A Slew of New Funko Pop! Vinyls Coming Soon

Over the last few days we have seen a ton of leaks about new Pop!s and other Funko items coming over the next year.

I have no idea who took the screenshots but many are from retailers like FYE’s computer system. You can check out all the images below to see which ones are coming.  Also some people jused images to replicate what the items will be based on. We don’t have actual photos yet.

Some highlights: Game of Thrones 6″ Giant Wight,  Chewbacca in an AT-ST, Wrestlemania 12 Shawn Michaels, Jake the Snake Roberts, Five Nights at Freddy’s, SNL, Care Bears, Hercules, Marvel v Capcom, Lara Croft, Gamestop Mystery Boxes, More Rick and Morty, More Jurassic Park and chase confirmation, 25th Anniversary Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Minecraft, Reservoir Dogs, and more!


  1. I’m Shocked that they still haven’t done The Office. That show is incredibly popular and doesn’t seem that difficult to do. I’m hoping they get on that soon.

  2. I want Jake Roberts and new HBK from wrestlemania 12 about Funko Pop and HBK old school but already bought Braun Strowman Alexa Bliss and 2 pack of Enzo Amore and Big Cass

  3. Really Happy about finally getting Hercules Pop Vinyls, as it is one of my favourite Disney movies since childhood.

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