5 Christmas Variants POP! Funko Should Do (But Haven’t)

5 Christmas Variants POP! Funko Should Do
(But Haven’t)

Chirstmas!  It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and, as such, I’m in love with the oft ignored but much treasured Holiday line (which didn’t receive any releases this year.  Seriously, Funko!  Get on that!).

Yet, my favorite holiday-themed Funko POP!s cannot be found in that line.  Sure, the Holiday set has a lot of great designs of classic characters, but, in particular, Holiday Toothless, Holiday Dancing Groot, and Holiday Lil’ Gruesome, all variants of pre-established designs and part of other Funko lines, sit front and center during the month of December.

Which got me thinking…

Yep!  Time to address the top 5 Christmas variants POP! Funko should do in the future.

As usual, these lists are subjective and you may have a completely different opinion on the matter, and that’s fine. Feel free to sound off in the comments below and let me know if there’s anyone (or anything) that you felt wasn’t on the list yet should be.

5) Pinky and the Brain
A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

Maybe this is a slight cheat, seeing as it’s two characters, but you can’t have Pinky without the Brain, so I had to allow it.

If you haven’t seen this particular Christmas special, you can pretty much piece it together from the usual formula found within the show, and that’s not a negative.  However, it did deliver something unique with the ending that’s both campy fun and touching.  I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say that both Pinky and the Brain transition through quite a few potential holiday outfits as reindeer, Santa, and, my favorite, elves throughout their journey to infiltrate the North Pole.

4) Batman/Bat-Santa
DCU Infinite Holiday Special – Yes, Tyrone, There is a Santa Claus

Believe it or not, this Bat-Santa featured in a comic book NOT from the Silver Age like most of the ludicrous yet lovable other variant Batmen POP!s out there.  The actual Bat-Santa story has transitioned into becoming something of a guilty pleasure classic amongst comic fans since its release in 2007.  I recommend picking it up for yourself, but, without giving it away, let’s just say this is the Batman v. Superman we deserve.

Also, definite honorable mention to another superhero dressed as Santa within the same story, Superman.

3) Santa Deadpool
Deadpool film marketing/various comics

Another superhero makes the list, but one that directly contrasts with the previous entry in every manner imaginable.  Without further ado, I give you Santa Deadpool!  When compared to Santa, he’s the other jolly guy in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on.

Considering Santa Deadpool has turned up in almost every incarnation of the character, including the December “12 Days of Deadpool” marketing for the recent film, and that Deadpool variants fly off the shelves rather quickly already, it’s a wonder this hasn’t happened yet.

2) Santa Bender
FuturamaTale of Two Santas

In Futurama canon, Xmas (pronounced “ex-mas”) brings friends and family together… out of fear of a murderous and rampaging Robot Santa.  Bender attempts to bring about a new era for Xmas taking Robot Santa’s place… and it goes about as well as anyone familiar with the character can imagine.

Futurama has had a number of Xmas specials throughout its run, but this second one tends to be the most memorable amongst fans, but especially so for the muscial number involving the elves.  Given that Santa Bender has already had other toy variants released to much fanfare, a holiday variant of the Bender Funko POP! would definitely sell.

1) Santa Homer
The SimpsonsSimpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

 After spinning out of The Tracey Ullman Show, the Simpsons received their first full-length episode to air (but not produced) in 1989 as a Christmas special, opening up the world to the antics of everyone’s favorite questionably yellow-skinned family.

The pilot involved Homer trying to raise money by playing Santa in the mall after Bart cost them their holiday money.  Suffice to say, it’s quite a fun watch on the holidays in and of itself, but especially so for established fans, as much of the character nuances that become established later are completely absent from, well, everyone.  This gave the pilot a slightly different tone and feel all while maintaining the spirit that has kept the show running for over 25 years.

I’ve often complained that Funko has yet to even release the whole family as POP!s, so this one’s probably a longshot, but, if they ever start producing them again, I’d love to see it happen… almost as much as I’d love to see them produce a Funko POP! of Lisa Simpson as  Tawanga, the Santa Claus of the South Seas…. which didn’t make the list because there’s no Lisa Simpson POP! in which to create a variant at this time.

Seriously, Funko!  Please relaunch The Simpsons line.

I think I’m going to need a Christmas miracle for that one.

So, are there any particular Funko POP! holiday-themed variants you want to see get a POP! in the future?  Sound off below!

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  1. Maybe the Beauty and the Beast Christmas theme? like Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas possibly? Thanks for asking!

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