1. This stuff is so hard to keep track of! I’m a 50 year old mom of 4, and my youngest who has special needs lives and breathes FNAF. As soon as I think I have bought everything out there, a new “wave” or “series” comes through. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the collectibles. I just can’t keep up with them. Walmart, Target, Barnes and Nobles, Golden, Flocked, Minis, Glow in the Dark, Chase, Sister Location, Pops, Funko, McFarlane, Hot Topic, Convention Exclusives, GameStop, Five Nights at Freddy’s brand, Plushies, books, posters, calendars, costumes, socks, hats, scarves, shirts, wallets, bags, pins, jewelry, hair accessories, pens, drawing tablets, Backpack hangers, video games, etc…you name it, we have it. I think I could be a full time mom specializing in FNAF, lol! That is all my daughter does morning noon and night is watch videos, play the games, which she is an expert by the way, and talk about it. Now I have to try to find a convention to take her too where she can dress up and see FNAF characters. We have done our Glow in the dark plushie pre-orders…I look non-stop for new items coming out. I’m getting too old for this! Lol!!!! You HAVE TO give us aging parents a guide of some sort so we can keep up! This stuff is hard! But thanks for a great and fun product! My daughter loves it, and I love it! You have some big fans in our house. Since day 1!!!! And still going strong!

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