Funko Visits the World of Flashpoint with Martha Wayne Pop!

Hot Topic recently debuted their latest Funko exclusive, an incredible Pop! Vinyl depicting a deranged Martha Wayne as seen in the 2011 storyline Flashpoint.  In this alternate universe, the young Bruce Wayne was killed instead of his parents, prompting his father Thomas to don the classic cape and cowl, while his mother went down a decidedly unhealthier route, scarring her own face and becoming the world’s greatest criminal, the Joker.  As soon as I saw mention of this figure online, I knew immediately that it was a must-have.

It’s a very well-executed figure, with the highlights being in the face/head area.  The frizzy hair is molded really well, and there are actually indented spaces between the teeth rather than just painted lines.  The eyes are dark green with lighter shading, which is a cool touch that gives a more engaging appearance than the plain black eyes of most Pops.  The makeup smudge on the cheek really shows how committed Funko’s artists are in pursuing detail and accuracy in their designs.  The long purple coat also looks really good, draped over one of her shoes for some realistic layering effect, and she’s equipped with the hammer that she uses to bring an unpleasant end to more than a few of Gotham’s citizens.  All in all, this is a great figure and I would definitely recommend it to any fans of DC’s recent comics.

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