Check Out This List Of Upcoming Pop!s Coming Soon

Funko is always acquiring new licenses an its this approach that will keep Funko’s business strong as it grows in the next few years. Today let’s check out a list of new Pop!s that will be coming later this year.

This photo was posted by @PopCurated on Instagram. While most of these series have been known for awhile, it’s a nice graphic that puts a bunch in one place. So thanks to @PopCurated for the graphic. Of the ones above which are you most excited about?
Personally, I like niche items from movies like Coming to America. Although I doubt I buy it, it should intrigue fans of the movie who might not be big collectors. Harry Potter fans should be happy. I don’t see the need for more Ginny Weasleys she must have sold well enough despire her being boring.   Austin Power should be a big seller in my eyes. Fresh Prince is a no brainer as well but will reserve judgement until we see the designs.


What say you?


  1. Crazy. I was JUST talking to a friend about how I need to watch Coming To America again (and also The Dark Crystal), so I’m hyped for that!

  2. Hyped for Fresh Prince & Austin Powers. Really glad the Mask is happening, but I wonder why they’d do Rumba instead of just a regular yellow suit figure?

  3. Fresh Prince and the Spidey pops sound good. Wondering if the spidey pops are based off the new game coming to ps4???

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