best ever and so is Chris Jericho. #TheAlpha

34.”Glorious” Bobby Roode 

Bobby Roode as a heel is the most amazing thing. Bobby Roode as a “good guy” isn’t that shabby either. I love his suits, but let’s see him in Pop Form wearing one of his glorious robes. It won’t be long until Roode is the WWE champion.

33. Brother Love

Brother Love was hated when he debuted and is loved today. Why? Well, you know. Bruce Prichard (the man behind the red face and suit) has an amazing podcast, “Something to Wrestle”, with the Podfather Conrad Thompson and since the, the love of Brother Love has grown. Nothing would be more awesome than a Brother Love pop than maybe a combo pack with the Alabama Dream.

32. The New Age Outlaws

Oh you didn’t know? Well…the New Age Laws were made up of the Road Dogg Jesse James (from the legendary Armstrong family) and the Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Never were as popular separately as they were together. As multiple tag team champs, they will one day make the Hall of Fame. For now, let’s give em 4″ tall big headed figures.

31. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig

I feel guilty having the Perfect one so low in the list but that is no disrespect to the legend of the ring. His Pop form would be rather simple unless Funko can figure out how to make the Pop spit gum out as the pop swatted it into the crowd. If that happens, he’s vaulting into the top 5.


  1. Great List. I’d probably include DX – individually or in some kind of muli-pack. I’d especially like to see HHH in something different. I felt that his original release was a little ‘meh.

  2. How could you leave out the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldog? A 1997 version Hart Foundation 4 pack would be legendary.

  3. We Have a Bret but yeah I should have included Owen or a Hart Foundation 4 pack. Fair enough! Mostly going off the top of my head of my personal favorites while trying to balance out classics and current stars and male to female.

  4. 50 classics first then the new ones, i wont buy a pop of any of the new ones but give me classic hart foundation, jimmy hart, bushwhackers, tito santana, the rockers, road warriors…lord i could go on

  5. I want have more wrestling Funko Pops like Miz Curtis Axel Bo Dallas Luke Harper Eric Rowan Eddie Guerrero Miss Elizabeth and Sable

  6. George the animal steel, jimmy Snuka, Kamala, killer bees, koko b ware, captain lou, hillbilly Jim, King Kong bundy, Yokozuna, doink the clown, zeus.

  7. Faces of Foley would be a dream come true. I’d say also add in Hacksaw Jim and you got a full list.

  8. Kinda disappointed. Was really expecting DX on the list especially since they were mentioned a lot. Would really truly love it (to say the least..huge DX fan here lol) if DX (Shawn and HHH) were made, whether sold together or seperate. Either way I would buy it the same day it’s released.

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