Funko Finally Making Jurassic Park Pop! Vinyls?

Funko infamously missed the boat on making Jurassic World Pop!s. Rumors stated that CEO Brian Mariotti just didn’t want them. Well, it looks like Funko might have seen the errors in their ways and will remedy the situation next year.

According to Jurassic Outpost,  Funko will release the following classic Jurassic Park characters next year:

Dr. Ian Malcolm – $14.99
Dr. Alan Grant – $14.99
John Hammond – $14.99
Dennis Nedry – $14.99
Velociraptor – $14.99
Dilophosaurus – $14.99
Tyrannosaurus Rex – $14.99
Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle – $34.99

Now, I listed the above just as they were on the website because I am assuming they have seen a preorder list at a particular store. Now Jurassic Outpost goes on a rant about Laura Dern’s character Ellie Sattler not being included. Well, since I have some experience with how Funko releases information, I’m not going to start banging the drums over her omission because it could easily be that she is a store exclusive which would NOT be on a order list to other stores.

Once we have more concrete information, we’ll share it. As for now, consider it a decent rumor that  we hope to get confirmed soon. Along the way, hopefully we’ll get a few more figures from the current films as well.


  1. If they make a T-Rex, that would be awesome. Would love for it to be a 6 inch, but I will take what I can get.

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