Flashback Friday – Crossbones

Welcome to Flashback Friday where I discuss pops from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anything pop related to the MCU is up for discussion including films and television series. Let’s jump right in with this week’s discussion which was chosen by me and comes from Captain America: Civil War. Crossbones makes his first appearance in Flashback Friday.

#134 Crossbones (Captain America: Civil War)

Discussion: The character of Brock Rumlow made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the 2014 hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He was working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and working alongside Captain America and Black Widow during the first mission in the film. Comic book fans knew that Brock would go on to become the villain Crossbones. During the latter part of the film it seemed like Brock was killed during a scene where the building he was in was crumbling to the ground. Then we see him rolled out on a stretcher teasing the audience that he’ll be returning in the future. Fast forward a couple of years and he makes a return in Captain America: Civil War. I thought he was going to play a major role in the film but sadly he was killed within the first 20 minutes of the movie.


As most of you know by now that when a Marvel Cinematic Universe film debuts the Funko set is not far behind. Crossbones gets his first Marvel pop ever in the Civil War set. Crossbones looks fairly similar to the character from the film which is always nice. What’s kind of puzzling is that he gets three different pops within the set even though he was only in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Not only that, but its three different variations which is very odd to me. His look doesn’t change much throughout those early minutes of the movie. I would have rather liked having a Brock Rumlow pop in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier set and have one less Crossbones in the Captain America: Civil War set. I think we’ll get a comic version of Crossbones in the future.


Crossbones can easily be purchased via online retailers for right around original retail price. That means if you act fast you should be able to pick it up for $10.00 or less. I’d get it sooner rather than later because he is now vaulted and I expect the price to increase over the coming year. Of course, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade you should definitely check out our Facebook group for all of your Funko needs. Feedback is always appreciated so definitely let us know how we’re doing with a comment below or post in the Facebook group.

Trivia: Welcome to our weekly trivia where you have a chance of choosing the pop for the next column. Be the first to comment with the correct answers to both questions and win. If you become the weekly champion you must choose a pop within the MCU that has not been featured in the Flashback Friday series. This week’s questions will come from Captain America: Civil War.

Q1: Which new superhero makes his debut in the film and takes possession of Captain America’s shield?

Q2: Which new superhero makes his debut in the film and has a chase sequence with the Winter Soldier?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s column. Please check back next week for a brand new Flashback Friday. Excelsior!!


  1. Spiderman and Black Panther

    I’m not sure what has or hasn’t been featured in previous reviews so i’ll name a couple in order –

    1.) Yellowjacket from Antman
    2.) Grandmaster in Ragnarok

  2. @Oliver: Congrats on winning! You’ll see one of your choices this Friday.

    @That Guy: Thanks for participating. Oliver beat you to it but try again this Friday.

    @Ryan James: Thanks for participating. Oliver beat you to it but try again this Friday.

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