Jerry Garcia, Elton John, and Kurt Cobain Headline the Latest Pop! Rocks Wave

Pop! Rocks: Series 3

Our newest wave of Pop! Rocks is here, with even more music legends! This series features Jerry Garcia, shown with his signature glasses and guitar! Preorder by clicking the photo below:

Known for his fashionable taste and larger than life outfits Elton John is shown in two versions – a classic white suit, and patriotic red, white, and blue suit! Complete with his iconic glasses. Preorder by clicking the photos below:

Rounding out the series comes front man, Kurt Cobain! Featured in his recognizable brown and green sweater. Preorder by clicking the photo below

Look for exclusives!

You can find Kurt Cobain shown in tan sweater with guitar, and glitter version of Elton John – only at FYE!

Kurt Cobain featured in his black sweater, available only at Hot Topic!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Coming this January!


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