The Top 50 WWE Funko Pop! Vinyls That We Need Right Now

Tonight is the 25th anniversary of WWE’s flagship show RAW and that got me thinking about the WWE Funko line.  To me, it’s one of the best lines Funko offers. It’s not insane to be a completest like the Movie line but not too small either. WWE’s line is also a good mixture of honoring today’s superstars and paying homage to the legends of the past.

With that in mind, I started compiling a top 25 list. Then I realized there was no way 25 releases was good enough. S, I have made a Top 50 WWE (or ECW/WCW since the WWE owns them more or less ) superstars that we need Pop! Vinyls of right now. If you are looking for Bullet Club, I ask for you to come back later in the year. (One Sweet, guys!)

50. American Bad Ass Undertaker w/Bike

While we already have one Undertaker Pop!, there are several different versions. This one is the most different though. Give us the American Bad Ass Undertaker on his Motorcycle!

49. Sgt. Slaughter

Listen up, maggots. If you don’t want a Sgt. Slaughter Pop, you aren’t American. Well… unless we are talking about that time when he betrayed our country and started following Saddam Hussein. Anyways, scratch all that. Let’s honor the only wrestler to join the G.I. Joe cartoon!

48. Samoa Joe

Probably in my top 3 current wrestlers just on sheer brutality. I really hope the WWE gives him a run as the top heel at some point. But for now give me a menacing Samoa Joe Pop with the towel he swiped from the Holiday Inn.

47. Rusev w/ Lana

Happy Rusev Day! Mind you, any day should be happy when you are married to the Ravishing Russian, Lana. Rusev has changed his hair up a few times, but I prefer the look in the above picture. As for Lana, she’s gorgeous at all times.

46. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

#BTFBB trends all the time which is partially due to the Something to Wrestle  podcast and Beefcake’s new book. Despite all that, we need a Pop “Struttin’ and Cuttin” across the ring, ASAP.

45. The APA

I love Ron Simmons in any character. This is my favorite Bradshaw gimmick. Well…is drinking, smoking cigars, playing poker, and whooping ass really a gimmick for these two? Sounds like a shoot to me.

44.  Glow in the Dark Naomi

Naomi probably deserve a Pop regardless but her “Glow” entrance is amazing and is just begging for a wonderful GITD Pop variant.

43. Fashion Police (Breezango)

The Fashion Police aka Breezango aka Tyler Breeze and Fandango haven’t always gotten the love from WWE creative. Thankfully they turned it around with their own talents shining through. Their Fashion Police segments were the best thing in the WWE for a few weeks!

42. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix seemingly combines amazing strength, beauty, and the ability to tolerate Edge (and Christian) into an art form! She deserves a Pop for that alone…not to mention eliminating the Great Khali with a kiss in the 2010 Royal Rumble.

41. Sami Zayn

I would have never thought a heel Sami Zayn would work but boy has it! He’s quickly become one of my favorite bad guys and now I need a Pop! Make sure the Pop has my grand dad’s hat on his head though. That’s the best part!



  1. Great List. I’d probably include DX – individually or in some kind of muli-pack. I’d especially like to see HHH in something different. I felt that his original release was a little ‘meh.

  2. How could you leave out the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldog? A 1997 version Hart Foundation 4 pack would be legendary.

  3. We Have a Bret but yeah I should have included Owen or a Hart Foundation 4 pack. Fair enough! Mostly going off the top of my head of my personal favorites while trying to balance out classics and current stars and male to female.

  4. 50 classics first then the new ones, i wont buy a pop of any of the new ones but give me classic hart foundation, jimmy hart, bushwhackers, tito santana, the rockers, road warriors…lord i could go on

  5. I want have more wrestling Funko Pops like Miz Curtis Axel Bo Dallas Luke Harper Eric Rowan Eddie Guerrero Miss Elizabeth and Sable

  6. George the animal steel, jimmy Snuka, Kamala, killer bees, koko b ware, captain lou, hillbilly Jim, King Kong bundy, Yokozuna, doink the clown, zeus.

  7. Faces of Foley would be a dream come true. I’d say also add in Hacksaw Jim and you got a full list.

  8. Kinda disappointed. Was really expecting DX on the list especially since they were mentioned a lot. Would really truly love it (to say the least..huge DX fan here lol) if DX (Shawn and HHH) were made, whether sold together or seperate. Either way I would buy it the same day it’s released.

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