The First Day of Christmas Funko Exclusive Available Now

Funko’s 12 Days of Christmas begins today and the first exclusive has just went up for sale at Funko’s Shop. Let’s check out the first exclusive.

Pop! Monsters: Flocked Winter Series 6-pack– $75.00 each – Limit 1 per customer

On the first day of Christmas, Funko Shop is proud to present… the Pop! Monsters Flocked Winter Series 6-pack! The residents of Wetmore Forest – Tumblebee, Butterhorn, Snuggle-tooth, Bugsy Wingnut, Chester McFreckle & Picklez – are ready for the snow, in beautiful muted tones and fuzzy coats! They all come packaged together in a 6-pack box. The Pop! Monsters Flocked Winter Series 6-pack is a Funko Shop exclusive and is a limited edition of 3000 pieces. Click Here to join the queue to buy yours! 

Now if you don’t want to log on every day, you can buy the 13 piece Bundle right now. You won’t know what you’re getting besides today announcement but if you collect all Funko items, this is the time saver you want! Click the picture below to place your order.

12 Days of Christmas Bundle– $375.00 each – Limit 1 per customer

Don’t stress! Here’s your guarantee to take home all 13 items being offered during Funko Shop’s 12 Days of Christmas promotion!The bundle includes today’s Pop! Monsters Flocked Winter Series 6-pack and 12 other Funko items exclusive to Funko Shop! Save time AND money by purchasing this bundle to lock in your exclusives!  Bundles will ship at the end of the 12 Days promotion. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!