Pokémon Part I – Villainous Organizations

Happy New Year!! As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 I want to add more content to the site. For me, a good way to start is talking about something I really enjoy and that’s Pokémon. I’ve been involved with the Trading Card Game for 15 years as a collector, casual and competitive player, and a Tournament Organizer, TCG Judge, and League Owner. With the resurgence of Pokémon with the Sun and Moon generation and Pokémon GO! I know it’s brought back a lot of longtime fans. So without further ado let’s jump right into the bulk of this post.

Pokémon has no shortage of villainous organizations. There’s been one for each new generation of the video game and trading card game. So here’s a list of each organization with its leader. After you read the list I want you to comment with your Top 3 that you’d like to see get the pop treatment if Funko and Game Freak/Nintendo ever work out a deal. I can honestly say, if they come to terms on a contract the amount of Funko Pokémon related products to hit the shelf will be astronomical.

Giovanni (Team Rocket)
Maxie (Team Magma)
Archie (Team Aqua)
Cyrus (Team Galactic)
Ghetsis (Team Plasma)
Lysandre (Team Flare)
Guzma (Team Skull)
Lusamine (Aether Foundation)

I really like a lot of the new characters so my Top 3 would be (1) Cyrus, (2) Guzma, and (3) Lysandre. Which characters would you choose and why? Let us know which ones are your favorites and who is the best villain.

Thanks for reading Part I and participating in the discussion. Stay tuned for Part II in the near future.


  1. As little as I cared for Sun & Moon, I absolutely LOVED Team Skull.

    Gimme not just “my boy” Guzma, but also Plumeria and the male & female Grunts!

  2. Literally, any character, or Pokemon going all the to the 7th movie, cause that’s where I fell off. Like, if there’s no Ash, or Jessie, James, and Meowth, what’s the point?

  3. Team leaders are a good idea! I always hoped they would release the anime main characters first but knowing Pokemon they’ll just demand figures of Pikachu and Charizard to start it off. :/

  4. @Nick – You can’t go wrong with old school.

    @Shiba – Guzma is becoming one of my favs. He’s very charismatic while still being a good villain.

    @Rebecca – Love your choices! Such good villains and even greater pops.

    @Squirrelly – I’m with you on that. A two pack of Guzma and Plumeria would be legit.

    @Joshua – Lysandre is super awesome! Have you seen his Full Art Supporter card in the TCG? It’s so cool.

    @TGS2 – I hear what you’re saying. If it happens they kind of have to do those characters.

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