Marvel Contest of Champions Pop! Vinyls Coming Soon

Funko is bringing to us a new Marvel series based on the mobile game/limited release comic series that shares its name.  Coming soon to Funko’s Pop! line will be the Marvel Contest of Champions.

Among the series will be King Groot, Guillotine, Civil Warrior, Venompool, and a 6″ Howard the Duck Pop. You can preorder the common versions below at Pop in a Box.

In addition we will get these store exclusives:


  1. Oh god, I love Punisher 2099.
    -How old are you?
    -Thirty Six…. CALIBER!
    -Where do you live?

    Also, if we’re getting mobile game pops, how about a Sharon Rogers pop for Future Fight?

  2. Will these be bobbleheads, I know most marvel one are but is it different with gamerverse this will decide if I get them

    Maybe add a maestro and M.O.D.O.K I have been looking for a MODOK POP for a long time but funko has not made him yet.

  3. These look pretty decent. Feelin’ Punisher, Venompool and Civil. Don’t really care for the rest, but will most likely collect the whole wave because I’m a pop-crackhead.

  4. was really hoping to see more classic comic book versions of Marvel characters. Getting a bit tired of Funko riding the MCU’s dick!

  5. I think the King groot is awesome… And I love the Howard the Duck 6 inch as well. But never played or bought any of the comics

  6. Excellent, if they are making Marvel game Pops, I’d like to politely voice a need for some Avengers Academy Pops – specifically Wasp, Kate Bishop, and Enchantress.

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