Pop! Review: Funko’s Bob Ross Series 2 Collection

For today’s review, I take a look at a few of the releases in the Bob Ross Collection, a series of Pop! Vinyls celebrating the television personality and artist Bob Ross, whose show The Joy of Painting taught generations of inspiring artists techniques for over a decade.

In this review, I include two releases from the “second series” of vinyls, Bob Ross and Raccoon and Bob Ross with Paintbrush. Also included is a look at the Target exclusive Bob Ross with Pea Pod (his squirrel).

Raccoon and Pea Pod were creatures featured in videos included during the painting show, which showcased Ross’ love for small animals that he raised and set free. Each version of Bob is technically the same mold, but features a different painting that he is holding.

Thanks to one of our readers, the Bob with Paintbrush Pop! is an homage to the opening intro video from the TV series. I personally did not know the reference, as the intro isn’t attached to a lot of his videos online… especially on YouTube where I view them from time to time.

Growing up wanting to be an artist (I still dabble in it as a hobby), I enjoyed watching Bob Ross on the TV, and happy that Funko decided to celebrate him and his show with some Pop! Vinyls. I want to track down the remaining figures in the collection. I actually thought I got the first release of Bob with his palette, but I can’t seem to locate him in my piles of stuff (in the process of moving). The Chase Pop! of Bob with Hoot (the Owl) has been hard to obtain, and there is a Flocked Bob that is exclusive here in the US with a special board game that was made for the holidays. While the game is not something I need, the Pop! looks fun. Also, there is a DIY (Do It Yourself) version of the first Bob Pop!, which could lead to some creative ventures.


If you picked up any of the Bob Ross Funko Pop! Vinyls, I would love to hear your thoughts on them below. 




  1. Thank you. I personally do not remember the intro itself and a lot of the videos posted of his episodes online do not contain the intro. I did find it if I specifically searched for it. Thanks again. Updated. 🙂

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