Holiday Pop! Review: Home Alone

For today’s review, I wanted to check out one of my newest addition to my Christmas collection: Funko’s Pop! Vinyl release from the movie¬†Home Alone. This collection features Kevin McCallister, who is left home alone by accident for Christmas, and the two burglars that he gets into it with on Christmas Eve… the “Wet Bandits”, Harry and Marv.

Home Alone, in addition to being the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time (when adjested for inflation), is in my personal Top 5 Christmas movies. Most of it probably has to do with the fact that I was around Kevin’s age when the movie originally came out.

While I love that these three characters are featured, for my Kevin is week, mainly because there is not a scene where he is brandishing both his BB-gun and an iron. Rather, Funko took the liberty and created a conglomeration of Kevin with a couple of his “weapons” to battle Harry and Marv.

Harry and Marv, on the other hand, are really well done. I especially like the detail given to Harry’s burnt head (done courtesy to a welding torch rigged to the kitchen door).

Overall, this is a great collection and would be a wonderful addition to any Pop! Vinyl or Christmas display for the holidays.


What do you think of the Home Alone Pop! Vinyls collection? Let us know in the comments below.